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Personal sense of perspective from the art of attack and Wing Chun seems to be the strongest. Althou

pengdawu2010-03-05 00:10:56 +0000 #1
Art of attack and of the strongest in terms of what kind of martial arts, taekwondo has the PASS. What most people look not to mention anything. People have the strongest, martial art of attack and should have comparative advantages and disadvantages of the bar.
M___seven2010-03-05 00:13:25 +0000 #2
First of all we have to discuss is the actual combat fighting, not the fighting ring. So, what champions do not come up with those who come over, though they have the strength. However, they practice their moves is aimed at small game, not for actual combat fighting. To understand this point. (Such as the ancient Muay Thai is no high leg sweep, and that this was the only widely used in order to adapt to competition and practice)

Muay Thai and the Chinese martial arts is like a very long history. For hundreds of years down, if it is bad things will be very natural to be thrown out, which explains the advantages of Muay Thai also has his and very competitive. Wushu is also a past practice martial arts, people eat not imagine the plight of modern people, and I, for example, people who previously practiced practiced Wing Chun Yang Ma, when the word is a thigh clamp the middle of this one jar folder, and that Tired people can go more than two pounds sandwiched something to tie it and then take a look at this gait. Cen Wing Chun master practice can turn a horse put the brick polished two inches. Lian Xing Yi Quan, and a three-body will have to stand for three years, modern people have the motivation and patience to learn all do?

There are now people who learn martial arts, Wing Chun tie a high-horse, 10 minutes is not enough on the Han Lei's. But do not blame them, before the cold weapons in ancient times, whenever they fight, the basic martial arts are to survive. So the decline of Chinese martial arts is inevitable, and you noticed that there are many in the Republican era of martial arts to defeat aliens pro?

I think that the level of the martial arts really points. The question what is not martial arts, is a human issue and what do these words than the book without the book of these letters are correct nonsense. Because these words is not what we can say, these words are those martial arts for several decades, a deep insight of the martial arts people who can tell you.

Now many people feel that there is a mention martial arts show, martial arts, but if you come into contact with people, you know the course of their martial arts eat hard I think you will change your view of the. My dad had a talk to the instructors taught Hung Ga, within ten seconds, put the three rogue fight a few lying. Martial arts master who many years, is a time when reform and opening up a team of people around the countryside to teach martial arts, people, older people should know that point. If you do not believe those who tie a horse for an hour Siping can also stand up for a few sarcastic comments. Ate the kind of martial arts did not suffer on the one side. Do not look at a few ring feel that they understand a lot of video. I am afraid that when the actual beatings are not practicing how. Zhi Quan only one out of two fists.

Many of these people who practice martial arts bovine B thing, and now a lot of people say it will not be credible. I used to look at Wing Chun also feel like there is no power, garbage in martial arts. Soft-close soft feet. However, post-exposure that every action has his meaning. Is by no means useless.

You can spend a month time to Wing Chun's Bu and Samsung hammer and catches are generally singled out of the ordinary people will not be martial arts is no problem. (Routines, methods and no teacher to teach 10 million not to practice, practice the wrong point of no use.)

Wing Chun is the essence of the martial arts is difficult to learn, if you really want to go to school, to tell you, no time to learn in 2035, that was learned from endless past, with Yip Man's disciples were out of school for a decade before learning martial arts teach. Besides, with so hard to find a good teacher?

In the long run, I think that the traditional martial arts than the foreign operation should be a much better fighting, and Muay Thai Wang What a living over 50 years of age? It is silly to practice, before practice Muay Thai people is to give the people with royal bodyguard. China's history so long war, non-stop over, a lot of fights, and constantly discarded one that is the essence of martial arts.

My conclusion is that Wing Chun is a very close fight against a superior technology (in fact, are generally close in real combat), but it stresses that the art training techniques and methods. Because practicing the wrong point, then more backward position, it may not have enough years of effort to train others, a good year. (Wing Chun stresses midline). And practicing a few years later, the power of short hair is a great fresh and fast, it is then to be blocked. Really willing to endure hardship to the master of Wing Chun training will not hit you dozens of films, the only two or three people will be able to bring a fight on his palms. Tanshou a gear change hands beat up beat up and then punch the other side to get up. Speed is not more than two seconds.

But definitely more advanced than Wing Chun martial arts, in fact, this principle is like Buddhism so many doors, not any one are suitable for you, but one is your best choice. The first in-depth of a door, take time to carefully study thoroughly a few years, they naturally will be higher levels, then a more profound one can also go to learn.

I personally think that Xuewu during the most important thing is to learn how to keep independent thinking. What is the use of each movement must have clear, not blind parrot. Every action is like a subject, so you find the answers to the subject clear.

PS: A friend's view upstairs silly, Wing Chun fighting force has never been different people, talking about the unloading force, leveraging the power of. You do not know Wing Chun was previously handed down a woman? When practicing with brute force, the master will say. There are a lot of small idea for this action are used to magnify its own use. Village-based power switch on the training horses, is the unloading force the other side, the general unloading forces while the other hand will be playing each other. And there is a great feature of Wing Chun is the counterparty will fail to seize, and not afraid of you hold the body. There is also a most important, you know, in fact, everyone fighting experience, but those who fought on the ring only a small fraction of people, not to use the ring on the comments of actual combat.
lianqingqing422010-03-05 00:33:35 +0000 #3
dongxiang03272010-03-05 01:00:11 +0000 #4
I is a Muay Thai fight, but Wing Chun is the strong support of China's martial arts! A strong attack at close range! But now the Wing Chun has become like a game as Sanda competition, and only with the Wing Chun's techniques! Muay Thai is a martial arts cross-training, constant practice and enhance bone mineral density 抗击打能力! Is detrimental to the body, but I am still love boxing! On the technical point of attack, I think that Muay Thai more! Muay Thai boxing Tuixi elbow contains a more comprehensive! Want to help you
Jingnan sword2010-03-05 01:44:44 +0000 #5
pass the strongest arm, on the way, with the Wing Chun is very similar, and can only be stronger than it, because most focus on single-pass arm the cultivation of skill speaking Danlian



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