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2009 China Sanshou Muay Thai in Thailand and that the market Foshan Which win

Yan-Jie Feng2010-02-28 13:10:09 +0000 #1
2009 China Sanshou Muay Thai in Thailand and that the market Foshan Which win
No culture is wonderful, terrible?2010-02-28 13:12:47 +0000 #2
Chinese Sanda match 5 games to 1 victory over four players scored a victory in Muay Thai

of which there was a direct knock out his opponent

This is the first time, the news

60-kg class competition, teams from Guangdong, China players Xu Fu to Thailand, Kayi Wu, Xu-fu accordance with the pre race arrangements, give play to their strengths Sanda, and rivals in the long-distance deal is not close to the opponent the opportunity to keep in order to access crotch leg wrestling, and dive wrestling scores, playing all five points after the win Bureau. The second is a 65-kg class competition, organized by the Chinese player Dong Wenfei against Big Ben in Thailand. This game with the first field is just the opposite, the audience at first glance, I thought Big Ben is the Chinese Sanshou player, he not only drop resistance were better, but wrestling amazing repeatedly to "side flash" and the waist throw will Dongwen Fei fell to the ground, who says boxing is not wrestling in hand? The fist leg of the Dong Wenfei reads like a tough Muay Thai hand combat ability. The game played very intense sound in the audience constantly shouting encouragement, obviously, a disadvantage of the Dong Wenfei not KO, but lost in each other's wrestling, there are also regarded as a big news. 70-kg class competition, teams from Shanghai, Liu layers are mainly in wrestling to win, Thailand, Namibia, such as Peng's drop resistance fighters a bad, nor played ferocious Zhou Xi and leg sweep, Liu layers ultimately be point wins. The following appeared in 75 kg class competition, the surprising scene, Thailand is renowned for expert Lan Sang-kun, strength strong, but in the first three council in order to fight the name of Henan team players play printed on the opponent's knee open attack, the with a mind turned to whip boxing opponent in the head, and then again two punch, blue Sang-kun was KO, audience suddenly boiling over.

80 kg class final battle is the audience the long-awaited game, from the Guangdong team Reggie side Shigetomi Thailand's world-class boxer test Klein, side Shigetomi in August of this year's race for hegemony in the world, said Wang Kung Fu Wang, but he was unable to match the event that test Klein, and the rule is not open, this time for the first time the two finally have the opportunity to fight. But this has not been anticipated in the game as intense, both sides are based on the strength proposition, while Shigetomi wrestling is rarely used, but in heavy fist leg attack, which is close to a typical Thai Guangdong team's play, two well-matched, finally won on points while Shigetomi.
Xiao Xiao 1232010-02-28 13:54:42 +0000 #3
China, and Thailand, The King of Fighters be directly KO. Mrs TM Shuai of. .



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