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Will is not the same as taekwondo and karate, does this mean?

Woods wind2010-02-27 14:11:27 +0000 #1
Will the taekwondo and karate is not the same as mean? If not, then what is it mean?
jo love to eat fish2010-02-27 14:15:02 +0000 #2
Of course not, Taekwondo originated from Korea, with the main leg power, but by definition are the hands of kung fu karate mainly originated from Japan, although the two are Shaolin kung fu originated in China. Personally, I think, if you are female, if not even more suitable for flexible requirements Taekwondo higher, boys karate strength-based
msgundamwxl2010-02-27 14:40:06 +0000 #3

present Taekwondo Taekwondo organization in the world is divided into two systems, namely: the International Taekwondo Federation (International Taekwondo Federation, referred to as "ITF") system and the World Taekwondo Federation (World Taekwondo Federation, referred to as "WTF") system. ITF system were established relatively early, while the WTF system, set up time is relatively late. The present system of the Olympic Games with the WTF.

Taekwondo: (Korean: 태권도 English: TAEKWON-DO) is a popular Chinese martial arts evolved Korea / South Korean civil society than the prevailing one martial art technique, is a technology for fighting the use of hands and feet of the national traditional sport . It consists of product potential (Ritter), fighting, skill test is composed of three parts. Taekwondo is an innovative and developed a unique martial arts, with a higher self-defense self-defense and strong body of practical value. It is through competition, product potential and skill sports such as the form of testing, so that practitioners to enhance physical fitness, mastery of technology, and will develop the quality of perseverance.

[Edit this paragraph] Features

Taekwondo Taekwondo with leg-based, supplemented by hand, mainly in the use of legs, France

Taekwondo holding operation method is the dominant leg method, the whole leg in the use of technology in France accounts for about 3 / 4, because the leg length and strength of the longest human body's largest, followed by hands. Leg techniques take many forms, can be high or low, near to far, to the left may be right, can directly be bent, they may transfer to spin, threatening great, is practical and effective method of defeating the enemy.

Honesty and Honor the spirit of taekwondo, patience and self-denial, indomitable.

South Korean Tae Kwon Do nine genres:

Ching Hall / Lee Yong-Qing Tao Yu

museum / YAN Yun-kui

Masanori Museum / Hung Chun-chung

Chi Road, Hall / Lee Seung-¬ T

Song martial arts / LEE Wing-change

Zhangwu Hall / Kim Sun-pui

speak German Hospital / LI Jin-hong

Wu Dao Museum / Xuan Zhong Ming

Han martial arts / Lee Yun-taught

ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) three organizations:

ITF has three organizations, various organizations have advocated that they are legitimate representatives of ITF, the following are the three organizations definition:

1. The first organization for the president by Mr. Zhang Xiong of the original ITF, the organization composed of more than 100 member countries, General Choi Hong Xi in office more than 80% when the Executive Committee of the current board members to serve, Zhang Choi Hong Xi-hung is the designated successor of the ITF president.

2. The second organization is made up of three former members of the Executive Committee formed by Tran Trieu Quan Shi Sheng as its Chairman. The organization has registered as a legitimate organization in Austria. Has been recognized by the International Tribunal and other organizations could no longer use the name of the International Taekwondo. 3. The third organization is the son of General Choi Hong Xi Cui China Morokata formed, and the ITF, General Choi Hong Xi General Assembly in January 2002 dismissed Cui Shi-yin, China, in part to follow the ITF Cui Xian China division and from the new members have joined Zhang Xiong, president of that faction.

Karate, dating back five hundred years ago by the ancient fighting technique brought to Japan and China, made of boxing blend. At that time, the upper class in the sulfur ball, the covert reference to China's Tang boxing create a unique hand, that is, the original "karate." In the "Tang hand" before, there, "where hand" and the "first Lishou" two names are the basis of geographical difference in the various schools of karate to become today's sources.
Bored to death from a people who2010-02-27 14:26:02 +0000 #4
Of course not, and Taekwondo in Korea, the main arm parry attacks with their feet (practiced for two years), Karate is a Japanese hands and feet to say. . .
yu9504102010-02-27 15:36:02 +0000 #5
1 historical rub

Taekwondo is based on another time when Korea began to pass down.

Karate has 200-year history of the foundation.


Tae Kwon Do, founder of the founder is not the same as Choi Hong Hi.

Karate Amazon founder of the housing estate.

3 karate mainly used the hand

taekwondo is mainly used during the Canadian leg of the technical issues, boxing


taekwondo kicks differential focus on the level of play (measured kick) with the shoulder and the time horizon

karate kick to the knee did not look (measured kick) Shoulder Waist-Leg is not a horizontal line to play no body forces.

Tae Kwon Do is a wave-type action-step basis.

Karate is a linear motion.

5 Taekwondo all actions is the use of anti-momentum principle, even more on their forces.

Karate moves there is no direct counter-productive.

6 karate kick when measured close look inside the toes, mainly of soft kicking things, such as the human body.

Tae Kwon Do is heel, can play the hard things.

7 Karate-round play is to use the instep

taekwondo round of the play is to use the former soles of their feet to 8 karate taekwondo style of play than in the style of play and fewer cases: under pressure to play

but the hand movements more than 9 Tae Kwon Do Tae Kwon Do is a 3200 action, Karate is useless so much action.

