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Black Panther Kung Fu School of the specific circumstances?

Wu Li Mody Mody2010-02-23 09:10:59 +0000 #1
To know to please answer the more points
Shengjie A2010-02-23 09:26:24 +0000 #2
I have been to school to read a lot of weapons, but also learned. Black Panther Kung Fu School, where the conditions Although it is generally, but I still feel what Black Panther Kung Fu School to learn some more solid, where the charges are low, half-way is not arbitrary collection of fees, is our countryman Xuewu a good place for a good coach to teach . Of course, in any school they do not force the school to seriously have good kung fu school, each school has the best and worst students, the worst student he would not say that they learn well, he would say, coach to teach the non -好.

I have other weapons school hours, their fees are high, the coach's life and students are not the same, but I learned when the Black Panther Kung Fu Institute, are equal, coaches and students ate, lived, so I am there is very indeed, by the way what they have learned kung fu Sanda, Muay Thai, grappling fighting, street fighting, and qigong ... .... For example, after the street fighting learn a very useful, he can learn to play big man little man, learn to play more than one person to learn to deal with daggers, knives, etc., in short, where the Empress Wu in the daily life of the school is still very workable. Of course, you had better go there to learn. It was a pure professional martial arts, there is no culture of course.



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