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We do not have to open karate tube, self-study karate you?, And to learn to find out what the differ

In the end how Hui Shi2010-03-04 22:11:17 +0000 #1

No mean 20002010-03-04 22:14:38 +0000 #2

I am self-taught, and we do not here.

I have self-taught for many years, and share your experience bar.

1. I bought many books on karate, each looked at one of the all times. And then repeatedly refine the understanding. Realize a lot of things. For example: In the leg side kick. General martial arts side kick are the soles of the feet or heels Weili points; while karate is based on the full blade (that is, the outer edge of foot Weili point), a swift and strong legs, than the average rate of side-kick to be much faster.

2. Watching movies. On the Japanese martial arts, especially karate movie there are many, you can search on-line. Video also depends.

3. Karate a long history, sub-lot Menpai, their training methods or techniques are real different. I hope you lot know.

Own learning karate is possible, but depends on your aptitude, and you come into contact with martial arts training and have a great relationship. Recommendations or to find a teacher.

There any difference? Certainly different from ah. If you do your training, understand the speed difference certainly, there is a movement in place is not in place, it is very difficult to say. Martial arts fighting, pay attention to footwork stature in place, it is not in place, it is possible to affect the entire hair strength, so that affects the hitting power.

I hope you can self-taught!

Finally give you a self-learning a good thing to Baidu paste it, found karate. Inside Information is a very rich, I hope you enjoy!
lg vanish lg2010-03-04 22:55:26 +0000 #3

You are where, which is the?



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