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Xifeng also practicing qigong do? I want to learn! ! !

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Is best practiced for decades!
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Shaolin Yi Jinjing

Shaolin Yi Jinjing is a very clear purpose of martial arts fitness routines. "Easy" means that is easy to change, activity, change extension to enhance meaning; "tendon" refers to tendons, muscles, bones and muscles; "after" as the method. Therefore, "Yi Jinjing" from the literal understanding of the activities of muscles, to physical health, illnesses and sickness method. In fact, it is a very classic qigong exercises. Members can be reproduced below in detail Lianfa experience.

Yi Jinjing a total of 12 potential, its preparation style is: legs open, head-end level, at present, as the mouth Wei Bi, adjusting breathing. Hanxiong, Zhi Yao build, abdomen, loose shoulders, the body naturally relax.

The first potential: Skanda Xian pestle first potential

arms toggle, slowly move to the chest level into the hold the ball potential, Qu Li wrist palm, fingers up, palm relative (about 10 cm distance). This action required the shoulder, elbow, wrist in the same plane, the co-breathing, where appropriate, to do 8-20 times.

Tactics, saying: life-cycle integrity, ring submissively Dangxiong, gas and concentrate one's attention are the sword, the heart is also Cheng Kung Maung.

The second trend: Skanda Xian pestle second potential

2 feet separated shoulder width, foot palm practical, knees slightly loose; his hands slowly from the chest outreach to both sides of the flat to cite; Li palm, palm to the Outer; 2 visually present; inspiratory chest expansion, arm backward-ting; breath, a finger in Alice, palm outward stays. Repeated 8-20 times.

Tactics, saying: enough to refer to hanging, the hands flat open, calm, stunned.

The third trend: Skanda Xian pestle third potential

legs open, the toe, the heel to bring; hands held high over his head on, palm up, two 3 centimeters away from the middle finger; Chen Jian toggle, looking upward, dorsal view of head. Tongue lick on the palate, breath and mix thoroughly. Breathing, the hands on care with the Anjin best legs at the same time under the pedal force; breath, the whole body relax, Liang Zhang forward the next turn. Income potential, the Liang Zhang changed boxing, boxing back forward, upper force will slowly close to the waist, Liang Quan, boxing mind up, heel. Repeated 8-20 times.

Tactics, saying: palmrest days head on the door concept, the land sustains a toe-side. Li Zhou threatened muddy legs, such as planting, clench their teeth and do not relax. Sheng Jin tongue can lick the palate, the nose can feel peace of mind the interest rate adjustment.

The fourth trend: Reaching for the Stars for the Big Dipper potential

the right foot slightly in front of the venue and the right, and left to form oblique eight characters, with the potential to the left Weice; knees, raised his right foot with his body to the sink, empty the right step. Straight right hand held high, palm down, head slightly right oblique, eyes look up at the right hand heart; left arm and elbow, naturally placed in the back. Inspiratory time, head up top, after the pretty shoulders; breath, the whole body relax, and then exercise the right and left to exchange positions. Straight 5-10 times.

Tactics, saying: Atlas hand palm covered head, but also from the palm Injection The eyes. Nose breathing frequency of the interest rate adjustment, forced recall about Hitoshi.

5th Potential: 9 Shelter potential

pulled down his right foot before the cross-step, knees into the right bow. Right hand fist, move to the previous top of the binocular view of boxing; left fist; left arm and elbow, oblique hanging on the back. Inspiratory time, Liang Quan clenched adduction, You Quan close to the right shoulder, Zuo Quan hanging from the back; breath when Liangquan arms relaxed potential to restore the preparatory action-oriented. And then, after the body forward, into a left lunge, left and right hand alternately. Repeated 5-10 times with respiration.

Tactics, saying: flexion of extension legs, abdominal luck to relax; force lies in two bladder, the original concept of the injection of Double Vision.

6th potential: a claw wings potential

legs open, his arms held before the flat, vertical palm, palm forward, fingers forced to separate the relative tiger's mouth, eyes staring contests head-up front, with the potential to bring heel to toe 2 support the weight. Liang Zhang then slowly separated into an upper level held the words, vertical palm, palm outward, with the potential heel. Inspiratory time, Liang Zhang probe with Anjin stretching fingers backward Alice; breath, the arm relaxed palm. Straight 8-12 times.

