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Need cheering up...

Catrin2012-04-17 22:23:58 +0000 #1
I need some cheering up. As you may remember, I had a small fall on the trail in mid/late October. It was just a freak fall, and I came out of it with a significant case of whiplash. It took me a few weeks to see that it wasn't going to heal itself and I started the doctor/MRI/injections route, and started PT the first of January.

While my neck is a mess - most of it existed prior to the fall and isn't really responsible for my stiffness and pain - almost all of that is STILL due to the severe muscle strain (sternocleidomastoids are severely strained, as well as the scalenes and the sternohyoid). These muscles are extremely tight and not healed as of yet. My PT is working to manually loosen and stretch these muscles and, when they have healed more, will start strengthening them. He is afraid to start the strengthening work too soon for obvious reasons.

There is progress, the constant headaches are gone, the muscle spasms are basically gone, I am now sleeping well (finally), but there is still pain with all of this.

Part of me is starting to worry that if it is still like this after 3 months, that it may not heal enough for me to get back on the trails. Now, I know that is an irrational fear, but it would be encouraging to me to hear about others who have had similar injuries and are back to their mountain bike. So, please share your stories if you are comfortable doing so.

tealtreak2012-04-17 22:28:24 +0000 #2
Speaking as someone who has recovered from two car wrecks (neither my fault lest you think it is my driving!! hahaha) Several surgeries and broken bones, also several fibroid surgeries and 4 babies....................Don't worry! You will get back on the trails- but in the meantime for peace and recovery and maintaining fitness try hiking, swimming, etc...I had a whole year of "stuck in the water" but time heals all! (: It also helps me to think about my CF kids at the hospital who will never have the wind to do half the stuff I do- not sure if that is "cheery" or more depressing....but it always helps me (:
Catrin2012-04-17 22:29:46 +0000 #3
Thankfully I can ride on the road, but since I discovered my love for the trails I find I really don't want to spend a lot of time on the road...not that I won't do it

I do hike when I've a chance, but right now that is my only other allowed activity.

I guess that I am still remembering my lengthy recovery from overuse injuries LAST winter that took me off the bike entirely for about 4-5 months. Time indeed does heal all and no, your thought about the CF kids isn't depressing but a reminder of how fortunate we are. Poor kids...

It would help if my supervisor didn't keep telling me how silly it is that I am not planning on giving up mountain biking, but that's ok. He only does that because he is concerned and really doesn't understand the love for riding.

I think this is bothering me more right now because some of the swelling has returned to the front of my throat and I thought I was past that
Wahine2012-04-17 22:34:33 +0000 #4
Three significant car wrecks with significant neck issues that lasted about a year, one bad mountain biking accident with head trauma and a fractured wrist. I just did my first 100 mile mountain bike race this year.

You'll get better. Hang in there.
jessmarimba2012-04-17 22:57:27 +0000 #5
I'm in a slightly different place, but for me the choices are either ride - with pain, or not ride - with pain. And while riding (especially off-road) increases the pain a little, it doesn't cause any further damage and the enjoyment for me is worth the increase in discomfort (most of the time). So sometimes your body just has to reach a compromise with your heart.

However, if the pain is due to further damage or causes you to do something that might cause further damage (change in form, balance, etc.) my way doesn't work.

I'll also point out that I took a lot of time getting back fully off-road - I stuck to jeep roads, etc. for awhile so I could get that exploratory, outdoor-woodsy feeling without anything too technical. I had to learn my limits and figure out my relationship to what hurt, first.
Catrin2012-04-18 00:35:31 +0000 #6
Thanks for the responses. I've been having a pity party these past few days, but of course focusing on positive things is better for healing than the pity party. I so glad that all of you were able to get through and heal. This will take as long as it takes and I am looking forward to eventually having a rematch with that root.

Jessmarimba, I am glad you were able to reach a compromise with your body. I will certainly need to ease my way back on the trail when the time comes...take my time, focus on skills, and so forth.

I think living by myself makes the pity party easier...but will work on that
Aggie_Ama2012-04-18 01:10:04 +0000 #7
My husband and I had a significant car wreck in March. I was lucky to not be injured but he had whiplash. He was a bit cagey about how bad it was but it lasted throughout the summer, it interfered with training through the summer. Eventually he got where he could ride more without pain. He has just come into the best form of his life after pain. He is racing for the podium in our marathon series, last race is at the same one we raced the day of the wreck.

I am a big advocate of positive thinking. You will be back on the trail and you will love it as much as ever!
Kathi2012-04-17 22:53:00 +0000 #8
I haven't been on skis for 5 weeks due to my cranky SI joint. I ignored it too long and this time it's slower to heal. I was ok at first because the snow conditions were pretty bad but now I'm missing the best snow so far this season. My activities are limited to walking flat terrain and riding my bike on the trainer. I'm looking at another week or 2 before I can ski.

My friends from Cincinnati are here skiing. They've been here since Jan. 1 but I haven't seen them yet. It's an hour + drive to the mountains and there's not much for me to do there except clean the condo. My SO drives up on Sunday and returns on Friday afternoon so I'm alone all week.

My thoughts, this too shall pass, just like all the others (rotator cuff and acl surgery, broken wrist, and a few other crazy injuries).

It's best to take care of yourself now so you can get back on the trails in the spring and not have to worry about future problems with it.



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