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Why do not elementary school, when coupled with a Chinese martial arts courses do

three little red star2010-02-21 14:11:03 +0000 #1
why Chinese martial arts like Muay Thai can not do yoga in India, like everybody does, under 2
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-02-21 14:16:12 +0000 #2
Sports class was originally set on a little martial arts routines and the basics! ! Let alone show, and just not use everything! !

Who do attach importance to physical education? ? ? Gave a main subject of the! ! Sheep have been a teacher! ! Inside kung fu school, most of all main subject teachers! The class teacher!

Let alone a martial arts! ! Thousands of years of calligraphy, now are they? The number of open classes, so that each person point of contact ah! ! Those classics, examination of what Is the problem because the system has been eliminated, but also on behalf of those old times the book industry is a malignant tumor? Let alone ancient history, and now there are a few people know the point of the modern history of it? Turn on the TV almost all Gegeama!

Hey. . . The era is advancing! !
Code too climb2010-02-21 14:16:15 +0000 #3
deep concerns of people in there are still a few years to think of this point would be afraid that very few people what their ancestors left behind a 5,000-year history of national essence ah ah Ah -
attackwc2010-02-21 15:23:18 +0000 #4
Primary School Sports textbook, there are very junior martial arts teaching content, according to syllabus also have this one, but this stuff is to be of specialists, not Tun Town will be taught, in fact, the vast majority of primary and secondary schools have only one man and a woman both sports teachers, teaching resources are limited, including the big cities and mega-cities, too, so we shelved



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