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trail DVDs snowroo2010-04-25 14:44
Hey there posted this elsewhere but am impatient for a reply does anyone know of a trail D
December and riding in the mtns :) ridebikeme2010-04-25 11:34
Although I know this won't last forever, I had a great ride yesterday! Rode up into one of the small
Salsa's new mtb alt bar sundial2010-04-25 10:45
Salsa came out with a new dirt drop alt bar. Meet the Woodchipper:
Hmmm Should I Sell It? Aggie_Ama2010-04-25 12:11
My husband bought me a new bike in July which I enjoy riding, not the one I am debating selling! The
Yikes ny biker2010-04-25 12:39
Lance Armstrong did a mountain bike race today, just posted this photo on twitter: Crazy factoi
training question (got long, sorry) snowroo2010-04-25 10:47
I'm a 40 year old newbie biker. I've been biking through August last summer. In October I did a 52km
What to do..what to do.. crazycanuck2010-04-25 10:38
Ok, this new bike hunt is proving to be more difficult than expected. The main problem I have is...n
Shhhhh.....Ya didn't hear it from me.... Running Mommy2010-04-25 10:23
But word from the inside is that Giant is coming out with a WSD 29er. They are doing some mid yea
Winter riding in Maine ridebikeme2010-04-25 14:01
Although the winds are a bit harsh today(30-35MPH) it was a bright sunny day to get out on the mtn b
Any riders in So Cal? mandiepandie2010-04-25 10:57
Are there any riders in the Redlands/Yucaipa area? I am looking for some others to ride with. I usua
The hills in Victoria await me..The Otway Odyssey crazycanuck2010-04-25 13:02
Oh dear..i've just entered my dear & I in the 2010 Otway Odyssey http://www.rapidascent.c
Mountain bike tire recommendations? krisl62010-04-25 10:44
I've been riding on the road for serveral years now and recently got a mountain bike to mix things u
Handlebar width? RolliePollie2010-04-25 12:25
I need some advice on handlebar width for my new mtb. I'm accustomed to my narrow-ish WSD road bike
Oy! Do I have some training to do!!!! limewave2010-04-25 11:34
After 2 seasons off (well, 1.5 seasons, for pregnancy and taking care of baby) I am getting back out
My New Gary Fisher!!! RolliePollie2010-04-25 12:07
Lookey what I got!!! A Gary Fisher Advance! My tax refund bought me a Valentine's present
Ray's Indoor MTB Park - Cleveland OH TrekJeni2010-04-25 11:48
Probably a little late in the season to mention this as we're all starting to ride outside again....
Coming soon to my stable... crazycanuck2010-04-25 11:31
Today, I put me order in for a 2010 Titus Racer X frame & fork (the stuff from me current bike wil
Crank limewave2010-04-25 11:21
It keeps falling off. I can't afford a new one. I'm really depressed. It falls off about every three
Jersey choices radicalrye2010-04-25 11:09
My friend and I are planning on buying some new gear for a ride we have coming up at the end of summ
Layback Seatposts crazycanuck2010-04-25 10:36
My new frame/fork arrives in three weeks & am purchasing a few small bits for it. I ordered a Thom
Specialized Safire Size Advice eilidh2010-04-25 09:18
Hi - I'm new to Team Estrogen Discussions, and am looking for a little advice. At Christmas tim
Need advice for my first beginner race mandiepandie2010-04-25 09:19
Im doing my first beginner xc race in one month.. its going to be 6.2 miles. Can anyone give me any
Flat Bars on your mtb..which ones do you use? crazycanuck2010-04-25 09:15
For all you dirt girls that do XC races/ you use flat bars?? I have them on my current st
Santa Cruz v. Yeti katherine2010-04-25 11:37
Hi all, Anyone have an opinion on a Santa Cruz Blur, XC, 2009:
2010 Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic tjuillerat2010-04-25 11:06
Registration for the 2010 Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic is now open! http://www.bikereg
Do you mountain bike alone? limewave2010-04-25 13:02
I really like to mountain bike and I have a flexible schedule at work. However, I also have a 2 year
Traded in the XTC2 blackhillsbiker2010-04-25 09:07
on a Kona Big Kahuna 29er. More fun than I ever thought possible! Grinned my way up and down the B
I'll be back~ ~J~2010-04-25 12:15
I haven't on here in a while! Granted, I never posted much, but I checked this board everyday. I'm
Have you done any dirt time lately? crazycanuck2010-04-25 12:32
Yo yo to the folks who love to dirt time Have you done much dirt time lately? Any coolio mome
FS bike suggestions? Harley2010-04-25 09:43
I am looking at getting back into Mtn Biking. I used to own a hardtail Marin but recently rented a
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