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Male hands off palm please??

yan4528754802010-03-04 01:11:23 +0000 #1
Hey -! I ask that can help me Kanxia ah -! My hands are broken palm of -! I April 21, 1993 Born -! I have always hears people say their hands-off palm is not Good -! do not know how to run -! help me find the relative bar -! Thank you -! I QQ452875480
sceneryboy2010-03-04 01:19:44 +0000 #2
Palm reading is generally viewed that way: the

1, Area:

according to gossip the palm of your hand is divided into several area / location, and then look at lines from which zone extends to which area

2, Confucius:

the palm of your hand is divided into a number of Confucius (that is, each fingers under the parts), such as the Sun Hill, Moon Hill, Venus Hill, Yi Yuan Fei Shi

3, the main line:

palm of your hand a lot of lines, of which more clearly is the cause of line, lifeline, smart lines, emotional line

near the thumb of a line is the lifeline is the most important one line, if this lines clear, slender, distribution is good, and this line included in the palm of your hand part of (that is, Venus mound) thick meat, then the life of riches beyond imagination

the middle of an extended middle finger of the line is the cause of line, generally the longer the better , preferably from the palm roots start

close to the lifeline of a wisdom line, mainly in conjunction with the lifeline and career line of view, the general downward curved slightly bend the best

there is one from the index finger extended upward to the little finger under the line, is the emotional line, the main marriage, if this line, there are hill (that is, the circle), then the main person of marriage would be variable, with the front of the same as if a lot of small lines of interference is not good

4, auxiliary line

the sun line, but also said the success of line, usually from the ring finger start, extended to the business line, this line is generally more pale, but it is important

Venus line, from the finger to the ring finger of a line

sons and daughters of lines, the little finger following emotions of the above, if a line on the a child, if the 2 on 2, by analogy to 5, the garbage line:

some of the main line is not clear, and were some small lines cut off what is the most bad

6, the fingers:

also Fei Shi and fingers close up after Gap is best

finger length also have an impact mainly depends on the finger stripes

7, palm

generally thin thin hands are the main this person mean Guaen

Fei Shi hand shows this person make friends widely popular with good.

Hands-off palm (with one hand only ready half of the properties) the general notion should be a genius or an idiot.

1, there are broken palm people approximately 3%, which usually has a strong fortune, the flexibility and full of charm, good opportunity, if the cause of lines and the sun line, must be in terms of wealth and power on the big success;

2, less than that, such people only for their own interest in things before they agree to work hard, if not find interesting work, will not be able to play its expertise and an extraordinary life;

3, in the absence fate line or the sun lines, is an easy to selfish, stubborn, impatient, petty, lack of compassion, easy to isolate, less a friend of people, and the palm of your hand beating a special pain;

4, health susceptible to gastrointestinal disease;

5, the individual situation is that palm of the hand type, palm poor are mentally retarded.

Commentary "broken palm"

for just clever lines and lifeline, without emotions of people, novice phase scientist for his next one this assessment: "warm and cold, there are rational and only on and get along with others, independence amazing yet easy because of stubborn over and missed the event. "such as palm lines in China, congratulating each school in the called" off palm. " United Kingdom 19 World famous congratulating each scientist Kiro said it well, he said: "Such people have a terrible strong character, and their energies into a strong, once the spiritual focus to a particular goal, it will exhaust our best to to this goal well, until the full completion date. may be different, he failing to make use power of the masses, even if this target is complete, also got exhausted and could no longer engage in new work. "That people in character, there following the various characteristics: temperament Zhong Geng, a non-strong sense. 1 found that people carrying out fraud, it can not help but rage, bring the other side of fraud exposed absolutely not, rests. Is capable, in any case difficult, by their own by herself to deal with, not like others to intervene. Case because of their individual capabilities are limited, close enough to put some of the less important work to the others to do it, it always worrying about dirty, non-personally buckle down to action it, however, not be peace of mind. Difficulty with other people to get along, but hate heart heavy, Ya Zi must be reported. If you fall in love with a person, he would do everything possible to make their lovers happy, make their lover feel very happy, even in the whole life, was recognized. But if, unfortunately, lost his favor, he hated very strong, non-so that the other was extremely embarrassed not. Opinionated. Temper. Is also easy to feel disheartened. Because of this person's temperament in particular, so with such a person fall in love, when we must be very careful, otherwise you will suffer. This character of people suspicious of people do not trust. However, broken palm that can be big business.

"Cut palm" who can be big business

There is a with the "wavy" opposite head line is that I would like to introduce the "broken palm."

This head line from the thumb side of the palm side of the beginning has been to the little finger side of the palm side of stretch in the past, like a small scar on the palm of the hand-cut into both parts of the cut marks (Figure 2).

It is the mind-line, but also feelings of line, because it is these two lines confused with one, so it really was the "cut palm" of people, big has the following few personality traits:

① personality kin knot was almost stubborn people.

② sense of responsibility, strong, those who opened the first thing, regardless of the middle run into what major difficulty, nor will it matter aside, always clench their teeth and put the thing finished up.

③ are not good with other people to get along, even family members, getting along is not very pleasant.

④ love alone operation, or minor things also themselves, they do not like others to intervene, not easy to listen to other people's opinions.

⑤ of love very seriously, any love, the opposite sex, will do all his strength to win the other's favor.

If, unfortunately, lost love, he may be sad too for life not to marry, this love, the supremacy of people, is part of a tragic figure in it!

