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Guiqiu martial arts paper "On the process of Wushu in the drill action rhythm" 5-8000 words Thank yo

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the contents of the action constitutes a routine does not have the actual art of attack and demands that such a nature that the routine direction of development. Not yet fully formed prior to the routine, from the history of literature, we can see that Wushu, or martial arts routine prototype is mostly "Wu Wu" or "health dance" dance form;
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Wushu is a martial art and contains a series of offensive and defensive combination of the meaning of the action. The performance of various schools of Chinese martial arts has its own characteristics Menpai many routines, but routines are mostly progressive, beginners and practice a very long time to learn the routine is different. While the mixed martial arts athletes, the current quickly learn a variety of different styles of routines, but for the art of attack and the offensive and defensive implications of mostly unclear.

A traditional martial arts, the routine practice is to distinguish the early stage of a stroke a stroke practiced, so that learners feel luck, power, offense and defense martial art meaning. And this exercise has repeatedly been carried out, it is in actual combat in order to be able to knee-jerk moves to exert appropriate, you can also carefully feel the effect of moves. For example, known as "half-step collapse punch the world" Xing Yi Quan Master Guo Yun deep, the enemy will always use a collapse boxing moves, but strictly speaking, only half the moves, but enough to beat the opponent.

[Edit this paragraph] causes

Wushu Wushu Competition cudgel performance for the reasons for the formation of Chinese martial arts routines, but also the lack of a unified understanding.

[1] Cause of routines in order to soldiers in physical fitness that enhance the combat effectiveness; or performances in order to strengthen the artistic elements.

[2] routine in order to preserve the art of attack and martial arts movements, as means of basic training in martial arts. It was also starting from the traditional Chinese rituals that arose out of Wushu ceremonial needs.

[Edit this paragraph] the development of motivation Wushu

human physiological needs, psychological needs and the social function of their own martial arts such as Wushu described three aspects of the development of motivation.

Wushu is China's unique traditional sport of the Chinese nation in the magnificent cultural heritage treasures. It is the role of both fitness, another martial art performance, but also because of its rich content in various forms, for an active cultural life of significance. After the founding of New China, martial arts become the most extensive and most popular sport in one of the items have been vigorous and healthy development. At the same time, through the international sports exchanges, China's martial arts has begun spreading around the world, and gradually the favorite for the peoples of the world.

Martial arts include art of attack and the routine two kinds of movement forms, Wushu is a martial art movements as the material, to offensive and defensive retreat, dynamic and static Ji Xu, hard & soft vacuousness and contradictions such as the changes of the set of exercises compiled form, is called "routine movement." Routine movement is generally considered highly refined martial art and art reproduction, it is derived from the art of attack, but also higher than the art of attack, is the highest form of martial arts. It is a martial art's highest form, is that it comes from art of attack, but further regulated, art. Just as literature and art from life than to live on, while the vast majority of routine actions are based on the art of attack and still maintain a practical art of attack and side, with both offensive and defensive characteristics, but also has significance in a fitness sport.

1, the human physiological needs are routine exercise can be the cause of the emergence and development of

in the primitive society, low productivity, large and ferocious beasts of the survival of primitive people is a major threat. Hunting, is the original human beings in order to maintain the activities necessary for survival. A hunter, but also soldiers, fighting weapon, that is hunting tool. The harsh living conditions, forced to constantly improve their own human physical and intellectual, and in the process of collective labor and tribal warfare in the development of offensive and defensive weapons in their bare hands or simple fighting skills. Such as kicking, punching, dodge, jump, Shuaidie and so on, this is boxing the bud. Chop, chop, bar, barbed, stitch length is a martial art equipment to use the seeds. We can see that martial arts originated in productive labor.

When the war or labor rest after the victory, people will tend to fighting and hunting success of the technology to "dance" in the form of a show to demonstrate force and honor. With this "dance" in the form of the offensive and defensive actions to be an abstract representation aims to express feelings or show their feelings about art of attack and methods. Successfully used in the war punched a leg, a blow a stab there is no fixed action specifications. Thus the course of dance training and have no rigid program. After a long history of years, with the development of material production of society, it is art of attack and approach and the "Dance" in the form of both improved. Such a lack of dance training program that gradually turned into a program and performance of the theme, "Wu Wu." After the "Wu Wu," With "Dance" Art factors continue to increase, "Discipline" and the offensive and defensive combat factors that decrease, but have become specialized for people to appreciate an art activity, and "Wu Wu" in the form of dance training and extensive After the training techniques have become routine techniques in the main content.

