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I would like to learn how to play boxing fist see below

Q Ye YE Ye YE2010-02-23 19:11:25 +0000 #1
a boxing how to train the coordination of rope running to play basketball in addition to 2 Boxing piece how the muscles of the most important piece of a secondary kind of practice

3 how punching punching the process of how the kind of

4 How to blow up 200 pounds, but sub-bar
xtwhhhan2010-02-23 19:27:39 +0000 #2
1 Boxing coordination, running, playing basketball no direct relationship are related to boxing, rope skipping can practice footwork coordination, rope skipping Do not jump when in situ, can do Twister, left and right foot before and after the switching action. But the most effective measure is to fight and then fight sandbag Kong Quan. First hit Kong Quan, remember do not have fast speed, to move the standard. Then hit sandbags, agreed not to fast speed and strength to move the standard.

2 boxing muscles, from top to bottom tell you: the neck is a fight to fight. Neck muscles and soften the blow stunned the people. Is easy to understand bar. Shoulder and arm. Is used to raise the arm. This is because the two muscles to have endurance to have been carrying arms, or to play for a while could not lift his arm up and were only beaten by. Forearm, need endurance, because the time to make a fist punching, it is also a piece of muscle to endurance, or else will be playing a fist on the grip is not up. Down the chest and abdominal muscles, fight fight. To large, pectoral no demand because the chest rib carrying, less need for muscle protection. Abdominal muscles is to protect the stomach. Should be large abdominal muscles. Down to the waist, this is focused in the beginning, punching a Twister moves will affect the strength of waist boxing power. Thigh, and this is the punch source of strength. And the waist, have to explosive! A brief amount of exercise is a major action, such as large Dunqi load. Is usually the next six tempo, that is, to do next after the sixth to do so is not up under the 7th. Anyway, less the number of large weight-bearing. Calf, is the key to footwork, pad feet move, so calves are to be endurance. Rope skipping on it. Endurance are little more than the number of weight-bearing. Skipping the same time, lower leg and forearm endurance training, as well as the coordination of footwork. Well, have to rope skipping. Training endurance, is a small number of large muscles. Ju dumbbells, sit-ups, push-ups do.

3, a heavy fist, power starting from the ground, not your arm. Dundee rear foot, and then the power sent to the waist, turn waist, power increase, and then punching, punching their fists clenched in the process increases the strength again. After the quick recovery of a fist hit. Into the starting posture. In fact, the power arm out of a small power sources are in the legs. Imagine your arm is thrown to the whip.

4 200 pounds so at all. Very relaxed, and even high school students not bad on the line of the body. Without making a special training. The most important, you look at the video of what the article was very useful, is not recommended to find coaches, the more education the more awkward. Multi-hit sandbags, position on the practice very quickly. Kong Quan began to play more often. Posture should first excel at custom action. Not rely on sandbags to fight the power, is by practicing the thigh. So, when playing sandbags should pay more attention to posture. Key point is always raised his hand, the Once on shore, quickly closed after the blow, his arm had been, patrol upper body. Do not reverse around left foot. No long-distance use, the kind of 100-meter sprint race before there are results. Long-distance running can only be practicing cardiopulmonary function.
handanzrf2010-02-23 19:51:01 +0000 #3
hard training plus Qiao Lian,



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