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How from zero entry Qigong

geekool2010-02-23 14:10:27 +0000 #1
novice I know nothing about

what any of qigong are two veins of small Zhou acupuncture points where they do not know

I want to learn functional gas per day can be felt mentally insomnia how the state

the practice? What are the data

points plan do you need to buy?
counterfeit Chinese2010-02-23 14:23:44 +0000 #2
upstairs provides exercises were very good but I personally feel that the exercises are too many too much trouble, and practice not to bite off more than to be a simple and effective.

First before practicing qigong qigong

look at what is said following link to the origins of qigong and qigong definition of major historical mistakes, objective description of qigong is. CA% B1% C9% D0% D2% C2% B9% F12/blog/category /% C6% F8% B9% A6

followed by qigong have a right later to see about the impression Tang Lvji look forward to the "static reactive health grounds and the Law" as a theoretical basis for entry to practice should not blindly blind. At least to understand the positions, ideas, breathing relationship, to understand the terminology such as qigong What is Hanxiong pull back, neck and other top virtual spiritual how to deal with the reaction appears in practice. This book has only heard the term qigong, it is very appropriate, describes the essence of qigong is the "Pine" "quiet" word just will not do it in accordance with this word problem. Baidu can be found in the Douding net to see PDF format.

Once again as a beginner recommended practice of Zhan Zhuang as the entry without ideas is better, safe simple and effective. Security is not susceptible to bias and simple as long as the correct posture for effective, efficient that any qualified person can be trained to good effect. Zhan Zhuang Gong can be used as entry to this tool you can always reaches a life-long, fast pass of 3-5 months can be slow Zhou Tong Zhou 1-2 years definitely. The Tong Zhan Zhuang Zhou does not require you know Renduermai small Zhou and other terms, such as practice amounted to automatically run a small Zhou.

Specific exercises can be practiced, "Static power health grounds and the Law" where the static stance, you can also hire their own favorite. For example Bu Zhan Zhuang, Wudang Qigong natural addition, three circular piles, etc. These can be found on Baidu are, so if it can Zhan Zhuang as a keyword search to more stations static stance method.

Do not need to point map, qigong acupuncture points which related to the corresponding exercises where we will discuss. And the commonly used acupuncture points recommend that you read the book, are limitless.

If you do not want to want to practice upstairs practicing Zhan Zhuang Gong provided by the time it began to be able to choose one, and so much more access to the knowledge of Qigong has been practiced at the same time be effective in slowly increase again.
13804882010-02-23 14:28:06 +0000 #3
I practiced martial arts for 12 years, a

I understand that qigong is a form of body-breathing method. "Gateway to Law"

practicing Qigong is true to the body is very helpful

I graduated from college has been a over a year. Has been In practice

You can start from the basic science

1st "Ba Duan Jin"

second "Book of Changes by the"

third "shadow boxing"

more than three kinds of tie in the above-mentioned contact gateway to France. The most Good morning to the park or a quiet place

gateway to the expiratory and inspiratory law is a tie. on your hair along with the practice of boxing. Lianwan look Qishuang

The above three points can be found in the Baidu search

action and gateway to France how meet your own need to understand.
liangtobi2010-02-23 14:32:47 +0000 #4
Since it is a novice, we recommend starting from the static stance.

Speaking of Rendu two veins, which is Zhou kung fu, is relatively high realm, I suggest you first Do not pursue these, first lay a solid foundation Enhancing static stance to say.

qigong can enhance people's Jingqi Shen, hence improving quality of life, mental state.



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