2, the psychological need to promote routine

emergence and development of sport martial arts routines movement as man-made art, its emergence and development must be subject to the constraints and the promotion of human. People to meet the most basic physiological needs (for life) after, and then comes close to the psychological needs of the. That is, to satisfy the psychological needs of the people to satisfy a variety of fun, this taste is not a layer change, it is with the development of the social development of material production. Wushu as an art in order to continuously develop, it will also change with the people's aesthetic taste change, which is that it can exist and the inexorable law of development.

Primitive society, due to low productivity, a war many, "Wu Wu," Although it is processed refined the art of attack and moves off, but it is still closer to actual combat. To the ancient Chinese culture and highly developed in the Tang Dynasty, due to national prosperity, economic prosperity, foreign trade developed, frequent cultural exchanges, for a variety of art created favorable conditions for flourishing. We can see from the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu described by "Watching the Kung-sun aunt disciples sword device line" where to see at that time, "Wu Wu" character and nature. "Xi You Lady Kung-sun's, a sword device movement quartet, watching, such as mountains depressed, low-Ang ... whom heaven and earth ..." In this poem, we can see it and the primitive society, "Wu Wu," the difference. The primitive's "Wu Wu" has real meaning, while the latter is more of the main results from the performing arts, we can certainly think that the level of material production and social development of people's aesthetic development.

Routine is composed of many successive events and artistic movements of the martial art movements pose. People not only from the external shape of these moves to get the feeling of the United States, but also from the intensity of the strength of movements, speed of movement, rhythm on the comparison of ups and downs to get the feeling of traditional Chinese painting-like mood of the United States, gives rise to an infinite associative . This association generation, allows people to express their feelings and to receive the pleasant emotional experience. Routines and have a high appreciation value, but also has strong fitness value, its fitness value and appreciate the value of the same, from the date of bud routine was that people recognize it. It is physical fitness and artistic appreciation of the need to get it to produce and develop.

3, routine functions of their own creation and development of fundamental movement skills by

Wushu originated from attack, we can learn from the vast majority of Wushu embodies the offensive and defensive movements are the methods to prove, but it is different from the art of attack. If the action to carry out routine in the actual combat is obviously not in line with the needs of practice. Therefore, routine does not mean that offensive and defensive combat, which is the art of attack and action by the people to transform, organize, and refine the content and then join the other arts made of thread scheduling. With the development of the times, material production has become increasingly rich content and a variety of exercise routines skills will become even more diverse, and thus emerged such as "Mulan Boxing" and other such little significance in view of actual combat techniques and fitness boxing classes.

Constitute a routine actions do not have the actual content of the requirements of technical attack, such a nature that the routine direction of development. Not yet fully formed prior to the routine, from the history of literature, we can see that Wushu, or martial arts routine prototype is mostly "Wu Wu" or "health dance" dance forms. Such as "dry Qi Dance", "Wong Kung East China Sea," "breaking Chan Lok", etc. These "Wu Wu" performance with the art of attack and the action scenes are from the actual presentation made in the processing of uranium, while the Wu Wu purpose: First, people's bones and muscles stretching, exercise one's body; second is the performance of live animals from the past war and fight for human reproduction of the scenes in stimulating people's feelings, gives rise to a kind of beauty to enjoy.

Ing the majority are based on the art of attack and therefore development of content and art of attack and no doubt will contribute to their form - the development of routines. Yin and Chou Dynasty when a simple turn of the materialist theory of yin and yang. Spring and Autumn period, more women folk martial arts home is like a "yin and yang theory" applied to the hit martial arts techniques, one of the ancient predecessors. In the "Wuyuechunqiu" Sino-Vietnamese women are talking about the founding of the Road surgery, and incisively expounded the dynamic and static, fast and slow, offensive and defensive, virtual and real, inverse and Shun and other contradictions of the dialectical relationship between the use of this yin and yang Ancient Philosophy of the simple sword of dialectics to explain the rationale of the thinking style of the future exercise routines played a huge role in promoting. Posterity the real hit of the yin-yang theory techniques applied to the routine in, and to transform their services for the routine of exercise results. From today's "rigid-flexible actual situation, dynamic and static Ji Xu, undulating transition" and other routines in the rhythm of the characteristics of transformation, it is easy to see the effect of this effect great. It is this rhythm of participation in, routine offense and defense was able to able to present the art of attack and the meaning of the artistic effect and appeal, it makes it more consistent with people's health and aesthetic needs. In the course of performance and exercise, through which the organized rhythmic footwork, movement, gesture and action combination is in fact a routine performances, the main significance of prompt action from the visual and proprioceptive training on infection of the audience, and who and thus directly from the routine exercise routines in order to feel the meanings of actions. Therefore, the routine existence of this function is that it can produce and develop the fundamental driving forces.

