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Which powerful karate and Aikido, and to expound a bit! I analyze in detail

490715488HP2010-03-03 17:11:27 +0000 #1
If it is a high section of karate and aikido to match the high segment of the population who is likely to win big?
Fung Mo spent nest2010-03-03 17:26:59 +0000 #2
there is no doubt

Karate Karate is the study of patients without any fighting apparatus in order to knock out targets for the main purpose of

(in fact the beginning nor is the case, being someone reprimanded by her teacher Instead, after becoming very aggressive), so a lot of countries are used as a police training techniques KARATE

The Aikido major research is self-protection, aikido promotion of Lee conform to nature, is a kind of self-defense

You can go take a look at the different factions in the training, I believe that is easy to know who the likely large
, but this thing really bad martial arts, said, skilled, the faction's hard to say what the chances of major. Jeet Kune Do Muay Thai has also been beat many times do
GZSHL2010-03-03 17:38:51 +0000 #3
This is not right

aikido karate like Tai Chi dealt with gently ask for is explosive, when Romania lost to Lee's mouth is because fast enough, and the cut-off the essence of boxing .

1. The point is that the speed of the two sides. Because karate explosive the greater the chance of losing focus on the larger

2. Aikido is the other side by using his own Tae Kwon Do force, the use of force to draw a circle (to understand Here what this means? the source of all things Jie Wei Yuan, Aikido is round and use the role as more complicated, there are not 11 shows that the key point for specifying the use of circle so that the other to lose balance)

3. without regard to speed factors, then it must surely karate, as long as they hit the chest before, the die is no doubt

added: Whether you make the assumption that first time again, a person high self-cultivation., and not arbitrarily pick people fighting, after all, the essence of martial arts is not victory, but rather fit and healthy.
Slev2010-03-03 18:03:57 +0000 #4
help you for analysis:

Karate is a leg method, boxing, wrestling, grappling and equipment. Much more comprehensive.

Aikido techniques are generally not hitting the main thing is to capture, more suitable for women's self-defense, of course, this requires a very long period of practice time, only a set of actions have become your instinctive reaction to be useful.

Karate is just referred to, in fact hundreds of karate sub-genre, the focus of each genre are not the same, so I can not compare, but overall the technology is definitely win karate.

Aikido there are many small joints of the skills, the other satyr is very useful. . Such as breaking off a finger like that. .

PS: you have to take karate and aikido stronger than that, just like you get "Kung Fu" and "Tai Chi" can be compared to that win, like, one is a general term, one is a martial arts. .
New Yuan Jin Yu2010-03-03 18:41:38 +0000 #5
Do not comment on what kind of martial worse. Now that you have already started to learn karate, wishing to adhere to. To learn karate to learn Aikido can ah. 14 years old, full of good age. Refueling bar
attackwc2010-03-03 19:22:15 +0000 #6
a simple system of two who is a karate contest worse, those who practice Aikido little opportunity to start with, but not useless Aikido, Aikido for the Department of wrestling techniques scuffle particularly effective, while the Karate for Department of wrestling techniques fighting the project will be more 残念



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