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Punch, Nanshan nursing home

2005 Additions2010-03-03 15:10:25 +0000 #1
how this nursing home belongs to the jurisdiction where? What is allusion?
only electric2010-03-03 15:20:16 +0000 #2
homes for the elderly, Nanshan punched, kicked the North Sea nursery itself is a smile, why contests? If the staff, security, and so do not meddle in the case of kindergartens, there is no problem, but the nursing home may not be able to pass off! Reason is that teenage children have no ability to fight less than fair, while the nursing home which is usually a lot of fitness equipment, the majority of old people love sports, in which farmer-turned-general had the strength, urban origin of the elderly will be a few martial arts nothing new, if it is more than a dozen physical good old man, pull your arms and hold the leg press the bottom, not surprising. Shan Tianfang speech, his fists Nandi four hands, hero afraid many people will be more fist kung fu, indeed can play a few, but dozens of people to deal with each other if you, you can insist how long? If a non-like experiment with them to discuss the "rules", such as limiting the number of the other side, disabling means and cut-off hit area, and strive to go beyond that, to avoid the old injury, or a group of people overwhelmed by their embarrassment in the ground.



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