Tactics, saying: Ting, who is also staring contests, push hands to the current; forced back office, and the credit shall be seven full.

7th Potential: 9 ghost Pama Daoshi

toes Xiang Xian, separated into eight-shaped heel; arms to move into a fork stand palm chest. Under the left elbow by the next, into a hook placed behind the fingertips upward; right elbow from the shoulder extension, pulled his left hand pointed to his right hand shaped into a neck hold. Toes grip the body forward, such as Ba Dao. Inhale when hands forced tension, exhale to relax. About the exchange. Repeated 5-10 times.

Tactics, saying: Ceshou curved humerus, hold the top neck; from the first to recover, Vladimir suspected Li Meng: about-phase wheel, body straight calm.

8th Potential: Potential

3 landing left foot to the left across the step, knees, squatting as Bu. Upper body upright, hands akimbo, and then elbow Fan Zhang upward, arm-shaped flat move heavy objects, such as child care; stop for a moment, Fan Zhang hands down, arm straight and relaxed, like to lay down their heavy-like. Moves with the respiration, breathing, such as the care materials like: breath, such as when put things like, repeated 5-10 times. Received power, the legs slowly straighten his left foot back, two feet close together, into a vertical shape.

Tactics, saying: Kennedy stays on the tongue, palate, Zhang Mou Italy Note teeth; foot open-squat like squat, according to Meng, such as holding hands; Liang Zhang Qi turn, the extremely heavy emphasis on the additions; Dengmu and closed, based on no oblique effect.

9th potential: Dragon Claw exploration potential

legs open, his hands into a fist Yang Belt. His right hand to the left front of the extension exploration, fingers shape into a hook, upper body left. The waist from left to right rotation, right hand from left to right along the level is also circled, hand-drawn to the previous top, the upper body forward at the same time breath: draw to the left side of the body, the upper body straight, while inspiratory . About the exchange, action contrary. Straight 5-10 times.

Tactics, saying: Dragon Claw exploration, left right out; effect of the monks, palm air-to-earth; Li Zhou shoulder, Wai close knees; two head flat note, interest-bearing self-aligning Mi.

10th Potential: Wo Hu Pu Shi potential

right foot to right across a big step forward, bend the right knee squatting, into a servant of the right arch left leg potential; upper body leaning forward, hands stays, the head slightly raised, head note before the bottom of . Inhale at the same time arms straight, raise upper body as far as possible before the detection of gravity forward; breath at the same time elbow, chest drop, upper body after the close, the focus moved back, ready for use. So again, with the breathing flexion and extension arms, upper body ups and downs, the former exploration after the close, like a hunting tiger. Action 5-10 consecutive times, for the left foot servant potential for the right arch, movements such as the former.

Tactics, saying: 2 full minutes Dunshen like tilting, flexion and extension relative to a more left leg; Angtou chest before the potential for exploration, Yan-Ping Bei Yao may also wish to baffle; yuan were transferred out of breath, fingertips touch the ground rely on support; Jianglongfuhu immortal thing , learn Makata also health.

11th potential: Da Gong potential

legs open, toes inside the buckle. Yang-palm hands slowly to the left and on the back of the head forced encircle the fingers behind bomb struck a small moment. Wat to do with the breathing body movements; breathing, body straight, head forward, as the head, such as roof structures; breath, the straight knee bend down bend over, hands on knees forced to make the first exploration intercropping Da Gong-like, without rendering heel off the ground. According to physical repeated 8-20 times.

Tactics, saying: Let's hold hands the brain, weeping between waist to the knee; head but exploration crotch, mouth more tooth mandibular joint; Yan Er-chung to teach plugs, tune their strength from the idle; tongue has also arrived in the palate, force double bend in the elbow.

12th Potential: Public Last Potential

legs open, his hands gently on the Yang-palm move from the chest to the top of the head, while the shift visual palm, body li integrity, not to chest protruding belly; fingers crossed rotating the wrist and anti-Pocket care, palm in order to progress, Yang Shen, waist back bend, head on the subject; and then upper body flexion, arms hang down, pushing palm to the ground, head high Deng Mu. Breath, the pike the next bend, heel slightly off the ground; inhale, the upper body erect, feet along land; such repeated 21 times. Qigong: upright, his arms left and right side lifting, flexion and extension 7.

