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I wanted to learn martial arts techniques, like `-

defu198962010-03-04 10:11:05 +0000 #1
I am 21 years old university student. Want to learn a martial arts may be do not know what to learn better. I would like to learn martial arts if Kishi compared with exercise, physical exercise, as well as learn some skills and so on. Martial arts is not what I know, to help me introduce the next. .
lghlk032010-03-04 10:14:14 +0000 #2
Sanda, practical, strong, can be combined with Taekwondo legs Law, beginning the first training base for some time practicing taekwondo difficult to challenge the action. . . The other is Wing Chun, this attack is also strong, and also Meisha routine, that is the way to be very skilled, not only of self-cultivation, but also self-defense. . . Finally, the third floor of a Koutan spit, do you know what kind of changes in judo come? Residual brain.
Love inducing drug Bell2010-03-04 10:46:56 +0000 #3
Feedback can learn Sanda, which has a lot of skill, you can also exercise the will and endurance
670.07732 million2010-03-04 10:30:50 +0000 #4
Judo terrible! Invincible
akka72010-03-04 11:09:04 +0000 #5
LuciferDragon2010-03-04 12:10:11 +0000 #6
karate bar, you can hone Mind (advertised in learning to learn restrained Zhang Yang), and it is very suited to train a person of flexibility. Martial arts is not to win a fight cause harm to others (now the social non-Qiecuo of fighting by the legal restrictions on the street so maybe you have been someone else win for everybody within the meaning of self-preservation), but to protect themselves from injury .

You can Chouchou
Dark Times2010-03-04 10:56:00 +0000 #7
Sanda's pretty good, well played nearly hit close wrestling, technology is very comprehensive, perseverance and endurance

a traditional martial art which is very important to a good Wing Chun

Tai Chi is a self-cultivation on the persistence and the like do not ask for

age is not a problem, and anyway you do not want to be world champion

actually personally believe that the most practical techniques Self defense is a woman, girls can try

not to vote for Thai boxing, cruel, but it can actually hurt the body
edision Shen2010-03-04 11:04:36 +0000 #8
training Sanda bar, the key can improve physical fitness, strengthening confrontational. Muay Thai was simply unrealistic, tai chi is not so are suitable, depending on character. Sanda to train strength, coordination, reaction, and some technologies, such as straight, swing, hook, whip legs, pedal, playing some close Wrestling



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