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Hongxiang Why not professional Sanda players? Why not become a professional it? Amateur and professi

loaded cf face kick 02010-02-23 00:11:26 +0000 #1
Many people say that Hongxiang is an amateur, and martial arts both hands out of the wind, no power, just to look good, do not know if it really
a just do not feet, 12010-02-23 00:17:29 +0000 #2
First of all, in China basically there is no professional Sanshou athletes that that in addition to a few clubs to sign in Beijing Shenghua a few.

In China only the amateur and professional distinction. Meaning that have their own amateur work, and idle play, this level is not high naturally. Means a professional team of professional athletes, such as the national team or provincial team. Such a person is paid a meal is a product unique to China.

The meaning of the complex professional, professional athletes have their own agents, clubs, coaches the team, the allocation of funds is not a simple wage system, in which there is a very complex set of inter-fund distribution system.

Professional athletes and professional athletes in general a high level, and a living.

Besides Hongxiang, he marked the standard quasi-amateur players. Wind The first is an amateur martial arts competition, has not been officially recognized in China, the only martial arts fighting quasi-official bodies are Chinese Wushu Association

I have said so much, how kind of strength Hongxiang I do not say bar
yafei32698732010-02-23 01:00:14 +0000 #3
strength is definitely Some! since he was 12 years of age out of martial arts, I began practicing Sanda. but also a martial arts family of coupled physical condition is certainly strong, but there is no need to know martial arts realm, so-called mountain outside Hillbillies, some people outside, Zhenzhen Fake. false true. how can you understand. As long as we are holding a sense of balance, let it cured. As for the professional and amateur, your own and then found the next on the list



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