Tactics, saying: knee straight bladder stretch, push hands from the land; Dengmuangtou concentration, Yi-Zhi; rise to stamp their feet, 20 once; about stretching the brachial to 7 to mark; more power to sit, cross one's legs hanging canthus; I note in mind, the interest rate adjustment on the nose; set is static, the Jue Gong-dimensional prepare.

General examination tactics, saying: total test their method, figure into the 12. Who really Yi Zhu, five generations of the season. Damo Xi, the Chuan Shaolin Temple. There SONG Yue Hou, more forensics. Prevent a disease Yannian, power-free and class.

Health guidance

Yi Jinjing gas feeling strong, effective quickly, especially the internally and externally to body and mind with the support, and life Shuangxiu, with Royal evil Liao Ji, longevity, development potential effect. Research from the Chinese point of view, Yi Jinjing to meridian qi to guide the direction and atmosphere of the movements, the body twists and turns in the rotation and hand-foot push-pull opening and closing process, the human body blood circulation, Tom Lee Kwan awakened to achieve the illnesses and physical purposes. While the modern medicine point of view, attend Yi Jinjing, will strengthen the human blood circulation, thereby improving the body's internal organs function, delay aging.

Yi Jinjing a larger amount of exercise, movement more difficult, therefore, a full set of sports physical is only suitable for a better young adults with chronic illness. Weak constitutions, could do what, there are several of them selectively drill or in reducing the potential number of potential drilling. Heart and brain blood vessels and hanged during an asthma attack.

Lian refined gas (Blues Wong, Mandala acoustic)

semen is full of marrow, that is, to launch life of the country. Like the gasoline car, gasoline filled, the car will open soon. However, sperm hungry person a full, should leakage. If a practice this feature can be refined into yuan strength, while the return to fine Bunao. Consequent, not only physical health and strength, longevity; and for treating premature ejaculation nocturnal emission and physiological impulses. However, the method of minimalism, the so-called "true pass word, pass rolls off the book." Before sleep, get up early, nap time, can be practicing. Bound in a league body, turn a blind eye to plug ears left index finger in order to airtight as the degree of breathing nose and mouth should be closed, and so natural breathing. In some cases, breath by the nose when the air directly to his legs felt board, so once or twice is not the case mouth. Later, is still a natural breathing. 5-10 minutes later, you can find it to adapt to, it feels fine tube, catheter have contracted influenza, which abruptly put on hold after the spirit settled, you can not practicing. Slowly let go of the body bound in a league side to sleep.

Taken Nissei Yuehua Gong

Hebei Beidaihe Qigong Rehabilitation Hospital Taiping

Xuzhi Gui Xu Jing is the sun on gas, the gas Yuet Wah is lunar. 2 gas cross-touch, is born everything. Therefore, snails mussels were affected by the Health and beads, hard stone build, is just as jade. However, the ancient sages that, while the adoption of good, lucky satisfied the law, to be finished bodies, to adopt the pharynx Nissei Yuet Wah is so clear yang qi can make foolish latent extinction, Ching Ling accessible, ills do not dye, an air growing its benefits immeasurable.

Adopt the pharynx of the method, separated into two parts namely, mining law and pharynx France.

1, mining method, also known as tai chi qi France. For primary power, multi-stop, hands Lao Gongxue mainly the opening and closing, the adoption of the essence of the sun and the moon.