Therefore have a "cut palm" person, and his career success than more difficult, but also the success rate of relatively slow, but successful, he will be able to ensure that the lives of these achievements, he would continue to be a new successful step!

Alternative theory: Wisdom Line and emotional lines intersect, from the palm of your hand at one end to the other end of a straight line across the phase, to become really broken palm. Broken palm characteristics: (a) self-interest weight, good greedy little profit, I am pleased get power; (b) subjective strong and refuse to listen to the views of others; (3) adaptive capacity and resilience to poor; (d) the preference of a clear one; (e) act responsible and do not reach the success does not stop.

There is such a palmistry and hand smaller men, individuality, for good and evil have a strong sense, is a sight of coffins tears, such as people from going astray will be the underworld masterminds, such as onto the correct path will be a big Business home; women's very difficult for her to hold feminine charm, for others outspoken, heavy rational, business-like, does not favor poor flirting, so Once in love, marriage and most unhappy.

1, broken palm composition is the emotional line and the wisdom of lines combined, emotional line of the natural representatives of emotional thinking, reflect the person's feelings are serious, dedicated or not; wisdom line represents a smart, rational how to reflect this person Duirenduishi's attitude. Now two patterns into one, that emotion and reason can not be separated, so broken palm of the character of people and obviously strong, self-confidence of adequate, handling is extremely reasonable, less susceptible to emotional or family ties influenced by natural independence of the strong. No longer on the other factors, a single from this character of the spin-off, it is understandable ancient physiognomy scientists, why have a broken palm of women, that the lifetime adversely marriage. Difficult to compromise character, has always been a marriage more easily lead to volatility, but also inevitable.

2, broken palm must be emotional lines and intelligent line and a line is the true off palm.

True-off charge of people dispositions paranoid, it also acts in paranoia, there is no moderation at all. If the broken palm prints near the feelings of the line position of the emotions will have no intellectual input; such as the recent smart-line or lower, then the cold is not unreasonable to expect.

True-off charge of people who should learn to listen to other people's ideas and opinions, of course, such a personality is best not to and people partnership Luo, get along with hard Well --- ancient times, the "women's palm that are not nothing" because you palm people are generally obsessed with work, or the pursuit of honor, but in ancient times, women do not go out to work, so long as to find a good husband is lucky; while the modern age have changed considerably and gender equality, women can also have a career, your mother do not know off palm mean only. Palm that people do not listen to their parents, then left off impede the father, right down hinder mother, impede those who Katsuya, off-site separation, living together away from the more or the same place without cohabitation, the generation gap big. In fact, I think the main reason is broken palm personalities and stubborn, impulsive, rational absolute control of his emotions.

3, as palm that many people would life hard person, then what is it all about?

Human personality most from parents, genetic, palm is revealed our character map, and this naturally due to genetic causes, many people's palm the way forward and the parent is extremely close. Broken palm is one of a very high hereditary palm, if the husband and wife are off palm, then they are the next generation of the vast majority of whom would cut palm, in fact, the genetic under the palm that only genes under the character of the impact does not necessarily mean "life hard" status symbol. Instead, Ruofu mother neither side is broken palm, but born of you Daoshi broken palms, and this be considered a so-called "life hard" clan.

In fact this is not derived from the genetic broken palm, which were the words "life hard" words down a bit helpless. But the ancients, "depends on others rely on." How can this be? Down from genes other than the result of "cut palm" the causes of talking about.

Usually in the women's pregnancy, during which, under great emotional impact, or before certain things in mind, leaving a great shadow born children are very chance of breaking palm. The so-called emotional impact, the greatest opportunities will naturally more in a husband who, for example: during pregnancy, the couple quarrel bucket surge mistresses, unemployment and so on.

Woman during pregnancy, the emotional state of mind is directly on the belly in the infant, born after the character has the absolute nature of the impact, so when pregnant, their emotional volatility of the deemed as growing babies whose palm is also a difference , of course, broken palm is one of them.

Well, this fault during the what happened, if continued to the bad direction, pregnant women, the mentality may be out on the baby found that the pregnant with him, fortune telling is becoming so, this mentality lower abdomen in baby think it is not broken palm hard! After the birth of a natural small can not help the moniker "the life hard" g the parents. This case, whether "passing the buck on others rely on" mean? From another point of view, is also regarded as the fate of a combination, since the fate of the, such as ratios, are we going to so-called "life hard" mean? !

Western medical scientists believe that pregnant women should listen more to the harmony of music, see more beautiful things can be directly on the baby's future character will help, this baby at the deemed as has already started educational "Prenatal" will prove that pregnant women, the emotional right baby personality. "Prenatal" concept, the Chinese already exists, but in expressing and requirements are different, as when a woman pregnant, they stand at home, not on the wall nail things, for fear the baby was born after the birthmark, but also not in bed shear planted clothes, fear of the baby after birth, a small Hong Hen's birthmark, of course, a lot are afraid of affecting the baby looks beautiful, of course, also a certain degree of levy inspection, or as early as no one to "remember."
Christine _ small A2010-03-04 01:38:35 +0000 #3
I just want to ask you, do you pay attention to this?

Is not beyond what the tragic things could become an excuse?

I just want to tell you to say! Destiny is by their own hands!

Rather than to have to superstition!

If I tell you palm that people can live to a hundred! With great luck! So, you are not really so it?

If I tell you palm that people are days of life, not good! Have you felt that life did not make sense?

Wrong! Life is on its own to savor! Coming out! Rather than to have to superstition!

Actually, I also understand your psychology, to tell you just cut palm people down, then you have the potential heart will be comforted!



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