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Suitable for middle-aged women practice Tai Chi? Chen or Yang

gorgeous _ _ injury worries2010-02-25 03:11:17 +0000 #1
or other thank you just for self-cultivation
Wudang Jian Zong2010-02-25 03:14:09 +0000 #2
also do not practice also do not practice the Yang, Chen LZ can go to the next set of simplified Tai Chi Chuan is a country dedicated to innovations of the elderly is easy to learn effective action is not bad Now many elderly people are practicing in rural areas is not clear but most of the city will have a lot of elderly people practicing mass base is very good advice before you consider whether 24-style after learning 42 type and 48 type

Chan routine there are many hair fresh in itself is not suitable for the elderly to study Young's soft and stretching routines despite the tens of hundreds of style, but at every turn for the elderly have great difficulty in learning, and the two factions of boxing Even if young people to learn it more difficult there are many difficulties for the elderly not to mention peace ---
stunning Tai Chi2010-02-25 03:39:59 +0000 #3
Do not study Chen, Chen request of the plate is low, if not low pleasant exercise effect, practicing Yang bar, young and old are Yi



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