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Spin Class Goodness tangentgirl2012-08-29 09:17
Thought I'd start a thread where you can post about how much your last spin class rocked. My sp
Duration of Trainer Workout alexis_the_tiny2012-07-24 22:21
Just got a trainer and a question popped into my head after a couple of sessions on it. Do your trai
I need HELP. Puhleeeeeze!! spinstress2012-04-15 23:23
Okay. So I started spinning - indoors at a gym about 6??? months ago. LOVE IT. I thought I would
Am I the only one who prefers magnetic trainers? zoom-zoom2012-04-07 05:12
I have a crappy, old, noisy, falling-apart Magneto trainer that got me through last Winter, but requ
So, if you have a trainer... Karma0072012-04-04 11:17
Do you need a trainer wheel/tire? I may have a deal on a used CycleOps Mag Trainer, and I'm wonderin
Newbie Aggie_Ama2012-01-30 16:19
My mountain bike team gave me (and a total of 10 members) a free one year membership to a gym. I am
Global Rides DVD - Dirty Dozen review, longish roadie gal2011-12-21 00:22
You might have thought after my last Global Rides review that I wouldn't buy another one of their DV
knee problems after spinning thumper1232011-12-02 04:16
after a spin class i find my knees hurt at the top sides, the points where if you were sat down, wh
Is anyone a spinning instructor? bluebug322011-11-10 02:13
I decided to move my thread to a new location. Hoping for some feedback, thanks! Just curious h
So cheap and tawdry... zoom-zoom2011-11-06 13:24
That's how my first ride on my new bike felt. After 9 days with no sign of snow/ice-free roads befo
Any Bally's spinners WindingRoad2011-11-02 14:19
I'm starting at a new gym this evening, Bally's. I'd always been to LA Fitness before but their pric
Advice on DVD cycling training videos. dlolide2011-10-26 16:24
Hello everyone, I have been riding for a little less than a year now and the weather here in Te
Global Rides DVD review - long roadie gal2011-10-24 13:18
I spend about 6 months out of the year on my trainer because the roads are covered with snow. I hav
Feet falling asleep during spin class trista2011-10-22 02:18
My last two spin classes, the bottoms of my feet have been going numb, starting at the cleat spot an
Spinervals recommendations? zoom-zoom2011-10-17 00:16
I have a couple of Spinvervals discs that we've ended up with for free, but they are 2-3 hour endura
bike computer for a Giant Tempo Lindalu2011-10-04 10:26
Just purchased a used Giant Tempo in wonderful condition. Was wondering if anyone can recommend a b
Fun 1960's set list CDmama2011-09-23 04:19
Wanted to share a super fun set I put together with the help of my Mom. We had blast going through a
Spynga? Owlie2011-07-17 18:20
We've got a place that's doing this just down the street. I'm thinking of giving it a shot. An
Trainer Recommendations inkspot2011-05-01 00:15
I've been an avid cyclist for years, but I have now moved to more chilly, snowy climes and must find
VERY new and looking for tips CDmama2011-04-06 00:20
I have been looking over this forum and there seems to be 2, or more, schools of thought and instruc
Gym Drama Dogmama2011-04-02 23:13
I had to give up my evening spin teaching for personal reasons. I started getting emails from stude
RealRyder cycles ?!! CDmama2011-03-24 00:15
I checked out the cycling room at another YMCA in town and they had these:
Indoor cycling class in Ottawa Maybreeze2011-03-08 10:20
Hi, I just moved to Ottawa and looking for indoor cycling classes, any suggestions? Thanks
Cleats annette2010-05-02 20:57
Okay, so my old shoes worked fine on my bike and in spinning. But I wanted new shoes for spinning. I
Question for any spinning instructor Irulan2010-05-02 20:30
Maybe I'm approaching it all wrong in thinking that somehow a spinning class should have some resemb
Start the subject annette2010-05-02 20:15
Well, since no one else has started this, I will. I've been spinning about 3 times a week since the
Mock endurance prep.... Irulan2010-05-02 20:04
My gym is starting up a 2 hour endurance spin class, oriented towards triatheletes and marathoners.
What is a loop? Louisiana2010-05-02 23:08
Please describe what a loop is. I'm new to teaching indoor cycling classes. Thanks.
Drop in Spin Princess aubergine22010-05-03 00:24
Aaargh! Just have to vent - tonight in my class, about 1/3 of the way through, a woman waltzed in t
Are spin bikes all crummy? missliz2010-05-03 01:47
My gym is first rate in all respects but one- The spin bikes look to me to be in appalling shape. I
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