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Supernatural powers to open up a relationship with the Renduermo do?

LDX090082010-03-06 01:10:09 +0000 #1
I have not opened up Rendu? Sakyamuni have any magical powers? (Not within the expert please do not question and answer, with scientific and better.)
banmasuonan2010-03-06 01:18:01 +0000 #2
I have no supernatural powers, we can not say, because there is no clear record. But Sakyamuni Buddha's supernatural powers is that many books have recorded. And a lot of the history of Buddhism in the cultivation of the show people have supernatural powers, but the supernatural in Buddhism is not known wonder things. Buddha with five six-pass, with our eyes is the magical powers of view can be described as endless. But the Buddha also taught his disciples that the real Bodhicitta, Chu Lixin as brought about the achievements of rice, while the supernatural as rice straw, rice mature, supernatural powers do not seek contentment, or even want to not also be difficult.

In addition to the history of cultivation and many people are demonstrating superhuman supernatural powers, such as the translation of a number of knowledgeable and elevated precepts of Kumarajiva to his disciples, he will face in front of his disciples swallowed a needle and safe. We are often mentioned in school textbooks "is not a wind-driven, not sail, the benevolent Heart," the author of Zen Master Hui Neng the Sixth Patriarch was supernatural Needless to say, for now his flesh still intact disk sitting in Nanhua Temple in Shaoguan. In Tibetan Buddhism in the supernatural is commonplace thing, but you do not like out Xianbaibaliao. The Buddha's disciples have a lot of clout in different people, the Buddha's own, not to say.
f3438562812010-03-06 01:34:18 +0000 #3
In fact, founder of Taoism Lao-tzu, though it may not be qigong

he was just on the Road


said white point is that cultivates the heart

Qigong should not be, or who are not proficient

he proposed to "Tao" reasonable person

because he has to create and reproduce out of Tao

So the world of pushing him into the identity of the high

the spiritual support of all Xiudao Ren

can be said that he was a theorist, but it is not qigong everyone sage

----- -----

Sakyamuni have any supernatural powers

This is a lot of people are still discussing the issue (in fact I is also)

but his supernatural powers, and you know not the same as had been discussed at the

said to be specific functions, said to be a high state of mind, realized some of the things

have a very great effort to achieve ideal and not so amazing

Sakyamuni are just some small coincidence, coupled with his own understanding of the world , understand and want to change the establishment of Buddhist

So, the way of faith and guide people to guard their hearts benevolent thoughts


he founded Buddhism, in fact, is itself a kind of supernatural powers of the

there is - the kind of supernatural powers, in fact if you think If

is only a legend in the East and West

Renduermo's opened up is not a pinnacle of achievement and is just a new beginning

Of course, according to the novel's supernatural powers in terms of

is a large capacity of people to use the skills

each large-capacity people have to walk two veins open up the vast majority of the route

final - and then there are problems when the reward

Otherwise, remember that few people would like me to play so many characters so boring and your interpretations



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