10 Tae Kwon Do style of play and there are sliding distance of each other's style of play and surprise attack

karate there is no such tactics.

11 Taekwondo jump up style of play (kicking) a lot of cases: (jump before the kick 2.60m) (measured jump kick 2.30m)

(jump round kick 2.40m) (jumping round kick 2.40m) ( Counter-round 360-degree jump kicks 2.40m)

karate kick to shift as much, although the power did not taekwondo big, but the speed is faster than the taekwondo kicking 12 of the combatants spar in taekwondo and karate is also completely different from the rally when

Tae Kwon Do can not attack the lower, back, back of the head.

This is not attacking the lower, back, back of the head movements

but the attention to the valuable (in the training of these movements but the game can not be used).

Karate time for the attack on the lower part of the rally.

13 Taekwondo vied time for the hands and feet, scoring a continuous attack.

Karate when the rally who will receive a points race to re-start.

The essential difference between:

1, history

on this not to discuss the details of these two kinds of martial arts, but the source can determine that it is important that both the root causes are from China.

And with the Shaolin martial arts have great roots.

When first introduced Ryukyu Karate combined with local martial arts coupled with the improvement of people gradually formed the previous day today's scale, also produced a number of interesting flow of

camp is like. If I do not know karate, taekwondo, formerly Does anyone suspect that? but it is true .

Japan's defeat after World War II, Korea, Choi named a general rule because in Japan, karate school country and have Dan and above qualifications, driven by strong

National Heart, he Bianjiang karate boxing and South Korea to local traditions integration, this is the new boxing taekwondo.

or more generally the origin of karate and taekwondo sketchy.

2, develop in different ways

Yu Tae Kwon Do just in its infancy, if we look at karate, taekwondo athletes and athletes combatants spar, it is difficult distinguish between their learning martial arts
, which means that with the early taekwondo karate training methods and requirements of the focus is similar to a traditional martial arts thinking and techniques.
, but South Koreans believe that the strength is hand-foot three times, plus order to in the world to promote their "national sport", constantly holding the size of

competitions, along with will also be gradually brought into the Tae Kwon Do with legs as the main direction. Taekwondo now has almost towards the line movement
, also because of sports-oriented, making it able to stage the Olympic Games on the debut.

3, the training mode of thinking of the difference

karate emphasizes a hit kill, and reinforce the concepts of empty-handed without the upper hand, the modern schools of karate which are

whether there is a very strong impression that the gentleman's demeanor and comprehensive defense, attack characteristics. Perhaps, in three paragraphs before the learners a lot of strength, not as combatants spar

taekwondo athletes, but if the perseverance coupled with a solid training and the achievements gained more absolute than others. an excellent

show taekwondo athletes can make a number of difficult to play hit, in addition to beautiful things also brings a strong mass destruction. and whether or not karate

emphasis on "actual combat" training approach to the "type" as a basis, students may, by type of practice gradually realized that the essence of the martial arts and philosophy

Thought . Taekwondo in Taiwan for the type of when teaching karate is not as solid, and their emphasis was placed on kicking and

combatants spar in training exercises.

4, what a strong

This is not the answer, because each of martial arts is still can be stored in the world has its certain value and strengths. a lot of practicing surgery
, or look down on anyone who taekwondo karate jumping around, play undisciplined, it is because of its features do not understand, in general, medium-and long

Taekwondo attacks from the strongest close combat there is no lack of good players, If you insist on fault-finding should be is to sleep on the less technical side

surface development. taekwondo karate and martial people say that people who did not synchronized legs law, but also due to ignorance caused by misunderstanding.

just like the car .. logistical support, car engines, drivers technological situations, which may not necessarily produce results, there is no

have the most powerful martial arts, only the most respected Musha value.

5, common point of

1. karate, taekwondo are based on arms and legs as the main defense, attack the martial arts.

2. Department of the same sources from China to the clutter the scientific point of view and have developed new skills

3. as the " Road "direction when teaching

4. karate for the Japan Taekwondo, Korea's national sport of Korea (all of the country's official statement)

6, Prospect

In order to promote the current karate movements have begun to trend, while taekwondo is almost like sportswear, Perhaps this idea of the traditional

who is a very unacceptable in terms of the facts, but in turn you would think, due to movement of indirectly through the development of many new technology

law (in response to competition), I should understand trade-offs between the advantages and disadvantages, maintaining the traditional and the development of new technology strike a balance between. perhaps hundreds of years

later, the two kinds of martial arts has been developed to with the current character, which answer to give to future bar.

Taekwondo studious point, but more suitable for women孩子.

Fitness aspect is not bad.

But as more backward in the art of attack and fighting, but the girls should be no requirement in this respect.

Karate school up to suffer some, very severely are shot.

If you just want to learn the general level, I suggest you learn taekwondo Bar
pulsator Canada2010-02-27 15:34:06 +0000 #6
Taekwondo is a Korean, and karate in Japan, but originated in China long time ago, but karate is a ball of sulfur at the time of people in order to resist The Government created the light of China's boxing out, relatively speaking, karate, taekwondo worse than that, because karate was created under the sulfur balls were forced out, but Taekwondo is just an ordinary folk art of attack and surgery fills, and from now on practicing karate and practicing taekwondo or karate look even worse, some tend to perform Taekwondo



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