4, routine movement trends

At present, people accustomed to the traditional martial arts known as the national sport, but actually it is modern departure from the modern social consciousness to it under the definition. Chinese martial arts for centuries in its occurrence and development of history, has been deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture, religion, thinking, and are subject to China's feudal society backward productive forces, the level of development and their social environment, constraints, it is a form of expression Fighting means and forms of public recreational activities, at least in modern sport was introduced to China until this. Therefore, standards have not been before the modern sports, martial arts can not be one of the elements of modern sports. Strictly speaking, this situation is possible only after the founding of New China to change, martial arts function in this social transformation is that people under the martial arts in modern society need to make choices. The actual nature of martial arts in today's only with the purpose of existence of other sports, like, so that physical and mental training to achieve self-training, just as Westerners to learn the purpose of boxing is not to fight, but to play, to a strong body. Only in this way, martial arts is likely to be acceptable to the majority.

We need today's society of martial arts routines movement, should be a kind of traditional Chinese martial art and Western integration of modern sports as a form of body exercise. Its content can be traditional, ethnic groups, but the form must be modern, Western general. Wushu as a sport has been standardized items, is likely to be living in the traditional atmosphere of other cultures of people to accept. As a traditional martial arts as a means of fighting has been gradually tend to disappear, this is the development of sports Wushu today must face the reality. Inheriting and carrying forward the precious heritage of national traditions, we must stand on the height of the times. For the tradition, we must clearly recognize that the traditional things in modern society is only embellishment. Because modern people in modern society are constantly created and the formation of new traditions, this new tradition closer to them, more practical significance. For the martial arts, there will be the same attitude, so the development of Wushu exercise must be the actual needs of modern society towards the Olympic Games, become the world's more acceptable to people of a good fitness sports is the only a way out.

In summary, people's physical needs and psychological needs to make Wushu to be generated and the development of Wushu in the formation and improvement of social progress and development with a direct link. Primitive human beings and nature for the purpose of fighting in order to survive, along with productivity and social development of material production, it is gradually liberated from the heavy manual labor out of martial arts routines must also change with the times of the development of continuous development. Of this approach has a direct and place the needs of the people necessarily have a connection that people need to determine the direction of development of Wushu.

[Edit this paragraph] Chinese traditional Wushu

1936 Berlin Olympics, the Chinese Olympic team group in the martial arts shock in Europe, is the martial arts to the world of the First Sound cries; 46 years after the 1982 Chinese National Wushu conference officially blown ring the clarion call to the world of Chinese martial arts. 1990 International Wushu Federation was formally established as the martial arts to the world, the organization is more assured. The next 10 years, whether it is cultural, or athletic competitions, martial arts development has made considerable progress, has been the world's peoples of all ages. In June 1999, the International Wushu Federation by the International Olympic Committee formally accepted by the individual associations, martial arts development can upgraded to a new level. For a time, martial arts as a sport into the Olympic Games could become a widespread concern. In this paper, the cultural identity of their own martial arts as well as its comparison with the Olympic spirit proceedingWushu can enter the Olympics, how to get to explore the analysis of the Olympic Games in order to seek the development needs of modern Wushu way.

