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The development of Chinese martial arts

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talk about the history and then predict the future development trend of

satisfied with extra points,
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the following to give you the most complete, and my last answer, I hope you enjoy .

199 Ο-year in April, the National Sports Commission issued a "materialized on the Chinese Wushu Association, a notice," the Chinese Wushu Association materialized after both the Chinese national sports associations, corporate members, but also directly under the State institutions, In this item of business management and some administrative functions.

October, during the eleventh Asian Games, Wushu was listed as an official sport, there are 11 countries and regions of the 96 men and women athletes in the race.

10 months, the International Wushu Federation was formally established in Beijing, Member States 38, Li Menghua chair.

National Sports Commission promulgated "Wushu Sanshou athletes, technical grade standards," Sanshou athletes will be divided into Wuying level, a samurai, two warriors, three warriors 4 level.

November 2 to 7, the first National Wushu Competition, the old revolutionary base Jinggangshan held in the city, there are 9 teams 64 players participate in the competition.


October, the first session of the World Wushu Championships held in Beijing, competition is divided into routines Sanshou Competition and exhibition, there are 40 Member States and regions, more than 500 athletes.

12 months, the former National Sports Commission issued the "About carrying out national" Hometown of Martial Arts, "the program's notice." Notification requirement: The City and County as a unit to participate in selection; selected once every three years. The first assessment named 35 "National Martial Arts of the town."


Fourth National University Games held in Wuhan, the first time as the martial arts will be an official event.

November, the third Asian Wushu Championships held in Korea, Sanshou is listed as performances.

December, the second national working conference martial arts Jiangbei County, held in Sichuan Province. Summarized the first 10 years of work, and martial arts for the future work, "three-step" strategic objective. Yao-Ting Zhang was elected as President of the Chinese Wushu Association. The first named in recognition of 35 national "Hometown of Martial Arts." Meeting was attended by official representatives of 169 people in attendance on behalf of 48 people.

December 22 to 27 the old revolutionary base of the Second National Wushu Competition held in the city of Shanwei in Guangdong, there were 32 teams 295 players participate in the competition.


May 14 to 17, the first East Asian Games held in Shanghai, Wushu was listed as an official event. From East Asia, China, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Korea, Mongolia, Macau, seven countries and regions in 65 male and female athletes will take part in 12 projects match.

August 15 to 22, the Seventh National Games Wushu Competition held in Chengdu, located martial arts events, seven gold medals. The competition is divided Wushu (male, female) and the Wushu Sanshou (Men's) two major projects. Routine game for the first time by changquan, tai chi, Nanquan series of games. Sanshou project for the first time into the National Games.

August 25 -30 days, the first session of the National Rural martial arts martial arts competition held in Wen County in Henan Province, from all 34 of the 430 village martial arts athletes in the race.

November 21 to 27, the second session of the World Wushu Championships in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, from the world's five continents, 53 countries and regions, a total of more than 600 athletes took part in the competition, Sanshou for the first time as an official event .


May 30, the National Sports Commission was established Wushu Administrative Center.

June 24, "Encyclopedia of Chinese martial arts," the editorial board at the inaugural meeting of Sino-Wushu Academy. National Sports Commission Chairman Wu Shaozu, International Wushu Federation Mr Li Menghua, sub-wu Alliance Chairman Xu attended the meeting and invited to serve as consultants. The book plans to open a roll this out Liang Wanzi 16 located 150 entry color inserts 48.

August 17 to 19, the Chinese Wushu Sanshou ring hegemony finals held in Guangzhou to produce The People's Republic of China since the establishment of the first "knight."

October 12 to 14. Twelfth Asian Games held in Hiroshima, Japan, martial arts as an official event. There are 14 countries and regions, 78 athletes participate in the competition, the Chinese Wushu Team received five gold medals. Asian Wushu Federation of the Fifth Congress was held at the same time, Yuan Weimin was elected President of Asian Wushu.

10 20 - 25, by the Chinese Wushu Association, the China National Committee on Aging, All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and Global Research Center and other units centenarians, jointly organized the "First World operation very practice of the General Assembly" held in Beijing.

