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Martial arts how the new position of Yong down?

October 1 Daqing2010-02-26 03:10:57 +0000 #1
I occasionally patronize martial arts section, just to see the new location down-yung, I remember that he is leading people Tingduo behind the ah.
Six-Party Huiyi2010-02-26 03:13:12 +0000 #2
New Yong just paying lip service will not Answer question comes, you want to adopt me, I'll teach you how to train Taekwondo, Ze Yang? Who is bullying you, slap him.
Only electric2010-02-26 03:52:09 +0000 #3
Oh, I've linked this issue to the new heroes of the. The new heroes and I chatted to a few days ago I let him back. He said to me; I was busy because of work so no time. I thought I did not think there is a history of people remember me?

I said, some people are good to keep in mind.

The new heroes to me, "Bao Quan," this term.

I would retaliate, "Bao Quan" word.

We chat records;

ah, good, time I will return to power before Baidu


Haha, good


wait for heroes only electricity came back!

New-yong 21:26:38

ah, thank you! Grateful to know you and wish you have passed the practice of physical force function was solid and energetic spirit.


Thank you, only electricity! Heroes too!

New-yong 21:27:28

(Bao Quan)

only power 21:27:52

(Bao Quan) salute!

Date :2010-01-25


only electrical problem asks you to the new heroes bar.

I do not want you this am.



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