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crazy water-based2010-03-03 12:11:26 +0000 #1
I am 17 years old, and girls, is a special love of movement, sudden inspiration wanted to learn Taekwondo, nor is it 啦 because it is the kind of obsessed, but also to the one point, are a bit beyond my own to bear the kind of scope, I will not give up, I will persevere, no matter what I will learn in the end of the

just do not know anything about the Tae Kwon Do, such as price, which is better clothes, shoes, ah. .

And still want to buy something, I will be on winter vacation, so please help out, but do not tell me to look for yellow pages, if possible, I would not be here asked, you did not answer my question of honor Before this I have read a lot about what the Taekwondo

Thank you, and if I may add my QQ 376974155

address Taizhou Wenling. .

Or leave your QQ, I'll add you

Thank you, and I made quite a few questions before, have not been satisfactorily answered, I am really anxious so we Bang Bang 啦, even for my dream to
wuxuetianzi2010-03-03 12:17:42 +0000 #2
in the end was a girl, but also care about clothes and shoes -

the shoes, the coach will not force you to wear Road shoes, or even your bare feet will be very happy practice, Because the quality of barefoot, then doing when you practice a strong "feel".

As for the clothes, the clothes taekwondo is mainly to see how much with the amount of cotton, containing the higher amount of cotton more comfortable, but not more than 75% for brands Well, of course, is South Korea's brand is better, you go take a look at Taobao will know, but also very expensive -

There is to note that taekwondo is divided into WTF and the ITF, the two of the Road service is completely different, but in China, the overwhelming majority of teaching WTF, would not have too much worry.

Also As for prices, not the same everywhere, so it does not talk nonsense, and Grading Test is, at a time when Beijing is 80 Grading Test fee, and now in Shanghai, is 150 of the Grading Test fee, we can see a difference.

My QQ: 228127655 have any question can ask me, because, after all, do not know your specific requirements, so answers will inevitably be non-conforming
Fan frustration drop bubbles2010-03-03 12:33:02 +0000 #3
shoes do not 啦

General Road Museum are barefoot, then the

clothes Registration will be issued. . 200 less than the price ah
. . . Tuition Mody. . ?

Year card with about 1500

and then test. . 2 months on the yellow band of

in fact you Jiaoliao Qian. . No longer need to buy anything

Road Museum itself will be bought. . Target practice with the like are also available

啦 expensive than outside, however. .

Suggested to find a sports store to buy their own

PS. Hey me and you are almost as large. . Previous studies taekwondo

Later I went to Green Belt would not have learned a long time interest in

feeling gone. .
Pagbalha Singer2010-03-03 13:24:51 +0000 #4
I want to help you, but I was in Beijing. Tae Kwon Do test with expensive, several hundred test a belt. You start a leucorrhea, then yellow, yellow-green, green, green blue, blue, blue and red, red, red, black, black dress is a Road ... clothes, shoes Road shoes. Museum in Road to buy on-line.
suman not cry2010-03-03 13:22:01 +0000 #5
I have almost the same sixteen or seventeen-year-old started to learn, and is now almost four years. Wait for the next QQ to you that we can private chat.

Tao Tao House will suit you to help you set, and now is basically what the Road to Hall Road, the museum must wear their clothes, is the printing of the. Generally the price between 150-200. Road shoes do not buy it, Road House is generally not allowed to wear shoes, only a few Road let coaches wear museum, students will not work.

What you basically do not have to buy, reported that class, and then to keep up with a good practice, the end of a good practice to relax, empty Lala tendons enough.

I QQ181747860, every day, the stealth just say you are a taekwondo enough.

Do not worry, practice slowly, you will have the feeling of doing better and better.
akula2class2010-03-03 13:15:20 +0000 #6
Tae Kwon Do are divided into two broad categories

you asked which categories
369426610nn2010-03-03 14:26:44 +0000 #7
I have more preference for martial arts, just do not know what to learn! I was a boy I do not know to learn Sanda, or

Taekwondo, I would like that practical education that bar! Now not yet begun, are prepared to do the basics, time to share, my QQ369426610!

Say you are a martial arts enthusiast on the list!
Only electric2010-03-03 15:31:38 +0000 #8
general price is 240 12 classes on card.

Quarter card is 500 months

six cards is a little more than 1,000.

1500 or so years of cards.

General Taekwondo Center is so charged.

Tao serving 100 to 200. Out to buy 80 or so.

Road shoe is 50 yuan.

Junior who is a ligament in practice and product potential.

Taekwondo has a strictly technical level appraisal system, Discipline The level of those in order to "level", "products", "paragraph" to divide. "Class" is divided into 10-1, 10 the lowest level, a higher. Later into a "segment" Dan from low to high is divided into one to Kudan. A minor player to reach the level of one to three paragraphs, then awarded the "one product" to "Mishina." Taekwondo training and competition lanes clothes, using thick, high quality, Sweat-absorbent white cloth sewn, symbolizing the purity of thought and the pursuit of technological proficiency. Color belt represents a player's skill level, from low to high order of leucorrhea (10), yellow belt (9), yellow, and green belt (8), green belts (7), green Blue Ribbon (6 grade), Blue Ribbon (5), blue and red bands (4), red belt (3), red and black belt (2, a product to Mishina), Black Belt (1, a section to the Section).



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