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The star, and Tai Chi

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satisfied tone: the sea wall of earth-Zhang Jin Zhang River water into the water

Shensha: Tai Chi and elegant elegant elegant Tai Chi and elegant

the star the star the star the star

the star the star the star the star

yin-yang error Yin and Yang error
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is satisfied tone:

The ancients believed that the universe is a metal, wood, water, fire, earth and the five elements, five elements that allelopathy sports results constitute a Boundless. There are five elements, and satisfied the five elements five elements of the sub-audio.

By Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches of the self-attribute set of the five acts are the five elements, such as a wood, sub-water, etc.; by Ganzhi give birth to a five-act with the five elements satisfied tone. Na Audio Source: 60 Jiazi satisfied tone, which actually means 60 for the Palace of the law of reverse-phase method. All together pentameter, Shier Lv 60 that satisfied tone. Na sound basic approach is: the same wife, having children separated 8. This is also the law Lvxiang hygiene laws. Dry for days, branch of, the sound Weiren.

60 flowers Jiazi satisfied tone table

Jiazi Yi Chou Sea King Bingyin Dingmao furnace fire Boshin Baba large trees Gengwu Xinwei roadside soil Ren Shen Jian-Feng Jin

Jia Xu Yi Hai 癸酉 Fire Rat Dingchou mountain stream water Tiger JiMao city wall Soil Gengchen Government House Fraxinus Golden Horse 癸未 willow wood

Jiashen 乙酉 spring water BingXu Chinese New housing on the land Wu Zi Ji-Chou Li split pine and cypress wood fire Gengyin 辛卯 Imjin Kimi changliushui

Sino-Japanese War of gold 丙申 Ding-Yi Wei Sha Shan Fire Reform Movement己亥 flat wooden walls of the Boxer Boxer soil Renyin Guimao foil gold

Jia-chen Otomi Buddha lights Bingwu DingWei Milky Way Water Shigenobu Jiyou Oeki soil Geng-Xu Xinhai Jin Prince Guichou mulberry stalk insertion ring wood

Jiayin 乙卯 large streams Bing-Chen Dimba Sand Turkey Wuwujiwei heaven Xinyou pomegranate wood fire Gengshen Gyehae Saigon big sound satisfied the five elements of sea water

B, C Ding Memorize the Equations of formulas 1-5, Zaichou afternoon did not come to a few,

Yin Mao Shen You two on the go, Tatsumi Ii 3 is enough.

GanZhi add a few more than five, the five elements earth water and fire wood gold.


In ancient China, people in Vientiane with the unifying theory of yin and yang of experience, Shen Sha accounted for no small proportion. Shen Sha is also in the nature of yin and yang, but it is not from the five elements of the Health and g Taboo analysis, strong comparative mandatory means, methods, shallow, simple, with the eight-character sub-level academic continuously circulating, most astrologers are not in favor of a single used to determine people's fate is Shensha fortune, rich and poor and lowly, the Qing Dynasty astrologers Su Temple in "fortune telling is about words," said: "Anyone who lives good or bad fortune, chosen by the pattern of luck, encore coupling Shensha and letters from them?" "drop medullary days, "said:" The three odd two German virtual good things, salty pool horses and a half to push detailed "but notes," drip-day pulp, "Ren Tie-chiu, said that the Shen Sha is a false hope, in the fortune-telling when a Shensha do not have to. Liu Bowen "Gold-off policy the total daughter Fu" goes: "the actual occurrence of good or bad fortune Shensha of multiport, how about one of the grounds of Health and restraint."

Shensha corporations are mandatory, but are not Heluo Ganzhi the Five Elements of science, In Da Liu Ren predictions, there is no Shensha Star simply will not make itself Da Liu Ren. Through practice, Shen Sha inspection of the levy is still very high, and not ignorant that there was no Shensha, sub-level numerology will not flourish. "Four words only solution," says: "Shen Sha-phase tripping, light and heavy battle," Although we can not simply be a Shensha terms of the fate of how good or bad fortune, but still Shensha study was essential, how that the key is to "light and heavy contest, "on the life, when order is the Five Elements of Health and restraint of the main Shensha supplement. Fortune-telling in the eight characters in a person's wealth from the poor and lowly co-ordination of the five elements are determined, not by Shensha to decide. Ariyoshi God because life can not be concluded that this person and the wealth, but also can benefit from life and conclude that this person has Xiongsha poor and lowly.

Because Shensha too, just to introduce some of the more important Shensha.

