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True Qi's practice

a highest good is like i2010-02-23 07:10:28 +0000 #1
I was very serious to say, not a joke.

How can train out of genuine qi, qigong is not a hard and is running genuine qi in the body, to break down Renduermai of True Qi!
Fashion Wardrobe 22010-02-23 07:17:56 +0000 #2
gas in the history of Chinese philosophy is a very important area, in the traditional Chinese philosophy. Gas is usually refers to a very fine substance, which constitute the world of all things primitive, "Nei Jing" inherited and developed the doctrine of the pre-Qin qi monism, and its application to medicine, the gradually formed theories of Chinese medicine gas . This is also a source of Qigong martial arts, so this is a very complex topic; not the article a few times to make it clear, specific, you see this video:

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bxzygphoenix2010-02-23 08:00:13 +0000 #3
acupuncture points are generally started from the pubic region with ideas hold points (that is, thinking of that point). From the pubic region to the perineum, one by one from the defensive to the Du Meridian Conception Vessel of the acupuncture points. Wait a loop when they keep to the pubic region a success.

The beginning of the pubic region can be the first to hold, and about 20 minutes, would you, you feel hot pubic region. Wait until you can feel that we can accept it one of the points.
davidszhw2010-02-23 07:38:38 +0000 #4
do not know on the first floor done yet? What kind of effect?
Li Xi Sun and Moon pulling K-Swiss2010-02-23 08:49:59 +0000 #5
First LZ; I very much admire you;

but; dear comrades LZ; I am afraid to let you disappointed!

I can clearly tell you; I have studied for nearly four years of Buddhist, Taoist, and the Confucian classics; and found that people can practice there is no trace of a genuine qi in; and according to the records; you have said, that is, power within the family; that miscellaneous and within the family; ancient expedition period; I practitioners were divided into the earth outside China reactive power as well as the family home within the two factions; away from home is a Xeon Lawrence Kung Fu Gong; is the so-called kung fu can be done quickly; in order to temper the power of heaven and earth in various parts of the body; the skin; tendon; bone; muscle; training to Dacheng Open monument stone can crack easily; foot on line 500 years more than enough; Waigong factions known with absolute power of the powerful martial arts (specifically Lianfa has already been lost); the view of the current situation; be reaches by strength + skills to open Monument of the few; Moreover, almost no stone split; ancient wars of conquest generals; almost all of the away from home practicing martial arts; Otherwise, a few dare to battle rush ahead? Army to die would be surprising if the face of a mighty force; Moreover, the court, and martial arts are separate ... not much here to talk about.

Within the family power; the main author of the Taoist school of record; to self-cultivation; their own achievements heaven and earth; longevity; fly into the sky as the goal of a system; According to ancient records; power within the family is miscellaneous and the main internal strength; pay attention to open up the body meridians; linking Renduermo; Taoism is called Heaven and Earth Bridge; into the birth of the habitat; is said to achieve on-line a priori realm of a thousand miles; flying mountain stream more easy; also Zengshou centuries; ancient records; today Sichuan border; Peng Eriks Zunda Taoist Tai Shing state; to be 800 years old.

Tired Oh ...

LZ; present within the home to the late Qing dynasty True Qi were lost long ago; even Shaolin Yi Jinjing have been burned by a third; had no real internal strength cultivation methods.

Hey; this a few years in accordance with Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism records that they have created a power law; Lian Gong outside the main body; Internal Strength real interest rates to the vast night when the stars; with big ideas and the stars of heaven and earth to absorb its force to forging ; currently still at an experimental; just reaches the first layer; more than four months and then not the slightest progress;'s the pity. Hey. .

Hope that LZ will not be too disappointed with it Okay, I already declining in China martial arts; it is a fact; sad ah.



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