October 22, the International Sports Federation, held in Monte Carlo in Monaco on the 28th Congress of the International Wushu Federation has been formally accepted by the International Sports Federation to join.

December 10 to 16, was held in Tianjin, a national martial arts training session. Clear the direction of the technological development of martial arts, martial arts competition and improved method to study the inheritance and development of traditional martial arts. Formulated the "martial arts referee management approach."

From all 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the sports industry sports associations, and six comrades in the work of the institutions in charge of martial arts, martial arts best sports team manager, coaches were more than 80 people attended the meeting.


August 17 to 22, the Third World Wushu Championships held in Baltimore in the United States from 56 countries and regions of Member States to 886 athletes. In the margins of the Third Congress of International Wushu Federation, the National Sports Commission director Wu Shaozu was elected as Chairman of International Wushu Federation.

December 15 to 20, the National Social Work Conference martial arts Laizhou City in Shandong Province was held. First publication of "Chinese martial arts 100-kit" selected results, and awarded a certificate.

December 24-27, the second session of the National Rural martial arts martial arts competition held in the city of Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province, from 35 martial arts township 29 teams participated in the race.


August 5, the National Sports Commission and the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department, The People's Republic of China Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Civil Affairs, the State Industry and Commerce Administration, the State Pharmaceutical Administration and other ministries jointly issued "on the strengthening of Qigong management notice. "

October 28-November 1, the Third National Working Conference held in Tianjin martial arts. Li Jie was elected as the Chinese Wushu Association.

November 13 to 16, the fourth Asian Wushu Championships in the Philippine capital Manila. From 19 countries and regions in Asia to 186 athletes.

December 5, the second installment of "Hometown of the National Martial Arts", the first batch of "National Advanced Martial Arts School" named in recognition of the General Assembly held in Beijing state guesthouse. Selected out of 14 provinces (cities, districts) of the 43 martial arts schools are the first batch of "National Advanced martial arts school."


October 21 to 23, the Eighth National Games held in Shanghai, set up martial arts competitions, gold medal 15.

November, the Fourth World Wushu Championships in Rome, Italy.

December, the National Sports Commission issued a "Chinese Wushu Dan system."

12 30 to January 3, 1997, the first universal health Qigong Kung exchange conference held in Shijiazhuang in Hebei, the country's 30 provinces, autonomous regions, directly under the physical culture and industry sports associations in more than a thousand practitioners who participated in the demonstration and exchanges.


March, the National Conference on Propaganda Work martial arts was held in Beijing to discuss the work of the Committee on the framework of martial arts and related advertisements are published in martial arts and so on. In this martial art has undergone a change of work and the issuance of the Committee on Information, "the implementation of martial arts advocacy organization and management methods."

April, the National Wushu Dan system work conference and the "award ceremony in paragraph" Beijing in the convening. The first 112 people have been awarded the "high spots-" title. Formulated the "Provisional Measures Wushu Dan system of organization and management", "Jin Duan Wushu Dan system of evaluation methods."

May, the National Wushu Economic Conference held in the outskirts of Beijing and put forward the general idea of martial arts economic development and the formation of the idea of martial arts group. Establishment of the China Wushu Association Economic Development Committee, 61 elected members.

June, in the '98 National Wushu Sanshou Championship promulgated a new "martial arts competition a number of provisions," promoting the orderly management of the martial arts competitions, referees fair, stadium and civilized, fair competition and healthy development.

June 5, Oceania Wushu Federation was established in New Zealand capital Wellington, Since then, the International Wushu Federation already has four continents membership organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee meet basic requirements.

July, the Chinese Wushu Association's official website was formally inaugurated.

August, the State General Administration of Sport to formalize the Ninth National Games Wushu competitions, and the total number of gold medals at the eighth National Games, based on the appropriate increase in the number of gold medals.

October and November, to commemorate Deng Xiaoping's inscription, "Taijiquan good" to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the fortieth anniversary of the Chinese Wushu Association, "held in Beijing Tiananmen Square million people in Tai Chi Chuan martial arts performances and large-scale theatrical show" Wu Song "and held a" China Martial Arts Tudian "premiere.

