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Ask singled out lethal big, but also a better shortcut to boxing -

Yuanfei Yuhi2010-02-22 23:11:03 +0000 #1
the other soldiers, very fierce. . . We have been contradictory.

My physique is not bad, always go to the gym, but have not been systematically studied boxing, playing up and not a little logic, I just want to learn boxing, I heard that Muay Thai lethality are great, but does not seem to have come to crash, seek expert recommends recommendation, singles destruction will be great, but also to quickly enter the orbit boxing.
left foot curse2010-02-22 23:15:49 +0000 #2
Muay Thai Well, the non die either disabled
Gladiator2010-02-22 23:45:36 +0000 #3
your body thin, we recommend starting with boxing began practicing! Fitness is not a self-defense means, Muay Thai is your future you want trained in, and now you should start boxing to start training.

With a certain progress, the recommendation to begin practicing MMA Mixed martial arts skills, this is one of the most comprehensive fighting technology is for you, you can online take a look at MMA video, Hehe men's movement, the end what you seek the fastest Quick boxing - the answer is; not - if you hurry to buy guns bar, Ha ha ha
64,641,1212010-02-22 23:34:33 +0000 #4
Muay Thai and Sanda are OK Bar
runner_7892010-02-23 00:00:10 +0000 #5
In general, the destruction will be great with no crash theory.

And must have a body mass dictate their predecessors, there are exercises objects.

Uniform opponent, you can learn Grappling.

Want to cause huge casualties, a move Conquering the enemy and recommended by learning boxing and military combat operation.
a7825311392010-02-22 23:59:30 +0000 #6
Muay Thai Wing Chun

Muay Thai I do not know, as if even this need not afraid of admitting Pashang

Wing Chun can be dealt with gently, including defense with the offensive, and very good

can also be self-cultivation
No mean 20002010-02-23 00:55:44 +0000 #7
1. power. You have to practice every day fitness, dumbbells, barbells, 100 a day, three groups. Squat, the Zama step, sit-ups, push-ups, these are necessary. The better. Forces must be up.

2. To fight to fight. To practice every day finished physical training, after a short break, the Zama step, it is better Siping horse, high horse will do. Blow up his muscles, so that another person took a thick stick tapping its own muscles, increase muscle hardness, 抗击打能力 enhanced. The main beat areas: the arms, back, chest, abdomen, thighs. Usually all right, take a bottle of beer bottles grinding his lower leg (Rolling pin can also be), the upper and lower back and forth rolling, rolling his own leg. Then, beat his own ankle Najiu bottle, the bottle the child must be wrapped in cloth. Roll a small bone, is Muay Thai training methods, and low whip legs were very effective; alone, beating the ankle is a karate training methods.

3. Endurance: daily running 5000M (middle distance), learn to adjust breathing.

4. Reaction speed. Day, skipping a thousand times, point foot jump around back and forth exchange. Boxing handles, feet target, boxing the ball should be practicing. There are Muay Thai's hit film practice. Is the assumption that there opponent and you play, how do you dodge return fire.

5. Hardness. Hitting sandbags, exercise hardness.

Above, is to enhance the physical training. A month later, you are absolutely paid off. The following talk, fighting technique.

From your message can see, you are a layman. Whether and whom to fight, confidence first, believe in themselves. The momentum to win him a raise.

Street-fighting, I would recommend Jeet Kune Do. As for how to practice, on-line there, find video "Jeet Kune Do instruction."

Second recommendation, karate. Karate comic blow, it is very powerful. Also relatively easy to learn.

Muay Thai, you say to learn a long time. You can only learn the essence of, ah, Zhou Xi Kung Fu.

Finally I suggest you learn the basis of skill, and some stranger kicked out all stops instability, how beat ah. Learn the basics is true.

Do not fight, everything is in order and harmony, we must learn to turning hostility into friendship. This year, a network of contacts is very important! You too ah, boy.
lovehaoyuan992010-02-23 01:20:37 +0000 #8
boxing is not a short period of time can learn, and learn to have to see what is boxing, the other is a boxing combat-oriented. According to Lou Zhu requirements, singles can cause huge, short-term class has been effective. Proposal to study qigong, hard qigong. No moves, that is beat up, one hit kill. 3 months, there results, open the monument stone not to mention, getting quick bricks still OK. Even if the beat up can not be defeated, it would hurry up and go back to practicing only a few months. Do not be afraid you would not hit him, he moves to play your I-between all the effort focused on a handheld, I want to have faith in him than you are miserable, remember not to begin with, will cost a precious life in! As long as used properly, they become invincible. If the person is a brawny, the proposed multi-practice a few months to increase the winning percentage.
tzh3212010-02-23 02:15:03 +0000 #9
Boxing and Thai boxing can be, and even boxing will do, fighting to see not learn what boxing, combat, or to depend on the use of it, punching speed may blow on resolving the opponent, and the pace allows you to attack will be able to hit the opponent, back can be to a safe distance, soldiers do not necessarily can be played fighting athletes.

How long can learn self-defense level, Muay Thai and Sanda are the same, generally three months there should be a raise, and this must vary, but also due to opponents differ, some people for one year may not be able to self-defense, some people school a month is enough.
lb_tcm2010-02-23 01:22:31 +0000 #10
learn boxing, Chinese-style wrestling, or jiu-jitsu. Three years of boxing not as good as the year wrestle.

Quick, if a teacher is good, studied hard, six months can be very effective, a year pretty good.

Muay Thai lethality is to promote Muay Thai people blowing out of the international competition more to go, and availability to look at a few games, 10 games, there are three KO's pretty good, have not seen too than boxing good to Where to go.



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