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Practicing martial arts, or each of which should focus on a school

435.26251 million2010-02-23 17:10:36 +0000 #1
only have to learn a lot of fruit?
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-02-23 17:19:57 +0000 #2
miscellaneous and solid basic skills necessary to learn the basis for a variety of boxing specializing

in a 100 to take based on the length of the natural make up our own weaknesses is a good

There is no invincible Some are the heart of boxing Takenori rivers run into sea
702.50443 million2010-02-23 17:39:54 +0000 #3
be able to learn more natural to learn more Gabriel harmless, but the person's energy is limited can not cover everything, so all they have to know little about, and then have their own 1-2 Strengths
titosk2010-02-23 17:29:06 +0000 #4
just started focusing on one, have some foundation in learning other techniques can be further. Each person's situation would not be the same, you do not have the basic skills that every kind of want to learn the end, Which will also learn well.
Tea Leaf の2010-02-23 19:02:01 +0000 #5
focus on is the biggest success
Lin flying2010-02-23 18:03:42 +0000 #6
training Sanda
Coke Kexin2010-02-23 18:19:21 +0000 #7
learn a
935,075,6182010-02-23 17:38:20 +0000 #8
Enhancing the most important basic skills first before they can learn from a variety of other martial arts



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