11 months, the joint held in Beijing International Wushu The International Olympic Committee to submit their applications to the ceremony. IWUF Li Jie, the Secretary-General to submit applications to the International Olympic Committee executive committee Zhenliang.

12 months, 13th Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand. with martial arts project, a gold medal 11. At this point, the Chinese martial arts is listed as the club's official event.


May, the first International Traditional Wushu-cum-stunt Competition in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province organized. 24 countries and regions, respectively, more than 180 athletes took part in the five Project Competition. in which the water ring, martial arts exercises (stunts), Mulan Boxing provides routines for the first time included in the national competition.

6 month, in the '99 Annual National Wushu Sanshou Championship Team, the first time in the brace on the reform, in addition to oral health, nursing crotch and glove, the cast off the other protective gear, making the competition a more confrontational, ornamental .

6 months, the International Olympic Committee 113th Plenary Meeting of the Executive Board passed a resolution to recognize the International Wushu Federation.

11 months, the fifth World Wushu Championships held in Hong Kong, 59 Member States of the 367 athletes.

in December, the Chinese martial arts - United States hegemony boxing match in Las Vegas. The Chinese team 7:2 Total victory.

12 months, Baoding in Hebei province held its first "national martial arts training to the elite Grand Prix , "on the venue for the first time onto the stage; clothing, equipment, music, artistic potential revenue from packaging; detailed scoring criteria, breaking a pattern to the traditional game.

[Edit this paragraph] since the founding of Chinese Martial Arts Events (2000 -2010 years)

January 2 ΟΟΟ years, launched the "Taijiquan and Health Project." One is in May each year in May and initiated and established throughout the country, "Tai Chi Fitness Month" events triggered an international arms Joint preparatory executive committee meeting in Malaysia, decided in May each year as "World Taijiquan and Health Month" activities. The second is in March 2000 will be held in Sanya City, Hainan Province, "First World Taijiquan and Health Conference." is now actively preparation.

March, the National Wushu Training Competition Working Conference held in Qingdao. summed up the six years of martial arts training, competition work, the achievements and shortcomings; analysis of martial arts under the direction of the new situation and the problems faced; clear the present stage the direction of reform and development of competitive martial arts.

March, the Chinese martial arts, "Sanda Wong" hegemony tournament kicked off in Beijing. "Sanda Wong" is a martial arts contest for hegemony race reform and an important step toward the market.

5 months, the first to hold the "National Seminar Wushu Jie ideological and political work." strengthen the ideological and political work and strengthen the relationship between self-discipline Wude education 6.

November, the 5th Asian Wushu Championships was held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

11 from 20 to 24 Day, the Fourth Working Conference and the Chinese National Wushu Martial Arts Association, the General Assembly general elections held in Hefei in Anhui Province, from the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the industry sports associations, all directly under the institute's director of leadership and martial arts martial arts association representatives 130 people attended the meeting. Chinese Wushu Association, a general election produced a new member of the Chinese Wushu Association, 117, the Standing Committee of 25, Deputy 17 people, Li Jie re-elected President, the Secretary-General Yan Jianchang re-election. The meeting commended the past four years outstanding achievements of the top ten athletes, coaches and top ten top ten referees, but also commended the management and research work in the martial arts outstanding performance units. During the meeting, to discuss "Martial Arts Development Plan 2001-2010", "martial arts system and framework" and the "Chinese Wushu Association Management Measures" and other documents. ΟΟ


3 months for one year 21, session of the World Taijiquan and Health Conference held in Sanya City, Hainan Province, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee and vice premier of the State Council, the International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch sent a congratulatory message to the General Assembly, respectively, and greetings. from the world's nearly 20 countries and regions, more than 3,000 fans to learn Taiji exchanges.