Operation Method: Select a clear and bright outdoor quiet place, with rapt attention back on within a uniform interest rate adjustment caused by, Shizumori moment. To be sun and the moon rises, the Qing gas filling and feasible to adopt the law. Separation of two feet parallel and shoulder width, knees slightly bent, knee to the toes; buttocks to sit under, Tail of the heel; Baihui, perineum, Yongquan 3:00 the meaning of first-line, Hanxiong pull back, lower jaw slightly closed, tongue touch the palate , 2 Vertical Blind Light closed. Later, two-handed from both sides of the body of the light swarmed, Zhijian high, Fan Zhang palm up, palm slightly higher than the head, elbows slightly inside the song, Chen Jian falling elbow, fingers separate the tiger's mouth round. Demanded the middle finger movement to regulate the Lao Gongxue the opening and closing, the middle finger upward tension Lao Gongxue open, inhale, breath with rapt attention while preserving the essence of the sun and the moon to heaven and earth penetration from the Lao Gongxue living in harmony with the body, enrich the body; feedstocks The gas, from top to bottom, washing whole body, wherever he went, Yu Zhi fading. Call the middle finger put together Songlao palace, his hands slowly sinking from the chest to both sides of the rehabilitation as ever; the same time opens his mouth and slowly spit cloud. Can also be read with the "Hush," "Oh," two tactics to help wash the gas within the cloud. This is a mining, over 27 mining, static observe a moment, to be received by power-line Mount abdomen, bath noodle France. Such is the case a month or two lines, then the light as physical health, fresh non-tired, cold and heat do not invade until the hysteresis gradually eliminate Ling-ming up, feasible method pharynx.

2, also known as pharyngeal France Air France Yamane satisfied. Take sitting (cross-legged), mainly based on the foot of a hill between the two eyebrows hole, line the essence of the sun and the moon is satisfied.

Operation Method: Select a few couch in the room, thick mattress shop heat, Kuanyijiedai, Masachika sitting, chest, micro-gas Shu, sitting cross-legged with full pressure right foot to right palm placed Zuozhang heart, and put in lower abdomen before . Body integrity. Baihui, Negative, the perineum intended for first-line, the tongue of light arrived palate. Relative to the lips and teeth, head to be slightly open, when sun and moon rise, the concentration, within the defensive, cortisol, such as cotton. 2 eyebrows swarmed to open its soul awakened Yamane, small suction the essence of sun and the moon. Silent contemplation, close rates with rapt attention, body fluid mouthful, then slowly swallowed in order to get the meaning, storage in the pubic region. The case of a pharynx. Then opens his mouth and coming out Zhuoqi, complex mix thoroughly breath, relapse re-pharynx. So 27 pharynx. Shizumori a moment, then got up, line bath face, knocking teeth. Stir the sea Shu-chun, Wong Tin Drum, Mount abdomen and other income-gong.

The power to adopt the pharynx, methods, though simple, long lines are very effective. Grounds to make heaven and earth with our own righteousness into the true essence distilled into a muddy Yuan Dan, as for the ultrasonic life extension of the book, when the first line of power over its gas storage in the pubic region (between the two eyebrows YINTANG hole). In February after the muddy strength that could be stored in the pubic region (Shanzhong Point), March 2 after the pulse to Rendu pass, when the gong very deep concentration, after cavitation, can be sent to Italy under the pubic region (umbilical middle). Reactive gas line when the two sympathetic, itching of Health cents awakened, heart felt trance, straight as a sweat, Zi 100 limbs, irrigation Bai Hai, its fast infinite, non-up to those who can not experience in this territory also.

A result of a sub-sit-in law

China for several decades, according to legend breathing Xi-jing regimen for preventing and curing diseases, with good results, we should regard it uncovered for the benefit of the people. "As is the son of a sit-Law" is a veteran Jiang Vicha qigong written in 1914, has been 80 years. The exercises will now be summarized as follows:

1, adjusting the body in bed or stool, undressed broadband, calmly into the seat. First set feet, or a single disk, or double-disk can also be a natural sit cross-legged. Secondary placement hands, the right palm on the back Diego in the Zuo Zhang, next to the lower abdomen, light on the legs, and then shaking the body about 7-8 times, straighten the body, spine Do not Do not pretty song. Head and neck should also correct, so that the nose and the navel into a straight line, non-arrival is not expensive. Hui Qi belly open to spit, spit on the completion of the tongue touch the palate from the nose and slowly breathe clear air 3-7 times, then closed, lips and teeth relative to the tongue is still low on the palate. Light closed his eyes again, Masachika sit. Ruozuo long pitch helical micro-feel physically song and be ready to gently corrected. Bi sat openings exhaled 10 several times, so that the heat outside the body in the bulk, and then slowly shaking body, and then move shoulders and head and neck, and then slowly put his hands Shu feet, and then to the two reciprocal friction and heat, wiping his eyes, Then with eyes closed, then rub both sides of the nose and then rub the palms to make relative to heat, rub 2 helix, and then surrounding rubbing the head, as well as the chest, abdomen, arms, legs to Zuxin full length. Khan to be dried before they are allowed free movement.