One of the traditional characteristics of Wushu

1.1 heterogeneous nature

national traditional cultural identity, and carries a "natural sports" form of martial arts, so that heterogeneous nature of great features. Chinese martial arts from the Ming Dynasty started, the formation of numerous genres, boxing family. People often profound, rich and colorful to describe the martial arts. From the boxing, the only from the 1986 National Wushu results of excavation order statistics point of view, which "origins, orderly and clear rationale boxing style, self-contained" in boxing, it reached as many as 129 species, there are many a small boxing, similar to boxing, system is not complete routines and exercises, countless. Even some of the same boxing, there are several technical schools. Its function is, can a boxing fitness, but also repair-ability, both for self-defense, but also for entertainment viewing (including myself and others, and his entertainment). The form from the movement point of view, both in order to kick, fight, throw, take, hit gill movements and other offensive and defensive boxing and equipment compiled routines, another meaningful adversarial combat sports fighting, as well as to target a particular physical skills Lord, specialized intensive training in a variety of exercises. From the style, genre sense, not only inside, away from home, says that North and South were divided, Wudang, Shaolin of difference, but also divided into various categories of "Tai Ji Men," "gossip door", "Form and Meaning in Door, "" to lie down the door "and the fist class, bunt class factions of different styles and so on. These purport different, rigid-flexible varying boxing routines, play a variety of strange things, so that the cumbersome form of martial arts show, style, characterized by a broad range of genres.

Created this situation, the reasons are manifold. In the history of China, is based on a natural economy an individual basis, this decentralized small-scale peasant production in isolation, resulting in the relatively closed nature of different regions. Traditional patriarchal ideas and were the rule of law so that people gather to form a clan, to form a strong cohesion and exclusivity. These specific historical environment in which the martial arts skills usually only spread in a family, or spread in a given region, thus forming a distinctive local boxing and genre. Moreover, the martial arts are based on individual body movement, because martial arts are the individual physical condition, motivation purpose, cultural qualities and so on are not the same as reflected in the action on offense and defense are bound to have differences, and thus will be the formation of different styles and techniques characteristics. At the same time, the traditional ways of thinking are used to seamless whole, so that this natural sports martial arts-based Universal has a diverse social functions, such as a family, village, or geographic, martial arts is likely to become a major cultural life, slack season Xi Wu fitness, in festivals and temple fairs and other venues to celebrate entertainment, Jing Wu Yi more. Clan disputes, but also involved in armed self-defense means. Such a wide range of functions, but also led to numerous and martial arts-oriented, diversity characteristics of one of the reasons.

1.2 introversion

Chinese culture is a culture within the dumping. Wushu also reflects the "Tao" spirit, practicing the process stressed that "physical and mental Ju Lian", which mainly inside and outside the athletic skills, characterized by the overall harmony. The so-called "expert a shot, glance that there is no", "yue pleating even the waist to make no bones, a scattering Tong Shen are both hands." Chinese martial arts has always focus on "internal and external unity," as compared with Western sports show greater introversion. The so-called "inside", mainly refers to such as heart, God, Italy, and gas and other psychological qualities inherent in the so-called "foreign", mainly refers to the hands, eyes, body, step extrinsic movements of the body. As the saying goes: "Foreign training muscles skin and breath within the practice," which has a very rich connotations. Changquan called "hands, eyes, shenfa, step," "spirit, gas, power, power" both inside and outside the four law consistency; Xing Yi Quan in the "heart and Italy, and, Italy, and gas and, air and force and the" and so on, are all such "inside and outside the one", the overall requirements of the concrete embodiment of harmony.

Wushu introversion sexual expression within the Chinese nation and heavy, heavy Italy, overlap, re-intuitive cultural mindset can be described as "not bad-row regular daily use, until the birth is not painted before", is the most practical, and also the best. Martial arts techniques, techniques in the content, often need to "reverse oneself" sort of understanding, from the repeated practice that the Chinese side have lent their essentials. "Punched a thousand times, shenfa nature," is speaking this truth. Wushu and other specific external competitive difference is difficult to designate. Martial arts rely on the impulsive intended to lead to gas, a gas reminders force to achieve. Hands, eyes, body, step potential is the inner essence body movement, gas, a reflection of God, shape and spirit, inside and outside are interrelated, integrated whole. Nei Jin, internal gas, the inner mood into Miao fascinating endless, endless body odor, and often become the practitioners realized that there is more than a "life is art."

Wushu introversion characteristic of the formation, mainly due to Chinese tradition, "Heaven and Man" philosophy and the theory of medicine. "Heaven and Man" to bring about a series of traditional Chinese philosophy of unity, such as the shape of God-one, internal and external unity, unity of subject and object such as the traditional Chinese philosophy, this "Heaven and Man" and the whole concept of thinking as the guiding ideology of martial arts practice. The basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine is a physiological basis for martial arts training. Such as traditional Chinese medicine theory holds that a person, "but Jingqi Shen" as treasures. Jing Ying is impetuous, arrogant is full of God, God is the whole body health. So martial arts practice in accordance with the laws, through various means to promote the essence, gas, God's transformation, and proposed a "practicing refined gas, chi-of God, God is also practicing virtual" theory. Shows the impact of traditional culture, it is the Chinese martial arts, ethnic characteristics lies.

