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Looking for bike suggestions Ja Da Dee2010-04-25 13:40
I'm starting to look into replacing my trek 4300 with a full suspension, and am wondering if anyone
REI Beginner's Skills Mountain bike workshop - REVIEW indigoiis2010-04-25 14:34
So, I took the REI Beginner's Mountain biking clinic yesterday. Overall I think I was a little beyo
Sandals whilst mtn biking? Ya or Neh crazycanuck2010-04-25 14:10
I did a smidgen search on Keen or other Sandals here on TE but am unsure if i'm on the right track o
"how-to" questions Becky2010-04-25 15:44
Experienced mountain bike ladies, I need some advice on how to handle some terrain. I've been r
Team LUNA Chix NY MTB Women's Only Mountain Bike Skills Clinic TreeSaw2010-04-25 14:08
Join Team LUNA Chix NY Mountain Bike for a Women's Only Mountain Bike Skills Clinic with Jimena Flor
What to put in my seat bag? Tokie2010-04-25 13:10
I'm officially training on my mt bike for 'cross races. I'm a roadie, and don't really know what I s
"Take A Kid Mountain Biking" Day limewave2010-04-25 12:54
I just learned this Sunday is "Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day":
Pssst... yellow2010-04-25 12:48
Some of you might know some of these people. 2009 Bend Bike-Go-Round:
shoe/pedal advice bluejellybean2010-04-25 12:16
I need to replace my 'manufacture-shipped' platform pedals (which I hate!) on my 2009 Specialized My
Knobbies for pavement? laura*2010-04-25 12:15
To ride the roads in my area, I use an old full rigid MTB. This bike provides the L-bend bar ends an
cool video solobiker2010-04-25 17:24
I would like to try this in a year or two. Probably two years as I am not in good enough shape.
I dorito-ed my front wheel Tokie2010-04-25 14:53
I was showing off for DH on the tight banked curves at the local mt bike park a little too fast. I s
2010 Norco Phena nerdgirl2010-04-25 13:12
Norco is marketing the Phena as a women's specific all mountain bike. Has anyone tried this bike ou
looking at trek and gary fischer... need advice! plmill32010-04-25 11:47
Hello! I have fallen in love with mountain biking using my boyfriends old HT gary fischer, a 17" th
My new bike! ~J~2010-04-25 15:20
Yay! This is my first mt bike. I just got it this past Saturday. It's an 06 Giant Pistol (lol). I di
Woo!!! Off to (begin to) purchase my Gary Fisher SuperCaliber!!! Reesha2010-04-25 11:50
A month or so ago, on uforgot's recommendation, I decided to go down to the Alpine Shop in Kirkwood
Lovin' it!! Wahine2010-04-25 12:58
I used to mtn bike in the late 90s. Then I got into triathlon and stopped riding my mountain bike. I
Mountain bike for adventure races lmittasch2010-04-25 13:51
Hello! I am a long time runner and would like to begin doing adventure races. I have been trying t
Has anyone on here ridden a Specialized Era? Cinnabar2010-04-25 12:20
I tested a Safire Expert recently and love it, but it was way too small.. 13.5, and I am 5'5". I t
Entry level FS bikes blackhillsbiker2010-04-25 11:51
I want a MTB so bad I can hardly stand it. The local Mountain Bikers Association had finished a bunc
Looing for a titus in XXS mm352010-04-25 12:33
Hello, I am in the market for a mtb - prefer used!. I am only 4'11" so I suspect a Titus Racer x or
Well, this was a workout. snowroo2010-04-25 11:45
Hello! I'm new. New to here and new to the world of mountain biking. Nice to meet you all!
Anxious to start playing in the dirt blackhillsbiker2010-04-25 11:14
So... I think I'm going to get a decent, relatively inexpensive used hardtail. I don't know what I w
Funny, I don't feel so old... new bike makes it better. tzvia2010-04-25 11:19
After 50 years on this planet (this week), being raised in a lower middle class family, and always a
Trans Sylvania Epic ridebikeme2010-04-25 12:39
I realize that this stage race has just been anounced, but wondered a couple of things. First, does
Giant XTC 2 blackhillsbiker2010-04-25 12:05
So... after I was all set to buy a Kona Blast I tried out this Giant. It is very light and nimble. I
Pondering a 12hr solo... crazycanuck2010-04-25 13:05
I seriously think i'm nuts but it would be coolio to do something different at this year's 12hr in l
New Hardtail! Andrea2010-04-25 12:43
My first attempt at a light-weight MTB build... My Niner Jet9 was returned under a safety recall,
Dropping your, seatpost TBird2010-04-25 11:55
So I'm starting to ride a little more aggressively downhill, but I'm still not getting far enough ba
What do you do when you see little girls rocking the trail? TrekJeni2010-04-25 14:44
A little background - I race Sport Class here in the midwest and will be catting up to Expert next s
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