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Even the hard power is the hand of the terrible pain how to do

huge9908896952010-03-03 12:11:40 +0000 #1

jiancangfeng2010-03-03 12:16:48 +0000 #2
Iron sand palm, eagle claw power belong to the hands of hard efforts, have a sound training methods, as the practitioners who, first of all you have to understand Gong Li, Gong called for the development in accordance with a reasonable training plan, step by step Caixing. User instant success while others have three years to three months, Tempered Gong, subjective extra training volume, making the body into a long period of overload, it is inevitable to cause superfluous injury, and pain in your hands and this link may not address good about. If you want to exercise hard power, first of all learn moves, methods, and a small amount of exercise carried out, and so the body adapted to, and then gradually increase the amount of control as much as possible within the tutorial requests. If you practice hard power in the hand pain, in accordance with Standing Orders can be taken, "wash your hands side" (such as Digupi side), and taking bruises drugs to deal with, such as the hands of children after a long cocoon, it would not hurt. If it is pain, it is best to say break a few days to see if there is no mitigation, better go to hospital for a film, check, so therefore delaying treatment and opportunity.
zqsgaj20092010-03-03 12:25:49 +0000 #3
recommendations do not practice, and I have been practicing long-distance run, then leg pain, a check is knee osteoarthritis.
75,713,8372010-03-03 12:37:55 +0000 #4
gradual and constant pursuit of the limit not to make you up on the challenge of human limits. . . .

Note that scientific training, do not hurt your body



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