1.3 Jing Yi Xing

famous biologist Charles Darwin pointed out, as one of the animals, people, in order to survive and develop, but also have a competitive instinct. "Yan Zi Chun Qiu": "all flesh who, there are indisputable heart." "Huai Nan Zi Road should be" in: "fight those who, by this person also." All these discussions that competition is human nature. Bosha fighting originated in the Chinese martial arts, full of naturally competitive. Such as "pipe 7 Law" recorded in "Spring and Autumn angle test," grand, "Code on the preface," recorded in Cao Pi to sugar cane as a stick with the Fen-Wei generals contest until the modern "Health Warning", were indicative of people from the contest displayed in their own strength and the ability and desire to beat his opponent. Especially in the pre-Qin feudal system of the two pillars of Confucianism and Taoism has not yet formed prior to the art of attack and is the basic characteristic of martial arts is that people realize their value, to meet the competition, an important psychological competitive activity. "Spring and Autumn" there is a typical example: Lu Lu's son-year quarter of the year giggle friends beat-chu get on the battlefield armed forces, prisoners of war returned take-chu, Ji-you have to take hand compared with the Bo-chu, and then never semifinal. This pursuit of victory on the battlefield outside of the victory of another competitive state of mind that people have a competitive personality performance.

It can be a glimpse, martial arts, whether the original source from the technical, cultural, and ethical thinking reflects the mentality that it has a strong competitive side of good courage, gaining the upper hand, run-off towards the psychological foundation of the world's competitive sports. However, with the maturity of Confucian thought, especially the Confucian orthodoxy of occupations, the right people to suppress competition, the gradual nature will inevitably lead to the gradual shrinkage of the community spirit of athletics.

Just as Rodin in the "Philosophy of Art" and pointed out: "The spirit also has its own climate, its decision to change the appearance of this art." For Wushu is no exception. "Tao" passive, submissive, doing nothing, "Zen" and "heart" from the other side of the martial arts have an impact. Farming economy nurtured a culture of peace, the pursuit of social harmony, "which do not wish to have, do not pot the people" of loyalty and forgiveness of the Road, "gentleness Gongqian let" themselves in society in Confucian thought, are all on the martial arts infiltration in a normative role. Set the culmination of the Buddha of the Neo-Confucian Neo-Confucianism so that the "soft hold your static" thinking to large-scale development, this occasion appeared one after another within the family boxing system is obviously affected by this, emphasis is no longer based on "energetic" as his main The "just in the blending soft", but in order to soft-based "soft inside Tibet who have" the pursuit of "impartiality", "better keep the" in moderation, moderation, "no less than", "Jing Song Qingling "circle of living, depending on the martial arts as" benevolent art ", the emergence of martial arts routines, so that the dumping of martial arts from the inward-outward from the" competitiveness in the "to" reasonable dispute "and" selflessness "is reversed, so that it gradually to the King of the competitive arts of transformation.

Chinese art and culture since the Song Dynasty and gradually moving toward the civilian population aesthetic culture and tradition as a whole way of thinking is reflected in the art, the most typical is the whole art. Wushu is also deeply its impact, not only technology, art, and exercise a more artistic, and is particularly reflected in the overall mood, look good, Qiyun and contrast background. In the martial arts routines, not only focus on one stroke a type, punch kick the technology and skill, but also focus on the full range of impulsive, coordination, spirit, rhythm, content, style, structure and layout of the performance skill and techniques. In the traditional technique, the particular pay attention to the spirit, rhythm, style, embodied in a holistic conception, itself, "placed in a battle occasion," momentum rainbow, Qiyun vivid, showing a Yingwu unyielding, indomitable The morale and spirit. Shaolin martial arts, said: "The body will be vertical, the pace of the deposit was exhausted, and their hands out of, or into, or retirement, or starting, or down, are when the stretch continue all the way" so that the "punch stretch with the troops fighting murderous courage" ( "Shaolin Martial Arts"). Martial arts movement created by the beauty of such a fighting mood, described as "rhyme outside the letter", "implication", fascinating, thought-provoking. Mr. Tang Yijie spoke about Chinese culture, the three features: one is advocating natural, 2 People and nature in harmony, the three interpersonal harmony (moral practice). Traditional ways of thinking and cultural characteristics of gradually weakened the competitiveness of martial arts and eventually make it into entertainment, arts toward competing.

