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How to identify the quality of Browning knife

slectasd2010-02-20 03:10:34 +0000 #1
How can the differential Browning 017 hunting knife quality? There are many now on the market price of the Browning 017 hunting knife, I want to know the different qualities, worth, respectively, because I want to buy one. But worried that higher prices are buy cheap goods, thank you help!
Gloomy Omega2010-02-20 03:19:01 +0000 #2
Although this is a foundry by the domestic manufacturers, but the Browning company's high product quality requirements, so long as they are authentic, the quality will not be a problem, So .. the key is to find dealers to buy a reliable, genuine prices should be more or less

As for how to identify .... its blade through the mirror light processing, reflecting fairly clear, the handle is used brass, Suanzhi Mu is made of fine workmanship

to parameters it:

Size: CM

length: 23

Blade Length: 10

Blade Thickness: 0.32

Hardness: 58

Surface: Mirror Light

Handle Length: 13

Handle material: one keel, brass + Suanzhi Mu

Weight: 300 grams (including sheath)

leather scabbard

Good Luck!



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