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Sanda and pass-arm punches could do with the practice?

protagonist Vaillant2010-03-04 10:10:58 +0000 #1
Please explain it in detail, thank you
Jingnan sword2010-03-04 10:24:19 +0000 #2
Beginners should not practice together, as fist-pass arm hair strength mode and Sanda different from the beginning of training when the arms pass through some type should be sub-practice, to replace the power of habitual use of usual methods;

mixed together, easy to excel at school, then nothing on earth, that is, Sanda did not learn well, Tung-arm nor Enhancing;

want to be able to go out a short period of practice fight, you still practice Sanda bar, but if a train Sanda is to always fight, an individual's physical and savvy, decided to raise the level of your speed and level;

pass arm in the traditional martial arts will soon bear fruit in terms of boxing is also a , but should carry out in order to practice or not Sanda came quickly, but the pass lay the foundation arm, the martial arts as long as not an idiot, your skills will be continuously improved, meaning that as long as you practice, individuals have achieved level would surely be much higher Sanda, but want to pass a good arm kung fu fight, when a minimum of three years hard work;

sum up, if you Nerimichi arm Ting 牛逼, and change will be practicing the same cow Sanda compelled to stick the Sanda you practice, the change Nerimichi arm does not necessarily line, 90 percentile of people can not pass this time is the practice arm of the
I just love small BaO2010-03-04 10:29:58 +0000 #3
can be a can, but I think you are practicing alone on a Sanda enough.

After all, Sanda is a very comprehensive "is far from close crashed near Derby kick", as well as knee and elbow (do not think that is a Muay Thai knee and elbow patents, Sanda there, but also good). If you like you can call you coach than some of the capturing for you, your usually more explosive power of endurance exercise training to fight the power of the obvious.

Tong-arm, then boxing is not very clear, but I know it is known for speed and explosive power. Speed is based on balance and coordination, explosive power than I do, I believe you want to coach professional, so no more to say.

Recommended Sanda-based (mainly practice fighting), pass arm fist, supplemented by (practice your physical fitness, the so-called "body is revolutionary capital").

There are words to remember, "a gall bladder 2 Li 3 kung fu." The courage to stand first, physical fitness in the second, fighting only in the third place only.



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