July 26 to 29, the first Asian Youth Wushu Championships was held in Hanoi, Vietnam from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Yemen, in 13 countries and regions, more than 100 blue Juvenile Wushu athletes in this tournament. The competition is divided into routines and Sanshou competitions, routine events including nanquan, changquan, broadsword, sword, spear, cudgel and Tai Chi seven games. is divided into Group A and B group, Group A 15-year-old to 17-year-old male and female athletes; B 12-year-old to 14-year-old male and female athletes. Taolu competition generated a total of 28 gold medals. Sanda race 48kg, 52kg, 56 kg, 60 kg, 65 kg and 70 kg six-level game. The first event was a total of 34 gold medals. China has sent 12 athletes. competition score of 15 gold medals and one bronze medals.

in August, after approval of the State Sports General Administration, named the third installment of martial arts village.

November 1 -4 days, the Sixth World Wushu Championships was held in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, a total of 41 projects were decided at the league table, Chinese team won 12 gold medals,The sixth column gold medal first. Vietnam, South Korea, China, Hong Kong team received gold medals followed by 8, 5, 4, Russia, Iran, and Myanmar in Group D. are given 3. Wushu World Championships for the first time to conduct doping control.

December 20, the International Wushu Federation Mr Li Zhijian Yu wrote to the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, "on behalf of the International Wushu Federation and the entire martial arts athletes, applications will be included in the Olympic Games Wushu."

May 25 to 27 on the third East Asian Games Wushu Competition in Osaka, Japan.


2 years ΟΟ 7, in Salt Lake City at the International Olympic Committee 113th meeting, the International Wushu Federation was granted recognition as a federation.

August 25, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations and the 10th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties, China, Japan and South Korea Wushu Association in Beijing, the Temple of Heaven Park and the Olympic Sports Center held a "Taijiquan Exchange Conference 2002, Japan and South Korea." To participate in the General Assembly, the Chinese side were more than 2,000 people, the Japanese personnel 587 people, South Korean side were 79 people, a total of approximately 3,000 people.

3 months, filming martial arts martial arts Olympic bid promotional videos and printed catalogs, manuals.

22 to 27 May, the 13th Congress of the Olympic Association and the International Olympic Committee executive board meeting in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. During this period, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Organizing Committee was held on 25 night and 500 people attended a grand reception to show appreciation for Beijing's bid for support. International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge and other IOC officials were invited to participate in his wife. During the reception, from Belgium, Germany, Russia, Italy, Malaysia, Gabon and China's athletes performed a superb martial arts skills and difficult movements, received by the participants a warm welcome and strong response.

July 25 -27 days, the first World Cup Wushu Sanshou Championships held in Shanghai.

2 ΟΟ years

August 8, the fourth Chinese Kung Fu - Muay Thai professional match for hegemony in the Thai capital Bangkok, and China's 3-2 away win.

October 10 to 13, the second Asian Junior Wushu Championships held in Beijing, from Burma, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka , Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Chinese Macao, Chinese Taipei and the Chinese team's 18 teams of 201 athletes participated in the race. In the end, China won 15 gold medals, their lead in the medal standings.

October 18 to 27, the Fifth National City Games Wushu Competition 26 competition events first became the only one non-Olympic events.

November 2 to 7, the Seventh World Wushu Championships held in Macau, China, from the country's athletes took part in the competition for the first time as a women's Sanshou competitions.

August 25, the Fourth National Rural martial arts martial arts tournament held in Lushan in Jiangxi Province, from the country's 23 provinces, municipalities and representatives of the 86 teams nearly a thousand players to participate in a four-year ΟΟ


June 5 to 10, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of flights from the All-China Sports Federation and the Japan Sumo Association, co-sponsored by the Sino-Japanese Friendship Association and the Japan-China Friendship Association, the Chinese Wushu Association hosted the "2004 Chinese Grand Sumo performance of" The activities of , respectively in Beijing and Shanghai.

September 18, "M-Zone Cup" National Wushu Championship held in Zhuhai City in Guangdong, in order to meet the new rules of the International Wushu Federation, the first attempt to relax the athletes clothing, dress requirements as well as part of the routine practice race Optional soundtrack to enhance the event spectacular.

October 16 to 20, the First World Traditional Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, was held from 62 countries and regions, more than 160 martial arts groups, competing against more than 2,000 athletes.