2, adjusting interest rates in fact the interest rate adjustment, and self-aligning the body in parallel with the transfer, the separation is described in terms of the purpose of convenience. Adjustment was very slow to make breathing extremely light, length of the uniform. Also are a number of interest law or the number of Offer, or the number of income, can count from one to ten repeated cycles. If no number to 10, thinking that he matters, as well as disruption can be several over again. Continuous cultivation, a long time enough, since the interest rate can be reconciled.

3,-aligning self-aligning is to make Wangxindiaofu. Almost all beginners this feature of people, each suffering from heart scattered in support of uncertainty, should drop everything and concentrate on a concept, keeping the middle to lower abdomen naturally be able to slowly and stability. In case of heart dazed, easy sleepy can bring ideas, pay attention to nose, so that the spirit of cheer. The number of interest rate method can also be used to make heart rate dependent, then the two can be avoided.

Practicing this feature, preferably chosen to neutrons (23-1 pm) and the yin shi (3-5 pm), location, quiet room is best, practice 3-4 times a day, every 30-40 minutes, practitioners The exercises generally a month or so you can bear fruit. 3-4 months to fully control the symptoms, but after that day are still advised to adhere to practice 20-30 minutes, to bring aboutConsolidation.

Reaumuria Reaumuria hand in hand, is in a martial arts stunts, has always been dictated simply by the division transmission, refined this technology are very fresh. My teacher Xia people, well versed in this technique. In order not to make this stunt lost, with the consent summer and the teacher agreed to introduce in the next, readers.

Reaumuria hand exercises allow hands Lidawuqiong, there are gluten health bones, blood flow, improve the function of internal organs, prevent a disease sickness effect. According to legend, martial artists Reaumuria hand delivered the gas penetration in the palm of your hand, the clap, when there is no feeling, a few days later, the wound appeared red palm print, it has this name.

Preparing formula: upright, feet shoulder width, etc. separately, Hanxiong abdomen, whole body relax, the tongue arrived on the palate, concentration, nose sniff call.

Arms hang down, palm down, fingers Zhaoqian Fang. Inhale, smoking and when slowly, into the pubic region (below the belly button one inch three sub-offices), while the arms on the income. Breath, the toes grip, levator ani, Shaofu outside Ting, we expected gas from the pubic region and implementing pairs of hands, two hands slowly to recover under the press. To do so 49 times. Parallel straight arms forward, palm to shoulder flush, palms upward, breathing required with the former. Inhale when the arms contract, we expected gas penetration into the palm of your hand slowly forward to push back to its original position. To do so 49 times.

Arms held straight up, palm rest days, breathing with the former requirement. Inhale when the arms contract, we expected gas penetration into the palm of your hand, the palm of your hand slowly pushed back to its original position. To do so 49 times.

Arms approximately parallel extended, into a shape, palms outward, fingers upward, breathing required with the former. Inhale when the arms contract, we expected gas penetration into the palm of your hand, the palm of your hand out slowly, so push back to its original position. To do so 49 times.

Arms hang down, palm down, fingers forward. Inspiratory time to waist axis, first turn left, feet are not moving; left, the hands draw up close to the inside cross-arc; when the upper body, when fully Chaozuo hands upward arc painting, cross at the top of the head, and then left separate palm outward, while changing inspiratory breath. Hu hands, toes grip, levator ani, Shaofu outside Ting, we expected gas from the pubic region after penetration into the palm of your hand, palm out by, and slowly drop, the body gradually back to the original position. Then, turn right again, action, breathing with the left. To do so 49 times. Note: The Gong exercise and requires the practitioners a better physique, preferably from disease. Practice time, the best arrangements in the morning, in parks, forest and other fresh air, facing the east spit Zhuoqi, inhalation clear air. During practice, we must note between nutrition, to ensure sleep time, and control sexual desire. My practice round hand to live, with Nei Jin, do not stiff affectation. This persistent and will be reactive to the things can be done. (Zou Jintang)


True Qi True Qi Run Run method is a static power of self-guided method, primarily through the interest rate adjustment with rapt attention, to cultivate genuine qi, to go through the channels and collaterals, regulating yin and yang, qi and blood, but up to anti - disease treatment, longevity effect.

