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On the 2009 Sino-Thai match the problem? ? ? ? ?

Fever Iverson2010-03-01 01:10:03 +0000 #1
"Sports storytelling" Show cruel real Muay Thai old Liang HTC CETV1】 【

he was very reasonable, is also a fact! !

However, he did not know Bruce Lee! Makes me angry! !

People foreigner admitted that Bruce Lee's kung fu! !

Other people if you can not skill mix in foreign countries do?

At that time the status of the Chinese people is very low! !

Bruce Lee, able to create his own piece of heaven and earth! !

Do not tell me that Bruce Lee's nationality, the United States! !

His bones Retention of the Chinese people's blood! !

How we, Chinese people do not admit that the Chinese people! !
wolfshizhe2010-03-01 01:21:24 +0000 #2
You bring feeling to explain your own inner questions already have answers, just want to get a positive or a chime.

But I still have to pour cold water on you.

Bruce Lee has a good achievement, was a promotion of the Chinese martial arts kung fu movie star at that time the family's point that no one can deny that. But this is a time-limited, and during his era, his personal technology can be said to be leading Europe and the United States, so let America empty-handed champion LUO Li-Shi willing to give him the film has done a villain. But you know that the LUO Li-Shi of the martial arts put on today's run good? Obviously, very bad. (LUO Li-Shi-game video you can find u2b Unfortunately, to be over the wall, not provided) the meaning of these words is that the era of progress. Modern technology has also been fighting convergence. Lee's time has passed. We can not always get him to come as a standard to define the strength of today's Chinese martial arts, and status.

But even more tragic is that Lee's idea is not to have the law, that do not rigidly adhere to techniques and tools. Everyone should have their own Jeet Kune Do. Lee founded Jeet Kune Do This is the meaning of the Road.

The Jeet Kune Do domestic delegates to ignore this point, unchanged for several decades to copied Lee's moves, even costume screen.

In 2009 the Sino-Thai speculation is in place, although the people held in contempt, but the commercial game is the need for speculation, there is no profit to the contest who did not play who is to participate in athletics, there is no mature system of personnel training, can rely on people to practice shijiazi to filling the table?

Not to say that Chinese martial arts, bad, but that the concept of traditional Chinese martial arts is a virtuous example, point to the basis, kill moves are not used for circulating. Therefore, Sanda's wrestling is also the people lying on the ground that the count rates, without additional ground attack, disabling moves also relatively higher (Zhou Xi and the like). So, with Thailand's professional athletes playing time is bound to suffer. It is also reasonable.

But China is now opening up constantly fighting the market, MMA such a campaign is also starting to be introduced. Chinese people generally speaking, is not martial do not like Causing loss of lives of the. Therefore, developing a natural martial arts to be a bit slower than the world (in the professional aspects).

So, see and recognize the status quo of China's martial arts, and then to be to catch up, this gradual process is what we need to do. Rather than immersed in the glory of a few decades ago Psycholagny.

If you do not want to feel the future to see such comments unacceptable, I suggest you more on a new Huashan this martial arts forum, inside the fancier more professional and objective. To know more, the problem will naturally look at a macro.
Blue regression line2010-03-01 01:36:09 +0000 #3
they just say to attract popularity, like those Stock Analysts, do not understand anything back to everyone to consider the economy, saying it was well-intentioned reminder of listed companies actually care.

You say no smoke without fire. No these people, how will become so hot?



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