November 12 to 14, the second session of the World Cup Wushu Sanshou Competition was held in Guangzhou from 23 countries and regions, 66 athletes were men's 48 kg to 90 kg and above a total of 11, women's Sanshou Competition for the first time included in the events.

2 ΟΟ years

9 to 11 September, the hometown of the Fifth National Wushu Competition held in the city of Dengfeng in Henan Province.

10 to 11 November, the Fifth National Work Conference and the Chinese martial art Wushu Association Congress held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. At the meeting, the Chinese Wushu Association conducted a re-election, the State General Administration of Sport Wushu Administrative Center elected to Wang Xiaolin, director of the Chinese Wushu Association. Li Desheng was elected as honorary president of Chinese Wushu Association, Li, Henry Ying Tung Fok was elected as honorary advisers. In order to meet the needs of the development of martial arts movement, the new Chinese Wushu Association, Vice-President and Standing Committee has increased the number than in the past.

November 20 to 22, "the first Chinese traditional Wushu Festival" held in Yunnan Province, Kaiyuan, from 21 provinces, municipalities, about 59 teams more than 500 athletes participated.

December 18 to 20, with "unity, friendship, health, peace" as the theme of "Chinese Dragon", the Second World Taijiquan and Health Conference held in Haikou City, Hainan Province.

December 10 to 14, the Eighth World Wushu Championships held in Hanoi from 61 countries and regions of the world's more than a thousand athletes and officials will attend the event. Events, set up routines for men and women 22 projects and 18 levels of Sanshou competitions for men and women.

China sent a delegation to Guorong, including the team leader, referees, coaches, athletes, consisting of a total of 33 Chinese Wushu delegation, including 20 male and female athletes will participate in routine items for men and women 23 times and Sanda Men's 6-level , women's four levels of intense competition. In addition, China will send a 30-member performance group, in the General Assembly during the exciting martial arts.

October 13 to 15, The People's Republic of China Games Wushu Competition tenth respectively in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province (Taolu competition) and Lianyungang City (Sanshou Competition) was held. National Games in the martial arts in this number of items added to the 21 gold medals, including routine 12, Sanda 9.

2 ΟΟ six

February 23 to 26, "River Cup" the first International Martial Arts Fighting hegemony race was held in Chongqing from China, Russia, the United States, France, Iran, Romania, 16 players to contest Ultimately, Russia's Musilimu won "KFK Ultra King of Kings" title.

August 22 to 25. The first World Junior Wushu Championships was held in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, a total of 40 countries and regions, 354 male and female athletes, in which 229 people participated routine competition, competition for A, B and two sets of a total of 36 medals, 125 people participated in Sanshou competitions, battle of men and women a total of 12 levels of titles. Chinese team has 18 athletes, in which 10 people participated in the competition routine to participate in Sanshou competitions 8. A total of 16 won the gold medal, silver one.

September 26 to 28, Simplified Tai Chi Chuan to promote the national commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the 2006 International Taijiquan Exchange Conference held in Handan city in Hebei province, there are about 30 countries from around the world and regions, nearly 2,000 staff of various schools of Tai Chi Chuan Interests actors.

October 15 to 19, the International Wushu Federation and Chinese Wushu Association, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province People's Government and Sports Council hosted the second World Traditional Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou City. From 66 countries and regions in 2008 athletes participated in the race. During the Congress, the International Olympic Committee Beijing Olympic Games Coordination Commission Chairman Hein Verbruggen, IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli, attended the closing ceremony and watched a special martial arts.

September 22 to 24, the third World Cup Wushu Sanshou Competition was held in Xi'an from 24 countries and regions and more than 260 participants, athletes are Sanda Wushu World Championships at all levels of the top three projects.

December 11 to 14, 15th Asian Games held in Doha in order to Wang Xiaolin of China sent a team leader, Cheng Hui Kun as deputy leader, Fang Jian (female) for the routine coach, Zhang Kan school coach for Sanda, from Routine Athletes Ma Ling Juan, MAO Ya-Qi, Yuan-chao, Wu treasure, Wu Yanan; Sanshou athletes, Li Tang, Ma Chao, Zhao Guangyong, XU Yan-fei 13 people delegation composed of Chinese martial arts, won a total of nine gold medals.

