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About the categorization of martial arts?

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martial arts session, in accordance with the view points, the South sent the North to send, or within a home away from home; according to the state's argument is the national standard martial arts martial arts and civil society; accordance with the form of mainly routine , Sanda, pushing hands, exercises and so on.
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Martial Arts of the Chinese nation's traditional sports and excellent cultural heritage. Some people in the past martial arts into southern and northern factions, or be divided into inner and outer two.

The so-called southern factions, the Northern School, mainly based on the martial arts more popular in the South the way, while the popular multi-boxing the north leg of the France to distinguish this characteristic. Therefore, the Wushu Jie have a "Secret Rivals" theory.

The so-called inside the home, away from home, mainly based on "Ningbo House Zhi" in the "away from home, their law master in the pump, while the jump is Yong Yue Fen"; "within the home, their law master in the defense against an enemy, Non-hazardous in distress is not fat, "the records and distinguish the difference. Later, the Shaolin Wushu Jie put the energetic and so powerful, agile dodge jump channeling the boxing collectively referred to as Out-Fight, but the Tai Chi, Xing Yi Quan, eight potential within the family collectively known as the palm of the fist.

After the founding of New China, martial arts movement has achieved great development, gradually digging, sorting, inheritance, based on the traditional martial arts and produced A New Martial Arts changquan movement, in recent years has been a pilot study carried out offensive and defensive martial arts techniques struggle movement, which greatly enriched the content and form of martial arts movement, effectively carried out martial arts contest, so that martial arts movement embarked on a standardized and scientific way. In this case, the old order becomes a very complicated boxing category; south of the north factions, the away from home to classify far too general. Thus, according to the need for comprehensive development of martial arts to promote the standardization and scientific martial arts movement, creating a new classification method of martial arts, martial arts content will be divided into the following five categories:

1, boxing class

include a variety of hand martial arts, such as long boxing, tai chi, nan quan, Xing Yi Quan, eight potential palm, Ba Ji Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Pigua boxing, turning the child Quan, tongbiquan, pictographic boxing and so on. Second, equipment type short Instruments: broadsword, fencing and so on. Long weapons: spear, cudgel and so on. Pairs of instruments: two knives, two swords, double hook, double whip, double-headed gun, single-pole, Jiabian so.

Light apparatus: three-section cudgel, whip, meteor hammer, rope and so marked.

3, the right training and training classes

freehand: the boxing, Grappling and so on.

Equipment for training: the chopper, to stab the sword, to bar guns, combatants spar stick a knife into the gun, Pu Dao into the gun, the gun club, etc. into three-section cudgel. Single-pole, into the gun,

bare hands and instruments of the training: Duoqiang empty-handed, empty-handed stick wins, wins empty-handed knife, empty-handed wins Pakistan's first and so on.

4, the collective project

a variety of three or more of the bare-handed boxing, or the collective exercise equipment. Basic skills, such as collective, collective fist, collective swords, knives collective, collective guns, collective stick, collective whip and so on.


offensive and defensive technology is the offensive and defensive technology between the two men carried out according to certain rules of the mutual competitive fighting sports. Such as: loose hands, push hands, short-soldiers, long-soldiers.

Currently popular martial arts of this new classification method, the main is to capture a variety of offensive and defensive boxing are inseparable from the fighting action, nothing more than the total of various instruments of ancient weapons and training methods are also included Dan Lian, for training, collective training, wrestling fighting four kinds of forms and so on. This classification is conducive to all types of martial arts and sports equipment movement technology, laws and principles to conduct systematic teaching, training and research, but also conducive to martial arts competition. Of course, this classification can not cover everything, perfect. With the development of martial arts, martial arts of the classification method is bound to further perfect and scientific.
attackwc2010-02-26 00:20:16 +0000 #4
press technology system: kicking, throwing, anti-joint technology

according to the distance: far, medium, close

by-body potential: standing, sleep technology

by historical sub-genre: karate, boxing, boxing, etc.

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fair share at home away from home boxing boxing



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