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Hongxiang the first one in the martial arts field rivalry with the wind

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Yinjin 3000 Jo-shui2010-02-28 09:15:53 +0000 #2
Hongxiang history of war:


06/08/26 ---- the people at the time the rule is the ring FY-hegemony in the row to three games, was attacked beating the qualifications, Hongxiang first start five seconds to KO an opponent in mind the high-side kick, the first two games opponents abstain, Hongxiang win without a fight, third-Sheng Lu Chuan-tai, qualifications awarded the attack grind.

06/09/02 challenges Lei Zhu Zhi-chang wang Tai Chi masters winner was eligible to

06/09/09 Lei Zhu Wang Wei defeated China wrestle over Henan SUN News


06/10/14 overcome all physical education teacher in Shanxi Province PEI Jiangli

06/10/28 TKO Wang

06/11/11 KO, Inner Mongolia, Henan Liu Manjiang

06/11/18 Hongxiang, Jinhong rain each bring their own clan, composed of martial arts in Arms, both draw the last two clan, to shake hands, two captain three times in the game but did not hit one, left us a great deal of suspense.

06/12/16 martial arts style to start the year-end final defeat

06/12/29 MA Sheng-Qiang, the semi-finals, in the strength of the ring, the upset has not burst.

06/1/27 semi-finals, KO Chang Chi-wang, won the Grand Final tickets

06/2/10 end of the year-end finals, Hongxiang the expectations of everyone in the last World War, Jinhong Yu, Moments, with his own sharp punched and kicked, extraordinary wisdom, the people won the 2006 title hero alone win 150,000 bonus.

07/03/17 martial arts style facelift, introduced a "martial arts in Arms's crowded" Hongxiang Liangshan hero stops lead a team led by Huang Qing Prachuab Eagle, led by Masashi forget Xibei Lang, Lu Xuebin lead the Siberian tiger, we all fought winner in the first quarter efforts.

07/03/24 Hongxiang Zaiyu Masashi wang, once again won over Siberian tiger

07/04/21 Hongxiang Captain Lu Xuebin, and lead to win the first quarter of Liangshan hero title

07/05/12 king war, defeat in 2006 people the first person to Wong Ho-ching heroes

May 2007 in mid-air martial arts competition held in Japan sea election, a number of players selected from the seven member expedition Japanese K-1, during the benefit Hongxiang two horses, two straight victories,

07/08/16 Hongxiang to participate in the Sino-Japanese match, a big win over Japan's spring-Jun Zhang

07/09/02 overcome the professional group of Wang Jin, this is the first challenge Hongxiang professional athletes, but also the warm-up match in Vietnam

07/09/22 match in Vietnam, the Vietnamese defeated the world's second player Ruande Zhong.

November 17, 2007, Hongxiang again usher in professional Muay Thai tea in hand combat St Walker Sylla. The competition, Hongxiang is a challenger, because he was the first time to face the world's most vicious boxing, St Walker Sylla tea is a challenger, because he faced a hero of Chinese people, faced with a jolt Peak period Hongxiang, to borrow a phrase eastern morning host, Hongxiang Regardless of success or failure, he is still our hero, let us work together for a hero refueling wish him victory over self, over rivals.

January 26, 2008 Lunar New Year before the KO opponent draw ZHAO a perfect full stop.
Qq4418895552010-02-28 09:30:51 +0000 #3
upstairs to answer in great detail on the 31st to be fighting and Hussein



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