Yu Zaiqing was elected President of the Federation of Asia

South Asian Games Wushu martial arts for the first time included in the events


ΟΟ seven years of professional athletes, martial arts debut at CCTV Spring Festival Evening in the "Xingyunliushui" program in the taijiquan.

March 22 to 25, the second "Luzhou Old & Fils Cup" International Martial Arts Fighting hegemony event was held in Chongqing, China Team, Lei Huang was "super-King of Kings" title.

April 21 to 26, the first township of the Sixth National Wushu Wushu Competition and the first Chinese Yun City Water Margin Culture and Tourism Festival was held in Shandong Yuncheng, a total from all 71 counties, cities and districts of more than 600 teams athletes participated in the race.

June 19 to 21, the first National Farmers martial arts competition held in Tianshui city in Gansu Province, from the country more than 60 teams of more than a thousand athletes took part in martial arts competitions and exchanges.

5 to 9 July, "is super-Cup" in 2007 the exchange of National Traditional Wushu Competition held in Taizhou, Zhejiang, more than 300 martial arts masters from around the country get together to exchange skills.

July 19 to 23, 2007, "SAIC Roewe Cup" National Wushu Sanshou Classic was held in Nanjing, a total of 23 representative teams from all 40 male and female athletes.

1 to 2 August, "Jin Mai Lang Cup" China and Russia Boxing Tournament was held in Harbin, the Chinese team a total score of 4 to 2 to achieve final victory.

August 9, the International Olympic Committee President and his entourage in Zhengzhou watched by the International Wushu Federation and Chinese Wushu Association organized Session martial arts performances.

August 16 "2007 Kung Fu Star TV Competition Global" press release held in Beijing, which is following last year's Shenzhen Satellite TV and the Shaolin Culture Communication Co., Ltd successfully held the "First Kung Fu Star TV Competition Global", the two institutions re - joined forces to bring "Kung Fu Star" brand incursion. The event is officially recognized by the Chinese Wushu Association, and send an expert team involved in specific technical guidance, and strive to make it carry forward the Chinese culture to promote the Chinese martial arts windows.

August 20 to 25, the fourth Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Exchange Competition and the First National New rural farmers Taijiquan Competition was held from home and abroad on behalf of 202 teams took part in the 2238 Tai Chi masters competitions and exchanges.

August 26 to 31, the first China Emei Mountain in Sichuan Emei Wushu Festival held in the city. From 12 countries and regions, as well as from the domestic 10 provinces and cities in 520 athletes took part in the event.

10 months, the Chinese Wushu Association and the International Wushu Federation's official website official website of the official launch of the new version for the Ninth World Wushu Championships and the Beijing 2008 Wushu Competition in Internet propaganda prepared.

10 21 - 22 Games in the sixth city of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Huangpi District.

November 11 to 17 of the Ninth World Wushu Championships in Beijing, China, from 89 countries and regions, nearly 1,500 athletes, coaches and staff to participate in this event is the World Championships in the participating countries and the previous the region and the largest ever number of applications.

The competition-based routines Competition 22, 18 levels of Sanshou competitions will be decided at the 40 gold medals. China, as host, sent 19 athletes participated.

November 11 Chinese Wushu Association and the Heilongjiang TV station, was officially launched Martial Arts TV column, and the smooth realization of the Ninth World Wushu Championships opening ceremony taped.

November 20, "Huang Shan Lun Jian - 2007 China Anhui Huangshan First Traditional Wushu Conference and the International Wushu Invitational Tournament" was held in Huangshan City Sports Center from the United States, Australia, Gabon, Poland, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cuba, Japan and China more than 40 teams of 400 people, to participate in traditional martial arts, traditional instruments, the project of training of individuals in three age groups, and individual all-around individual competition. International Wushu Federation and his wife, Vice-Chairman Gelanjisi excitedly rushed to the Huangshan Mountain to participate in this session of the martial arts event.