[Edit this paragraph] Martial Arts Competition Rules

1. Wushu competition in nature


types are divided into groups: individual competition, team competition, individual and team competition.

Age is divided into: adult, 18 years old and above (including 18 years of age); Junior, 12 years old to 18 years of age; the children group, 12 years old.

Results are divided into: A, B.

Note: The decision to contest the nature of the race a point of order

2. Martial arts competition events

1, changquan.二. Taijiquan.三. Nanquan.四. Fencing.五. Broadsword.六. Spear. 7. Cudgel. 8. Other boxing.九. Other equipment.十. On the training project (hand on training, and equipment for training, fitness training and equipment right). 11. Collective project (a collective martial arts, collective single instrument, the collective pairs of instruments, the collective soft equipment).

Other martial arts can be divided into four categories:

1. Xingyi, gossip, octupole.

2. Link arm, Pigua, turned the child.

3. To lie down, pictographic boxing.

4. Cha fist, Hua Quan, Pao Quan, red boxing, Chinese boxing, Shaolin boxing and so on.

Other equipment can be divided into three categories:

a single device.二. Pairs of instruments.三. Soft instruments.

3. Wushu competition when a referee clothing

referee should be an event will require the unity of clothing, wearing a referee uniform symbol

4. Wushu competition athletes clothes

1. Competition, we must wear clothing provided

2. Clothes are prohibited with the excess material.

3. Shoes for martial arts shoes or sports shoes.

5. Wushu Competition Chang Quan content requirements

1. Fist, palm, hook-and bow three kinds of boxing, horse, virtual step, servant step, break the five-step-step-type, which shall not be less four times lunge, horse and virtual steps shall not be less than 2 times,

2 . 5 kinds of boxing (where red fist of not less than five times), five kinds of palm and two elbow France France (of which there must be an offensive elbow law).

3. Flexion and extension, straight swing, sweep forward, hit four different groups of leg ring method (which flexion and extension of legs not less than two kinds of France three times).

4. The balance of three different groups, of which there must be a persistent balance. .

5. Three different groups of jumps.

6. Routine.

6. Wushu Taijiquan competition the content of the provisions of

the whole leg routines include at least four kinds of law and the six different groups of movements, hair Jin jumps can not do do.

7. Nanquan Wushu Competition Routine content requirements

1. Fist, palm, claw-type and Bu three main hand (or word Bu, Bu-word), lunge (or T-bow), virtual steps, kneeling steps (or ride a dragon-step and single, Double Butterfly step), the independent steps of five-step model. Which not less than six times lunge, horse less than four times, virtual-step, the independent step of not less than 2 times.

2. Practices, elbow France, bridge laws, step-up.

3. Law of action of three different legs.

4. Three different jumps.

5. Routine.

8. Broadsword wushu competition routines content requirements

1. Bow, servant, virtual three main step form. Lunge at least four times, servants and virtual-step-step less than 2 times.

2. Of not less than eight sets of different groups of the main blade.

3. Broadsword routines Chantou knife and a knife wrapped in the brain were less than 3 times.

4. Routine.

9. Wushu competition routines fencing off the provisions of the inner

1. Lunge, servant-step, virtual-step three main step form. Lunge a lot of four times, servants and virtual-step-step a lot of 2

2. Of not less than eight sets of different groups of the main sword.

3. Fencing routines must have a balance of three different groups, of which there must be two kinds of persistent balance.

4. Routine.

10. Wushu competition routines spear content requirements

1. Lunge, servant-step, virtual-step three main step form. Lunge a lot of four times, servants and virtual-step-step a lot of 2 times.

2. Not less than eight sets of different groups of primary marksmanship.

3. Complete "stopped, take, bar gun," not less than 10 times.

4. Specified action.

11. Wushu competition routines cudgel the content of the provisions of

1. Bow, servant, virtual three main step form. Lunge a lot of four times, servants and virtual-step-step a lot of 2 times.