Elegant (as on dry, dry years since the Japan-based dry)

A E G cattle and sheep, monkey B had mice Township, ting, pig and chicken bits, Rengui rabbit snake Tibetan, 6 Xin every sloppy, this is the elegant side.

1, and elegant is a big help their own people, hit the can every Fengxionghuaji. Elegant belongs to God Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan and even Kyrgyzstan, fierce fierce can be reduced, if the elegant clinical use in the eight-character-hi Earthly Branches, the greater the role of the elegant and temporary extensions in the eight-character of the bogey, the elegant can be reduced a bit ominous.

2, and elegant sometimes refers to the power or financial resources to help individuals, such as to be an officer, or the rich help.

3, Ming Fung and elegant can "out of the past expensive", meaning that Council and an officer, or when dealing with the more wealthy.

4, there are elegant eight-character almost anywhere will get the help of others, and these people do not necessarily all of them have the right or the money, some of them may never know their own people.

5, Tianyi and elegant as "Wing," "significant," the mean on the inside, if the eight-character with the five elements of life are rich, but also with elegant, then this "Hideaki good", it could be more prominent .

6, or a fleeting encounter if Dayun elegant words (such as dry as the day A, Da Yun at the ugly, no, or fleeting Earthly Branches for the ugly, un), called the "lucky encounter and elegant," saying that this step Win or this year will be to help people, work more smoothly, the surface seems very difficult to do something sometimes be resolved, even if unexpected events occur there will be warm and help solve the problem. Of course, if this step is transported or the five elements that year itself, is not conducive to eight characters, belonging to poor transportation, then only someone around to help the event and elegant only and does not fundamentally change the bad transport.

7, if an eight-character itself belongs to a bad horoscopes, poor and lowly eight-character words, even though there are elegant Kyrgyzstan God, it is still a bad horoscopes, poor and lowly eight-character, although elegant does not make up their life to become rich and smooth them.

8, a woman's eight characters, if the Tianyi elegant with two or more, it can not be considered a good omen, but suspect there may be promiscuous, it must be part of social-type woman, socializing too much, lack of virginity the concept of mixing in the middle of a number of men, and even go to bed with men at any time. Poem reads: an elegant as lucky, two of your feelings became jittery, three elegant setting for prostitution, or for old age home are high.

9, if the elderly and the fleeting away Dayun elegant (or walking and elegant at the same time), may be the death of Zhao, the main funeral rites.

10, Japan Quaker: Ding-you, Dinghai, Kimi, Gui Mao was born persons, Day column Earthly Branches for the elegant, Japanese support for the spouse Palace, the table was his elegant spouse. Men may be the US's wife, with his wife to help, the woman may be married to your husband, there is husband to help. Support from those who sit on elegant, appearance sounded very delicate and elegant, handsome, smart and relatively gentle, for others simply, stomach did not so much greenery Shui Po, there are Rende, for others modest. The big fear on grid extension harm by breaking the sentence, then there is fierce Kyrgyzstan, not for America. Expensive night was divided into daytime expensive, Dinghai, Kimi was born on the day Hi, Ding-you, Gui Mao was born on the night hi.

If a woman lives, in 1977 Students:


day dry Kuei-mao had to see the elegant, four eight-character Earthly Branches are all elegant, women elegant life too much, the main debauchery, so I am into prostitution. This is an escort lady predicted fate.




If a man lives, 1957:

wealthy but the body is weak, Ding Ren Aiki in the autumn of his life empty busy. Japan see the West as a elegant dry Ding, eight-character Earthly Branches although three elegant, nor can those who are rich in this together, just no shortage of food and clothing only. Ding-Ji You


Wenchang (in Japanese dry onwards)

A Snake B Ma reported that Jun knows, C and D have been Shigenobu Palace chickens, pigs Xin-Geng Wang mouse every tiger, Kuei-people see the rabbit Step scaling ladders.

1, Wenchang master clever, writing is good, a good memory, learning things that can learn by analogy, and the main delicate, gentle, giving a gentle and humble feeling.

2, sometimes, Wenchang can play Fengxionghuaji role.

3, eight-character zone Wenchang, multi-master their human study, there is spirituality, is the reading material.

4, a Japanese sit Wenchang, namely Bingshen, Shigenobu, Ding-you, Ji You, Renyin, Gui Mao was born these days, since the sit Wenchang, childhood is a gifted children, a higher proportion of college.