15 to 16 December, 2007 "dragon" in Sino-Japanese Boxing Tournament held in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, this competition by the National Wushu Administrative Center and Heilongjiang TV host.

yifengpu1232010-02-23 04:45:18 +0000 #3
1. Surgery into the perfect person skilled in the formal education system. Martial arts, cultural identity is to make it spread has not changed since ancient times, the root causes. And any kind of cultural inheritance and development. All do with education. Although from the beginning of China's 60 years, put martial arts included in the primary and secondary school physical education program, but the practice is not successful, martial arts education is to open a sound, or even fall. The reason is mainly the status of martial arts in school physical education is very low, martial arts a serious shortage of teachers. In order to reverse this backward state, first of all martial arts should be to establish the status of the martial arts as an educated moral, intellectual, physical, an important part of overall development. We should establish a long-term goal of martial arts education, to make martial arts become the country's sports culture system, gradually perfecting martial arts into the formal education system, become a major, primary and secondary schools, and military training is indispensable for sports content, so that every student and every knowledge of martial arts warriors have the basic knowledge and basic skills, to achieve universal access in schools and society.

2. Sets off the movement and art of attack and movement simultaneously. Routine exercises, technical fighting these two forms of martial arts is the Chinese cultural heritage, should be inherited and developed. The future development of Chinese martial arts, should be taken to routine movement and art of attack and movement while simultaneously, in the form of actively developing routines the same time, strengthen the art of attack and fighting the research, take the domestic popularity and international promotion of course.

3. Technology, a more comprehensive and more reasonable rules. In Sanshou, push hands confrontational projects, many martial arts fighting methods of the art of attack and a lack of depth and systematic study of the future should be in the technical tradition, rules, rationalization, equipment, clothing, etc. to further improve the nationalization in order to be included in the Olympics as soon as possible or the World Games events. Wushu form of future development, it should strive to: Action routines standardization, theory, scientific, training, systematic, institutionalized competition.

4. To become an important means of moral construction. Martial arts pay attention to "martial arts in Germany as the first" pay attention to the spirit of Military Morality, therefore, martial arts person must possess high moral self-cultivation. With martial arts as a means of virtue will become the development trend of martial arts.

5. The community will see more of the martial arts. In today's society there are a lot of Tae Kwon Do hall, judo hall, while the martial arts is rare, should foreign "martial arts" is more than the Chinese martial arts benefits? Believed that with the martial arts in school education and social promotion, perhaps more people will choose to martial arts.

6. Kung-fu shots in the film there will be more. TV on our daily lives have no small impact, particularly those martial arts star Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Li LianKit, and a variety of well-known film roles, such as Fearless and so on martial arts to the world have exerted great influence. At the same time, foreign films are also integrated into more Chinese martial arts, such as the "ultimate fighter" and will also onto the Chinese Sanda and screen.

7. The development of the International Wushu Federation member. The last Asian Games in Busan, a total of 23 countries and regions more than 140 athletes took part in the martial arts competition, indicating martial arts has been very popular sport in Asia. Now, the International Wushu Federation has 90 member associations, and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, sports federations, one of the 35.

8. Chinese martial arts will short-listed Olympic Games. Chinese martial arts could be said to already have a "into the Austrian" basis and conditions. The current problem is that Wushu Jie's own reform slow, especially in the contest rules, routine scheduling, etc., with the International Olympic Committee set up there is still a gap between the requests. However, with its continuous improvement that will eventually become an Olympic sport.

Chinese martial arts, the development of the general trend is towards the world, I believe the Chinese people's efforts and the support of other countries, the Chinese martial arts will really go to the world, so that people around the world to share.
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Regional Development
only electric2010-02-23 04:32:42 +0000 #5
Light said no major effort had to share with the world. No real martial arts is not no ring. As long as there real ring failed to find a cause will be able to improve the opportunity of talking to exchange ideas with the world's kung fu fighting is not work after the beginning there will be a talent to arise. Slowly our martial arts combat power can be raised. The foreigners will focus on the real science.



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