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How to practice a unique skill of beating

zzs1314522010-03-01 06:11:00 +0000 #1

kangzhuguai2010-03-01 06:16:25 +0000 #2
I fear that this is not just a few words can be described clearly.

If you want to have a certain self-defense capability, we Enhancing a Zhiquan, a straight kick, basic enough.

Another is to enhance their own instincts, without complicated exercise, one can do push-ups with their fists, and second, one foot Dunqi, not the pursuit of quantity, group training, a group of 20 ordinary people, depending on individual body mass increase in group number , fist push-ups the best weight-bearing exercise, or muscle endurance is enhanced.

Finally, and most important thing is to play more, you can not do any exercise, but we must always fight, we are not hooligans, not this condition is also not professional athletes was Peilian, so a compromise can be simulated battle.

Simulated combat can not be loose-for ordinary people, if there is no increase in the kind of adrenaline, heart rate accelerated tension, it is merely a play, not simulate actual combat.

So, the simple purchase of personal protective gear recommended for training wear protective gear when Peilian, motorcycle helmets and carrying out of the cartridge of the pen as "Dagger", crazy attack, but the restriction does not use the fist. Those who do not wear protective gear while strong resistance can be all out to attack, the two alternating exercises.

Do not two people are wearing protective gear, we Cookin no pain, then what has become another form of games.
One-eyed toilet2010-03-01 06:39:09 +0000 #3
body tense, feet infusion power, run-up a few steps, a positive kick. The man kicked in the back a few meters may be.
freeair21002010-03-01 06:25:40 +0000 #4
ruthless ruthless you pack to eat as long as
wudaojunlin2010-03-01 07:30:41 +0000 #5
suddenly approached from behind, kicking the side of their leg forced, because the role of the nervous system will be short-lived numbness of their muscles, this time his legs had been kicked you off the ground, and instantly the next kick the knee joint,

Results: The Na Tiaotui kick your freezer can be removed to a collection of



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