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Lemna minor swordsmanship, was originally the name of the ancient sword device, its name for two reasons: one, the ancients often used for high-quality sword the name assigned to elegant chic, as distinct from the general sword device. Chen Lin's article, "A Dong A, Wang Jian": "Jun Hou Shi-talented body height, Bingqing Ping Gan's device." 2: This sword with ethereal floating known peace. Later, as the name of the school of swordsmanship. According to the first year of the Qing Xianfeng transcript records, should be Jiangxi Longhushan (B Tatsunori and Taoism are fahsiang sword here) Fearless House Old Master Pan Live (No. Yuan-kyu) of record. Eight years of martial arts was also introduced, the age for a long time, I remember a move called "commercial sheep rain dance." Italy is to take an ancient legend there is a God bird calls "commercial sheep", which implies going to rain dance. Lemna minor swordsmanship in modern times has been Jia's spread, as if there are 365 type, coincide Zhou's number, then also published a book in it. There is this martial arts novels, "Under the reign of Emperor Kangxi Tongzhou" in talking about the true origins of Lemna minor swordsmanship. The main transmission is as follows: Live Pan Pan Chuan-Yuan Gui Meng, Shandong Yishui County, to teach Chinese; Meng, Linyi County, Shandong Province to teach Chinese Chuan-Feng Yang; Feng Chuan Yang Haifeng County, Shandong Province Wuding Lin Yang E; Yang Lin Chuan E Pekan Village, Yanshan County, Hebei Hepeng clouds; Hepeng Yun Chuan Cang Hebei County, Miljenko; Miljenko Chuan Hebei Cangxian Guo 3; 3 Chuan-Guo Fan Central Martial Arts Hall of filial piety. Lemna minor sword masters Mr. Lu Junhai have turned out this CD. The other major contemporary transmission Gu Bo Jia's Health has a book.

Purple electric sword, the late martial artist Pei Xirong good this sword, according to some accounts, Pei Xirong death, there is only a tradition, Nanjing Fanck level.

Wudang Taiji Sword 1. From potential 17. OK-step to wear the sword 33. Break the sword two-step pressure. Ding-step point of the sword 18. OK Sword 34-step buckle. Virtual 3-step point of the sword. Turn around and point of the sword 19. Bow under the thorn 35. independent frame Sword 4. flutter-step sweep 20. vacated jump stab 36. lunge hanging split 5. Right Left flat belt 21. Bu Tibetan sword 37. Break Step 6 after the thorn. min tripod sword 22. turn around and anti-stab 38. fork Bu Ping, chopped 7. fork-step anti-stitch 23. virtual collapse of the sword 39 step. Virtual Buyun hold 8. Mabu Yun holds 24. Independent on thorns 40. fork Bu Ping, chopped 9. small step off the cut-off 25. withdraw Bu Ping chopped 41. lunge collapse of the sword 10. Fanshen collapse of the sword 26. Yang Shen Jian-42 planes. raised knee sword 11. lunge tattooed under 27. turned withdraw sword 43. fork-step anti-stitch 12. Independent on thorns 28. and Bu Ping thorn 44. Ding-step stab the sword 13. flutter-step to wear the sword 29. line 45-step lift up sword. Ding-step Bao Jian 14. Teng Chiao before the stab 30. Yangshen lift up sword 46. OK-step to wear the sword 15. hop-ping thorn 31. Gai-step Anjian 47. buckle Jianping wipe 16. turned flat stab 32. hop tattooed under 48. and Bu Ping thorn 49. income potential to restore the



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