The exercises by the neighbor Shaobo under the "Huang Di Nei Jing" theory, and adopted the "Little Zhou Gong," Experience the ancient qigong treatment regimen, combined with their own practical experience made finishing.


The treatment of specific exercises as follows:

1, practice posture: The flat sitting mainly stool chairs upholstered surface can be added to require stool chair seat surface and the leg contour; hip 1/2-1/3 sit on the bench face, two feet in parallel, foot touched the ground with the legs perpendicular to the vertical leg and thigh, thighs and upper body vertical; knees spacing Liangquan wide, two hands on the thighs of natural follow-up home, shoulders sag, Hanxiong pull back, head, such as hanging, jaw slightly closed, tongue arrived on the palate, mouth closed head light, two within the visual, aural respiration. If those who used to sit cross-legged, sit cross-legged also. When the skillful attendance, after the station, lying, sitting, line Jieke. 2, respiratory and ideas: This therapy is inhaled nasal breathing call. The early practice, ideas, attention to breath just as much as possible to achieve deep, long, thin, uniform, while the inspiratory time is left to nature, goes without any ideas. With the in-depth exercises, breathing and ideas need to be adjusted appropriately.

3, to close power: the end of each practice before relaxing ideas, hand relative to the heat of friction, such as face wash like motorized face a few weeks, so that the spirit of back to normal after the slowly got up and activity can be.

4, five-step practice law:

The first step: the Ministry of breath attention Xin Wo. Ready to practice, that is, micro-together eyes, nose first, followed a moment, and then turn a blind eye as Xinwo within the Department of ears hear the breathing, and without rendering sound. Ideas with every breath from the throat, the Department issued Xin Wo, gradually slow down as much as possible, put a long breath each time, calls 8-12 times per minute is appropriate. Breath when he was a natural, non-read without knowledge. If distracting thoughts during practice, to use the legal system of the number of interest: only a few of the number of breath, from 1-10, and then back from 1-10, repeated, distracting thoughts down, that is not the number of interest. Practice time for this step 3 times a day, every 20 minutes. A fixed time for daily practice as much as possible, easy to form a conditioned reflex. If those who can not be a fixed time, a daily early, middle and late three times essential. Practice is about 3-5 days, then the Department has a heavy sense of conscious Xinwo to 10, Department of warm feeling about Xin Wo, shall be completed the first step, laying the foundation for the next step. During the refining of this step, no basis for those who practice may give rise to dizziness, back pain, breathing is not natural, arrived on the tongue, palate accustomed to and so on, these are

the beginning of training when the strange phenomenon, as long as required to adhere to practice, it will gradual enough, various non-natural phenomena gradually disappear. In the course of practicing this step, the general spleen Deficiency, poor appetite, lack of energy who can be incremental appetite, mental hiburi.

Step Two: Italian interest rates go hand in hand Nita trend. As a first step exercises and training to every breath consciously Xinwo Department of fever, meaning interest rates can go hand in hand, at each breath, the order is intended cited Xinwo gradual downward flow of heat, a step towards pubic region (inside the lower abdomen ). However, we must note that natural and relaxed and not too intent and impatience. Such a practice three times a day, every half hour or so, about 10 days or so, you can breath each time when the emergence of an ordered Nita heat feeling. At this point, there may be stomach turning in sound, vector gas increased appetite promotion, urine abnormal to normal gradually. The third step: the interest rate adjustment with rapt attention Shou Nita. Connected to the step, when the heat sink for each breath Jieyou pubic region, pubic region, after a warm heat, that is beyond the pubic breathing consciously or unconsciously, that is intended to keep pubic region, without too much attention to breath. Practice three times a day, every 40 minutes. This step workout takes about 40 days or so, you can find Dan Tian to form an "air mass." With the effort of the accumulation of air mass gradually increased, abdominal enrich full powerful, and sometimes appears as itchy perineum, perineal beating, kidney area and limbs, fever, etc., or feeling of these phenomena may vary. General suffer from insomnia, impotence, irregular menstruation, abnormal two will gradually be improved markedly.

