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Learning the nunchaku

ddtmsx2010-02-27 19:11:11 +0000 #1
I want to self-taught combat nunchakus, which Gaoren know who the teaching video is better, recommended me (and do not fancy nunchakus, to actual combat)
nunchakus little heroes Fish2010-02-27 19:23:28 +0000 #2
In addition to the second floor outside the left edge of Czech flowers are dancing people want is a real master of the stick work, said what so many flowers still stick dance video is purely nonsense to really combat the domestic current master, then
, it was only "mask edge Czech heroes" (potato network) "evil wolf" Zhao (look for Baidu) "Wind Keen Edge" (video little I have found) is all I know, real stick work in the country among the top

However, if you want real, then LZ nunchakus is not possible because of long singled out in a very bad weapon to fight harder to play in the Big Dipper and the base strength, then if it is only fit and healthy can still wish you and thought the final habit stick happy!
Cafe guitarist2010-02-27 19:43:29 +0000 #3
Actually, fancy dance can improve your stick control capability, you learn real stick a great help to combat stick and the stick is usually the Friends of ideas, expertise and real stick moves can be summed up as `pick split `lun` sweep. plus-connected rebound, inverted hands, change direction, as long as you mature, you can practice, and video is actually not much use, can only guide you, the video I think it is the sword dance Until this is better, at least domestically, as well as teaching in Korea is also a good look for in Potato! but say if South Korea "Recommended you still buy a book, own research and study, I learned that his books!>

http:// This is a Korean teaching!

I hope you succeed!



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