5, it is generally believed that the high level of education Wenchang owner can admitted to university, is not necessarily so, a lot of eight-character primary cultures have Wenchang. Some people say that not more than eight-character Wenchang, as long as one we go, more is not good, but some eight characters there are two Wenchang, also a university student. Therefore, the Wenchang not judge a person whether or not the sole criterion for further studies, it was eight-character does not Wenchang, as able to read Dr..

6, useful Wenchang as follows: the branch of Wenchang sat like to use a God, Wenchang making money, Wenchang wear is printed, Wenchang every Luhe, these with the relevant qualifications and style of writing.

7, The God of Cookery's Lu Wenchang an exercise in land (except dry ting, Japan), such as A to C as the God of Cookery, C and Lu in the had, so to had to Wenchang. Female life not more than eight characters Wenchang Wenchang more, that is, God of Cookery more, but not beautiful, perhaps to quebracho.

8, the original life of the Kyrgyzstan, every Wenchang Ariyoshi on the role of Ghazi, the original life of this fierce, though every Wenchang also useless, or use very small.

Hongyan (in Japanese dry onwards)

passionate few people want to know more, Liu Bing Fung Yin Xin, see the chicken. Shen Kuei-Pro does not see the small, happy grin Hee Hee.

A and B, see Xu Shen Geng afternoon, this world is everyone's wife. E has been afraid of fear of sub-chen Wang, Lu-Lu Ma come across as prostitutes.

Ren is a wealthy courtiers woman, also stole Huaqianyuexia period.

1, Hongyan owner of Merry passionate, lust, life and committed the majority of having an affair peach. Female life be found, it is inevitable personal kinship, and marriage Shi Zhen, a love I am afraid we must live with a Japanese dry if the Earthly Branches Paul, but also with horses, in order to dissolute person, or as prostitutes.

2, a self-sitting Hongyan who now Ganzhi for the Sino-Japanese, Jiashen, Bingyin, DingWei, Boshin, Geng-Xu, Xinyou, Prince, Sex and heavier.

If a man lives, in 1884 Students:

This is the Year of Monkey 3 56 of the eight characters on a dry-shen and Wu Hongyan, see evil, its people necessarily romantic. Unmarried leave the barracks to go before the regular prostitute geisha, pleasure, marriage also has multiple mistresses. United States Air Force in 1943, Yamamoto was killed, leaving behind a 16 parcel, as 16 minutes to one of them mistress souvenirs. Jiashen Dingmao


If a woman lives, in 1976 Students:


This is an eight-character prostitutes, aged 16, went to Canton street prostitution. A see-shen and Wu Hongyan, Japanese support for the Lu-yin, but also horses, horses on sticks Shen also, is an old saying: "Lu Lu Ma reunion for prostitutes" It's really the inspection like a god.


Sino-Japanese War


Kim Yu (in Japan and started)

10 stem-lu before 2, as Jialu in Yin, Chen for the gold Yu, Lu B in d, had to Jin Yu.

1, Jin Yu, when the Japan branch and run into better teams, the owner gentle personality, appearance and simple, can get his wife money to marry his wife over dowry, but also when the door-law possible. Ming Ji, another gold Yu, mostly car owners.

Horses (in Japanese teams, the annual branch onwards)

Shenzi-chen Ma Yin, Yin Wu Xu Ma Shen, had unitary ugly horse hai, hai Mao had no horses.

1, the main horses run around, walk around, go out, travel, travel, move, transfer and other mobile-related things such as, fate has any horses, and his hyperactivity.

2, there are several horses in the eight-character, then the master mind indefinite, rolling stone, and his anxiety ran about busily, wandering with no fixed, extremely hard work. Poem: Eight Characters Fun horses cross-Chi, Body-wing toil in the East, if the virtual Expo Xianxin volatile, moving the airflow is quiet sad.

3, Eight Characters in horses affected by red, such as the shen horses, another Yin characters, Yin Shin Sang-Chong, one was the most vivid and powerful. Children eight characters are horses every impulse, there may be children with ADHD. The Cloud: Ma after Jiabian towards peace peaceful north to the tomb of the South.

4, large shipments, or fleeting hit the horses for the "Stagecoach transport", the main cause of the transport or the year, the environment changes or go out to a longer time, for example there are travel, travel, adjust or change jobs and other things.

