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WWE, Mae Young

liuyiming03712010-02-28 05:10:52 +0000 #1
I remember when the little old lady there to see WWE in this video segment, lying in bed, and then someone dug up from her bottom a lot of things, it is disgusting, we recall that so many are now looking for a look, but found a N a lot of information that is not found, and would like to know a friend told the next! added that she was lying on that stretcher, motionless in bed!
8L_L212010-02-28 05:15:28 +0000 #2
2000 Nian: Mae Young is the WWF's most terrible Sweetheart, Her television show has its own breast, and in the program because it is difficult Raw had a manual out ... (of course, is the plot, I personally think that Pat Patterson in the next, more nausea and vomiting)

Video not easy to find this only a few seconds of video in the final piece of children
alex518962010-02-28 05:45:19 +0000 #3



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