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The number of Songjiang Wu school year's tuition?

Wu Dream Life2010-02-27 03:11:20 +0000 #1
Songjiang Wu how much the school year's tuition?
brucepiao2010-02-27 03:15:24 +0000 #2 for yourself.

Probably these:

1, standard fees:

1, registration fee: 50 yuan

2, civil and military tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, utilities, books, clothing, bedding, fees, insurance, etc. Total pre-school, primary, junior high 13.9 thousand yuan / year, high school 15.9 thousand yuan / year, full-wu 15.9 thousand yuan / year.

4, matters needing attention:

July 1, 2004

a one-time after two years of tuition paid all who offer 1,000 yuan per year

a one-time fees are paid all three years, each year offers a one-time paid all 1,500 yuan

4 annual tuition fees are annually offers 2,000 yuan

Full Payment of tuition fees by 5 years, an annual one-time offer 2,500 yuan

6 years of tuition paid all who offer 3,000 yuan per year

Full Payment of tuition fees by 7 years, an annual discount 3500

Full Payment of fees 8 years who offer 4,000 yuan per year

Note: Schools can ensure that the admission of a friend to parents to pay tuition fee, each year after paying admission fees.



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