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renshumin153712010-03-05 17:10:31 +0000 #1
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hold your hair2010-03-05 17:23:02 +0000 #2
is a simple and direct in terms of chat groups on communication and use

1, real-time voice communication features

Brief - 2004 into the gaming market Sina UT, by virtue of a strong voice communications functionality, a stable communication environment has become essential to many gamers game voice communication tool. With the launch of Sina UT earliest and most professional, most powerful auxiliary tool of the advantages of online games and the continued rising trend, a good testament to its functionality and quality of service.

As a UT upgraded version of the Sina Sina UTG in voice communications, has inherited all the advantages of Sina UT, so that users can enjoy a microphone during the game and the team members of the upper limit of 300 people a direct voice communications of fun. At the same time, UTG also Sina UT on the basis of a more humane improvement, so that users can zoom in UTG shortcut to switch the course of the game where the channel room, more convenient completion of UT can not be realized in the various new features .

Function Highlights:

• a strong foundation to support

Sina large high-quality server system so that Sina UT has been in operation in the user's wide acclaim. As an upgraded version of UT Sina Sina UTG is on a large scale to adjust the allocation of server resources to ensure that through the UTG to achieve higher quality than the Sina UT-quality voice communications.

• No delay in voice communications

UTG voice system bandwidth is only 4-6K, even dial-up mode, but also smooth voice communications.

UTG text communications support text communication, users can exchange text voice mixing.

• friends, blacklist function

UTG support friends, black, friends and other community functions check. Friend tracking feature also supports a direct follow-up friends to reach the room where, to achieve voice communications.

UTG voice trading game to support voice selling equipment to achieve the game quicker and more convenient transactions.

2, the game Gonglue check

brief - the state of the user logged UTG, it can be in the game in the process directly Gonglue inquiries and online customer service directly to help users solve the game beyond doubt.
Wind lean Xiaoxiang2010-03-05 17:18:55 +0000 #3
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Reference is UT Introduction
rx08082010-03-05 18:04:16 +0000 #4
undefeated Dark Emperor: The Undertaker article/view/13870.html



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