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Liang wall, Yip Man, Bruce Lee,

live32582282010-02-27 03:11:08 +0000 #1
it is our respect for a number of martial arts family, I would like to know why the death of a few? Which died when?
cnxc1112010-02-27 03:13:26 +0000 #2
1940 年

November 27 Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco


2 months 3 months Bruce Lee starred in his first film, 1952 La Salle men's entry into Hong Kong School (Catholic)

1953 to follow the Yip Man Wing Chun

1958 began to practice just won the Hong Kong Dance Championship

March 29 entered St. Francis Xavier High School


April 29 from Hong Kong to the United States

May 17 arrived in San Francisco

September 3 to arrive in Seattle and go to the Edison Institute of Technology


December 2 by the Edison Institute of Technology graduate


May 27 in the spring to enter the University of Washington


March 26 the first time after leaving Hong Kong back to Hong Kong to visit relatives

August return to Seattle and the introduction of martial arts schools in the spring of 1964, dropped out of school by the University of Washington

July 19 to go to Garifoli Asian martial arts schools in Auckland, opened a second

August 2, California Long Tsutsumi International Karate Championships to do demonstrations to 8 17 in Seattle 琳达埃莫瑞 married

1965 to accept the challenge and get to teach the Chinese martial arts to foreign students the right to February 1 son, Brandon Lee was born in Auckland,

2 months 8, Li Hoi Chuen Lee's father died in Hong Kong



Bruce Lee's family moved to Los Angeles beginning June 6 starred in "Green Hornet" series


January 8, "Jeet Kune Do" The Chinese name first appeared

February 5 in Los Angeles was founded Jun fan Gung Fu Institute

May 6 in Washington organized by the National Karate Championships to do demonstrations

June 24 at Madison Square Garden in New York, organized by National Karate Open

July 14 in Los Angeles, guest starred in "The Invincible Iron inspector" in the role of

July 30 at the Long Beach International Karate Championships, to do demonstrations


June 23 to attend the Washington National Karate Championships

July 5 in the movie "undermining force" in the action as a guide.

August 1 by the MGM film production companies produce go movie "Marlowe" in a Yanhuai Ren

October 1 to move to Ross High mundar Lu

November 12 in the "lovely woman" in the guest


April 19-year daughter, Shannon Lee was born in Santa Monica to bring her son back to Hong Kong


1970-1971 years with such meetings Zhanmushike book, Sterling Scripta Fendt begin preparations for the common philosophy and martial arts script - "Silent Flute"

1971 involved in making music from the Warner Brothers film "Warrior" (later renamed as "Kung Fu Hustle")

in July to go to Thailand to participate in Golden Harvest Company "Big Boss" of the shooting

December 7, Warner Brothers, refused to receive their star of "warrior" message, but replaced by the white David Carradine starred

in 1972 starred for the Golden Harvest second film, "Fist of Fury", founded his own production company named as "Concorde" and film "Way of the Dragon", who is also the screenwriter, director, martial arts to guide a number of positions.

October -11 began filming "Game of Death" in the martial arts lens


February Pause "Game of Death" of the shooting to begin filming "Enter the Dragon"

July 20

Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong, July 31 Bruce Lee was buried in Seattle, Washington

[Edit this paragraph] the true spirit of Bruce Lee

Chinese world idol

1960, Lee entered the University of Washington in Seattle. He majored in philosophy and psychology, but also learn from drama courses.

Bruce Lee, who had been confidently wrote in a memo: "My clear goal is to become the highest paid across the United States a super star the East. From 1970 onwards, I will win the world-wide reputation. By 1980, I will have 10 million U.S. dollars of wealth, when me and my family will live a happy, harmonious and happy life. "
1970, Bruce Lee is indeed a sensation throughout the West. However, the July 20, 1973 The sudden death so that he could not achieve their promise to the family.

In 1973, Bruce Lee died suddenly during the peak of his career in Taiwan actress Betty Ting Pei's home, led to much speculation.

"Bruce Lee lived only 32 years, but he lived stirring, her side clank, is a real guy."

Bruce Lee's name a household name in Europe. The United States, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Russia, Canada and elsewhere, there are Web sites devoted to Bruce Lee, starring Bruce Lee is still a lot of the film's DVD release of "home town treasure." In the market can see a lot of video games, T-shirts, and to Bruce Lee's image as a selling point products.

"Now so many stars, why should that have been dead 37 years, Bruce Lee, so mark it?" When a Japanese reporter asked, he replied without hesitation: "In your opinion, Bruce Lee in 37 years ago, was buried, and in our view, the dragon is immortal. He in our hearts forever, is our idol, our hero
West evening scenes2010-02-27 03:56:14 +0000 #3
Wing Chun you say are the leaders of several of .'s death in order of Yip Man, Leung wall, Bruce Lee
. a word, then outside, in fact, Wing Chun is not to say the media are now so powerful.



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