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I do what the physical condition of the students learn Self defense is good? (Kan gossip and nonsens

Zivojinovic2010-02-27 19:10:58 +0000 #1
I am a student in Australia. In Australia three years, witnessed the local law and order the rapid deterioration of the situation, personal safety is threatened. and I recently made a test of a qualification certificate of security guards. do security guards in this line will always and social scum, and zombie thugs bully or even meet. in the country with the matter bullying can also find friends to help fight (though I've never looked), may not be so many friends already abroad, and if the face of bad guys these are big burly, white Wudasancu. So, learn self-defense in a technique becomes very necessary! to talk about my personal situation of the following:

Male, 21 years old, 174cm, 60 Gong Jin physical conditions are generally slim, at home parents and grandparents are also relatively thin. I am 17 years old on the High School until a Fat Man, High School fierce temper year, lost more than 12 kg. muscles there are some, not that much, mainly abdominal and thigh, are tempered High School third year left, but overall it still belongs to the muscles developed type. I endurance is good, weight loss practiced three kilometers after the success of long-distance running, handling the school second. drawback is that the muscles developed, there is little explosive force (first class long-distance running, throwing medicine ball boys in the penultimate class, halo --- ). Another drawback is that my flexibility is poor, relatively rigid joints, mainly the lack of exercise a child is too fat, then never learned growing up way to improve flexibility. Comparison of thin waist, buttocks and big calves coarse, a weight - and failed to cut down the site too. very fond of sport, but sport is not easily excited, take a long time to warm-up preparations, but also more vulnerable to injuries (usually a slight muscle strain)

currently available I chose to study are Karate, Tae Kwon Do Taiwan, martial arts, judo, tai chi, and Muay Thai. of which the first three of the most popular in Australia, especially in karate and Tae Kwon Do Taiwan, learning a lot of people, teaching standards are high, learning martial arts, a lot of people. Many Asian immigrants regarded their children sent to study in at least one of the three. After the three kinds of not so popular, that may be relatively strong traditional bar, the specific cases I did not quite know, but certainly there are classes can not be wrong.

want to say is that the popular does not necessarily fit all. for more than six kinds of work I had not tried one before, but I have limited time and money, it is impossible to do each test . hope that knowledgeable friend's body according to articles I have written, combining efforts and that the six types of characteristics, to help me determine what I should learn that good in the end? Jiugen if they can explain it in detail could not help but appreciate the!! (Note: If you really need hands-on, then my opponent usually is Wudasancu white, they may not know so many techniques, leaned his tall, weighs, with brute force are more.)

attackwc2010-02-27 19:16:58 +0000 #2
Defensive endurance of self-defense is not important, because you can not, as playing the same game, and the other playing a few dozen minutes, power is extremely important, so as you said, power is poor, poor flexibility, joint stiffness, so on down, is tantamount to learning with nothing, unless you bring all training up weaknesses, this may not have to attach importance to, is one

Second, in the choice of technique, only to mention that your six

1. karate you have to look at schools, very really match with the technical reality of the conditions of ordinary people to play with is not a disadvantage, the event up to a stout white to no avail, technology is too simple, really special emphasis on physical Lianfa, the traditional genres Shuangxiu technical body, but also version of boxing's cottage in southern China, more simple and elegant, you can choose

2. Taekwondo, for self-cultivation of the sports industry can not meet your needs

3. martial arts, has yet to realize industrialization, including their experience and gentle, but also uniform , injury, disability, death of the technology, but the traditional martial arts are conservative, leaves another master dead pass is not biography, is that you can not get to learn the major issues, which if you are interested you can go a few museum and explain your situation, discuss a move to see, or had a hand to try, I feel what can satisfy you, on the application study

4. judo, can be divided into traditional and competitive, and now is basically to establish a common Ghana Jigoro Lianfa, its technical system also indulge in sports-oriented, cross-level contest is suspended, such as mow a class of external technology, the other down, you can easily inverted, unlike Chinese martial arts, wrestling people use bows Ma Bu card or convert the other lying on the ground can stop their own Stability in a good position, you can imagine, a 60-kg 100 kg opponent to play against someone, along with both the pressure and fell to the ground by pressure, are at a disadvantage, and relies instead for physical fitness is better than too many opponents, judo became insignificant skills

