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2012 goal: Brown County Breakdown

Catrin2012-04-07 04:15:27 +0000 #1
I may be just plain nuts for deciding this at the start of my second season of mountain biking, but I've decided to go for the 2012 Brown County Breakdown in October. This is a great event, and a huge fundraiser for the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association. This is an epic ride, especially the longer routes. Here is a recap: www.browncountymount...down/2011-recap.html of the 2011 event. The trail system in this park was given epic status by IMBA last year, and of course the trails have varying degrees of difficulty.

As for me, my goal is to register for the shortest route possible, which is 25 miles. In order to have any hopes of completing it I will really have to increase my mountain biking skills, strength and climbing endurance this summer. So far I can ride 2.5 of the trails that are included in that route. While this doesn't hit the most challenging of the trails inside the park, it does take in the steepest and longest climbs. That is ok, my Jamis and I can be walking buddies if we need to be

Last year I volunteered at the event and had great fun. Knowing me, I will still volunteer some the day before for the fun of it and to help out, but this year I want to ride in it. I will make an effort to be the very last person in line as I will certainly be the slowest

This weekend I hiked Hesitation Point and Aynes Loop - wonderful 7+ mile hike on mtb trails - you can't get to Aynes Loop directly, you have to reach it from other trails. The climb on Aynes is so long and steep that my heart rate reached 140 just WALKING it, I've my work cut out for me. Both trails are more advanced than I can currently ride, and there is another trail I've not yet looked at that is the same level. This summer is going to be fun



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