2. Not less than eight sets of different groups of primary marksmanship.

3. Specified action.

12. Wushu competition knives, swords specifications

knife, sword and specifications determined by the height of athletes, the use of the model:

model; height m; knife, sword length cm; knife Weight kg; Sword Weight kg

[1; 1.5 below; 72; 0.625; 0.555]

[2; 1.5-1.55 below; 74; 0.650; 0.565]

[3; 1.55-1.60 below; 76; 0.675; 0.575]

[4; 1.60-1.65 below; 78; 0.700 ; 0.600]

[5; 1.65-1.70 below; 80; 0.725; 0.625]

[6; 1.70-1.75 below; 82; 0.740; 0.633]

[7; 1 .. 75-1.85 less; 86; 0.810; 0.725 ]

[8; 1.85 above; 90; 0.910; 0.775]

knife hardness: the blade upright, self-respect shall not be noticeable sag bending, there should be some degree of flexibility.

Sword of hardness: blade upright, weight sag, shall not be bent blade.

Knife Color: not exceed the length of the knife, it may not be colored silk with other additional accessories.

Sword under the external force bent to 90 degrees, 3 minutes is not bending deformation.

13. Wushu competition gun specifications length

GunWas shorter than I vertical raised their hands, from the soles of the feet to fingertips length. Gun (except gunpoint outside), the second half of the diameter as follows: adult males should not be less than 2.30 centimeters; adult women and men in the Junior Division of not less than 2.15 centimeters, young women's group of not less than 2.00 centimeters; groups of children from restrictions. Ying, the length of the gun shall not be shorter than 20 cm.

14. Wushu competition stick specifications

stick must be equal to the length of the shortest I height. Stick body and the second half of the diameter of the same gun

the first half of the diameter of not less than the following provisions:

adult men: 1.80 cm;

adult women: 1.60 cm;

Junior men; 1.60 cm;

Junior Women's: 1.40 cm;

Children's unlimited.

15. Wushu competition soundtrack

In addition to the provisions of the collective projects, any project are not allowed during the competition music.

16. Athletes sequence

athletes contest the order should be under the supervision of the Commission, by the arrangement of group decision to use a computer drawing of lots, or be represented before the game by the team determined by lot. Spot by the athletes themselves determined by lot.

17. Wushu completion time

(1) changquan, Nanquan and knife, sword, gun, stick the optional routines, not less than 1 minute and 20 seconds.

(2) Tai Chi optional routine 3-4 minutes (up to 3 minutes, the referee whistle to indicate).

(3), tai chi routine run 5-6 minutes (to 5 minutes, the referee whistle to indicate).

(4) Tai Chi sword, collective project 3-4 minutes (up to 3 minutes, the referee whistle to indicate).

(5) Other items: Danlian not be less than 1 minute and 20 seconds. On the training of not less than 50 seconds.

(6) If the sub-age group, the changquan, Nanquan and knife, sword, gun, stick the optional routines, adult one minute and 20 seconds, Junior 1 minute and 10 seconds, 1 minute children's groups.

18. Wushu Competition Etiquette

Bao Quan Li: and further standing, Zuozhangyouquan phase hold on the chest (left edge refers to the root line and You Quan Xiang-Qi), chest-high, fist, palm and chest spacing of 20 -- 30 cm.

Hold knife ceremony: and further standing, left hand holds knife, blade upwards; bent arm carrying a knife in the chest right hand into the palm horizontal, palm attached to the left thumb first knuckle, and with chest chest-high distance of 20-30 cm .

Sword ceremony: and further standing, his left hand a knife, bent arm carrying swords, forearm inclined horizontal blade affixed on the chest; palm root ganglia attached to the left index finger, height and chest Qi, hands and chest distance of 20-30 cm .

Gun-li: and further standing, left-handed gun (stick) to (near the end of third locations), bent on the chest, the gun (stick) body upright; his right hand into the palm is attached to the second means the left thumb Festival, hands and chest distance of 20-30 cm.


wushu is China's unique traditional items of the Chinese nation in the magnificent cultural heritage treasures. Wushu as a sport full of vitality is determined by the composition of different style of technical movement, with offensive and defensive content, contains philosophy, there is a high ornamental value, giving to the United States pleasure. In addition it is rich in content and in various forms, for an active cultural life is also of great significance. In recent years, the development of competitive martial arts, its gradual integration of the Western model of sport competition, so that more perfect system of martial arts, athletics, becoming a part of the world of sports. With the increasingly competitive Wushu project towards "high, difficulty, beauty, the new" direction, and with the "higher, faster, stronger" Olympic purpose of combining Wushu Competition heated up more and more. Therefore, by scientific training to improve the competitive level athletes.

A routine technical analysis

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