5. tai chi, martial arts can be considered, and this practice shot too slow, so you can play reaches a time when people already read the lesson came back to 6. Muay Thai, you do not have the energy consumption in the above, This is pretty simple skills and training the body belongs to the type of

In conclusion, in the schools of choice, the first recommendation is the traditional schools of karate, hard & soft, and the Road Department of the East and so on, if you have the energy to Martial Arts Hall had passed through his hands find restaurant better, looking for points, technical school uniforms should not be difficult, but the non-Enhancing physical fitness can not be otherwise, no practice what technologies to use
Health and Bomb 782010-02-27 19:51:10 +0000 #3
learn about?

Recommendation to buy or five bursts of micro-Chong
Toyotaki2010-02-27 20:03:38 +0000 #4
learn self-defense martial arts in general also can use the next one to one. After all, are not armed, or the like scouts have encountered on the road what was grabbing the clothes finally in sight can deal with under the collar and aggressive. If it was for robbing several people in general are with the action. especially the foreigners. If you do so when the security or the courage of the. there is sufficient support to the scene to ensure its own security of your circumstances opportunity of talking to the brigade operations, do not own a white mesh purpose was washed up. What are the casualties of foreigners, but very realistic when it comes to genre. What genre is not omnipotent. you say like David and Goliath. perhaps capturing a more appropriate category. But capturing it was rather dangerous in martial arts. is not a dangerous opponent. but for your own risk. because the warrant of the effort requires a strong response and the dynamic vision and experience, you can go to a local of self-defense instructor to discuss the next. formulate a set of more in line with your work environment, self-defense training programs, those what aikido. Karate. Taekwondo class, multi-pattern. but no no way to come up with many years of hard training to use. tell the truth, not as good as capturing it
s2284407272010-02-27 19:56:28 +0000 #5
suggest you learn taekwondo bar! Because you say you no explosive force, taekwondo is mainly with their feet, so the absolute strength than in the hands of big! I do not mean no explosive weight lifting, taekwondo, compared to your next disk stability, and fighting and also accounted for a great cheap! And the most important taekwondo moves is relatively small, often are physical exercise! To tell the truth you will actually force people to fight a number of workers! Live in the body than you should be right on the person, you can use the recipe for the uniform he was! Too much class you learn other martial arts do you think fit? ! These two should be starting school! Muay Thai is the most explosive of you do not need! Karate for personal reasons I do not like! Because small in Japan, but is estimated to have much need explosive power have to learn for a long time! Taekwondo, if you are willing to do more soon black belt! Quickly learn to not more suited to your situation Mody? ! So you learn very powerful, you can go to learn boxing and together you have a fighting mad! ! I think the most important taekwondo still be able to exercise your legs for explosive force! Very easy to add your endurance! !
07,458,3172010-02-27 21:33:55 +0000 #6
Hello! The elder brother! I think the bar you mentioned the environment based on melee alone is not enough! I suggest that you have a better selection and training of weapons! Gun is impossible! (Bar is still not to that stage!) Knives Mody has violated the law! So I suggest you learn the nunchaku! Nunchaku Naishi the essence of our nation! Enhancing both the good after the belt is also not worry about the police looking for you trouble! Do not think that the nunchaku bad science, to tell you are really good to get into the nunchaku! At that time you take a nunchaku can easily solve the 2-3 Gringo! Another point to tell you a secret: In fact, I would point the nunchaku, but I like it very much! (I am now 18 years old and a bit fat, want to know what you are getting thinner in a workout before 呀! I would like to warning from the next!) If we can get I QQ532018384 we learn from each other under the Well!
brucepann2010-02-27 21:50:17 +0000 #7
Muay Thai
listening to the sea tick Sound2010-02-27 19:52:47 +0000 #8



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