Fourth Step: Do not help pass the Governor not to forget the complex. Connected to the step, when the pubic genuine qi to a certain degree of enrichment, that is, along the spine upward. At this point, ideas to be followed up and not be distracted to something else (do not forget); when it is no longer limited to somewhere in the upstream, or in some withdrew when the intent is not to use the guide (not to help). Because of the speed up depends entirely on the pubic region of True Qi substantial degree of the more substantial pubic region, the greater the upward force, faster; and vice versa up the suspension, or even retrogression. When the uplink to the back of the head "jade pillow off", often want the difficult passage can be used as the top of the head within the law, the general jade pillow can be crossed off. This step is a critical step. The number of daily exercise may be appropriate to increase to 4-5 times, each of which takes about 1 hour. Usually within a week, air can be crossed, "jade pillow off." It is also individualized, fast are to be passed by a sudden, the power is also very fierce; second will be required several times; are required to slow a few days; individuals may be due to exceptional circumstances a long time difficult to pass. Practice this step process, there may be items of urgent back strong, the first such tight coupling, etc., is washed off pass governor of the precursors can not doubt relax; clearance after (Tail, Jiaji, jade pillow) Natural relaxed and happy. After customs clearance when the heat Mashimo Dantian breath, inspiratory who have been heat flow along the ridge of the head to the mouth, forming Rendu cycle (that is, "Small Zhou"). To this state, who suffered from dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, forgetfulness, low sex drive, irregular menstruation, palpitations shortness of breath, trance and other diseases Permit may apply to significant improvement in long-term recovery is expected to persist. No patient can be induced by light as body Czech Republic, energetic.

The Fifth Step: Yuan Yu-God Charge life. Rendu loop formed, the general is still intended to keep under the pubic region, while other passages may then be opened. Such as the head appears impetus to the reform keep the pubic region (the brain), can be flexible. Practice time is still 3 times a day, each about one hour. This period, there will be itching scalp, tongue trembled hemp, the body if current is rampant, skin palsy if ants crawling between the eyebrows, bridge of the nose tight tight ring head arrested reactions also vary, without fear, but also Do not pursue, in January, after about a variety of action had begun to subside naturally. After a marked improvement of various chronic diseases Jieke or cured. [Clinical application]

The power law applies to the treatment of various chronic conditions, after clinical verification in recent years, and achieved certain efficacy of those are: chronic rhinitis, colds, laryngitis, bronchitis, esophagitis, gastritis, ulcer disease, gastroptosis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, gallstones, colitis, gastrointestinal neurosis, adhesion, nephritis, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, irregular menstruation, low libido, neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, hysteria, anxiety, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and certain malignancies (eg lung cancer) and so on. Disease-free can also Discipline of this Act to health care. [Note]

1, and practiced in this Act shall be in the quiet room, light and dark intensity of suitable fresh air circulation, we can not direct the wind.

2, where a great hunger, a grand, furious, and so emotional restlessness Startled, the practice should not be reluctant to put a calm after the training.

3, practice time should be day-to avoid all interference. Any drastic changes in weather, storm, thunder and lightning when temporarily not to practice. If the practice of interfering with an accident (such as a sudden sound, someone broke into the exercise room or Ji Jiao, etc.) do not need to panic, to be gradually relaxed mind. Temporary income to cope with power-ups will come in time, an important qualification to be calm after the training.

4, with this Act are in peacetime should be noted that Qingxin few desires, calm, moderate labor Plaza, eating light, not eat Xin dry, fishy, sticky thing. 5, with this Act, has yet before customs clearance must eschew sexual intercourse, so as not to influence the process. After customs clearance must be some restraint to maintain energy.

[Editor's note]

this Act is not difficult to drill, as long as the required practice, not out of bias. Drilling step house in order, each response or effect to permit access to treatment than wide. The shortcoming is that the practice must have a quiet environment and more practice time



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