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Boxing Road, carrying with how the Department of

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hands holding tape about half and half, from the waist probe the waist, the left, after the two parts of the perimeter back to the previous years, the right hand part of the fixed, left hand part of the tape from the waist below the waist stuck plug into the top, when the tape again and right as the tie them to complete the same line two times, and my heart seemed to understand did not say to understand. . . . Taekwondo belt-line is the basic skills of Taekwondo leucorrhea. A one-strap-line is very simple, that is on the left than the right side about 10 centimeters, and then a long part of the first line on it. If it is dual-band, simply say, turn around the waist on the first week, followed by some to be lumbar, and Qi, do not seem to go out into the inside. Then right down to the lap belt below, or the left than the right length of 10 centimeters, and then has been a long part of the Tao Dao Wai around the waist part of the system once, and then the Department was eventually to see if 2 is the side length. h



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