5, female life do not like eight characters are horses, but horses do not like every red, if there are two or more of the horses, or horses every impulse, is Ominous signs a lifetime physical exertion, social activities and more road warriors and more uncertain mind, and may be an affair. A result of a woman's vocation is a wife, mother, ran outside all day long, with a total not trust people, maybe will be automatically sent to other people's embrace of the vote. A poem: Stagecoach more rude every sentence, clinical officer Emperor Wang is more annoying, columns in the case of another salt pond, these beautiful woman will not find. In other words, there are horses female life eight characters, there are sub-d-phase punishment, another day dry-lu, or Emperor Wang, science coupled with a salty pool of eight-character, for the prostitution prostitution of women, never married her for his wife Mo, otherwise, Green Hat ultimately, there are a dozen.

6, should note that horses are looking at with the "move" a matter relating to elephants, but look at the words just by horses, there are many things will change can not be calculated, it was eight-character no horses, as hyperactivity, so we can not rigidly adhere to horses.

7, male life sitting on horses Ching-choi, the eight-character words, such as Ji-Chou on Health, eight-character has hai for the horses that his wife diligent, willing to work at home, her husband came home from work can, of course Qiaoqi foot playing. It also stated that the wife may marry from afar, or the wife is rushing. The saying goes: If Fortune sit four horses, his wife Yin everywhere leisurely.

If the Japanese dry-wang, more than robbery, robbery ride horses than with the brothers and sisters on each side. The Cloud: Body-wang par sit horses, brothers, wander about a good chic.

8, the branch of the horses of the Provisional eight-character likes to use God, then moved to move the primary Kyrgyzstan, if the bogey for the eight-character of God, then moved to move the main culprit in transport with age.

9 to see horses, but also the horses by the advent of 10 stars, should also be examined, if the horses are official Qisha Pro,Easy matter for official promotion and moved to action; if horses are partial temporary wealth, it's easy to move because of wealth and moving; if Stagecoach Pro is printed, easy for school matter, while to move move, otherwise move to get back a few more. The rest and so on.

10, is an old saying: elegant horses pull more than l, ordinary people more than horses rushing. This means that an officer who eight characters with horses, indicating that the regular promotion, no money, no powerful eight-character people have horses, only said that only ran about busily.

11 horses die every space is not Kyrgyzstan, like Jia Xu day for the horses to Shen, Jia Xu Shen You ten days in space, Shen empty die. Horse fall dead, life around, and less labor into. The saying goes: horse fall dead, is to worry about people in dire straits.

12, where the heavenly stems and to Geng-xin gold horses, or horses where the Ganzhi na word for gold, for the horse with a sword, the main reputed frontier. The soldiers are mostly born in Georgia, or are displaced in life.

If a man lives, in 1963 Students:

When the Hai Gui Mao as the horses, the Heavenly Stems for Cynkin for the "horse with a sword," Xinhai satisfied tone also is a gold, Qisha year alone on the penetration, must be are soldiers. Daxian this life in rural areas, drafted into the army, fought in the Sino-Vietnamese border, almost sacrificed their lives for the country, who has military barracks stationed in Chongqing Municipality-level officer of a group engaged in financial work. Reputed border and so on, I'm afraid not.




canopy (in Japanese teams, the annual branch onwards)

Yin Wu Xu, see Xu, had unitary ugly see ugly, Shenzi Tatsumi Chen, Hai mao no no.

1, canopy Xingzhu isolated. Canopy was originally art star, the master intellectual skills were strange words and deeds, intraoperative industry specialism, but inevitably Snob Wei Ren, create something new, different extant.

2, hit a canopy on the mysterious culture are interested in, I believe that the number of patients of Buddhist learning, hobbies, there may be immortal, and qigong, fortune-telling in the spin. There are many women eight characters with a canopy, pray every day, or around to find someone to tell the future, simply a "fortune-telling addiction", by some wanderers, witch God Han, "life science experts", who played with neurotic.

3, canopy of the "art", mostly abysmal art, more clearly refers to "the extremely poor," "under the extremely poor quality," art, there are skills, levy or examination with the highest and mysterious things related to fortune-telling technique to study people, eight-character canopy if so, how much a little bit of spirituality in this regard.

4, canopy's "lonely" and more is the soul of loneliness, self-Ming aloof from worldly affairs, non-complicit, like a person reading to learn. Hit a canopy of people eager to learn its features, but if the canopy accounted for more than two, or eight-character co-ordination of Kyrgyzstan, but with a canopy, I am afraid a bit lonely on the Liu Qin.

5, "canopy every empty, partial appropriate monk" If the eight-character of the marquee stars die every empty, then the main void, or transcend their human minds, there is the idea of a monk.

6, after summing up canopy also said that a little bit honest kind-hearted people, there is good there is nature.

7, eight-character Chinese cover accounted for two or more, is not necessarily very good, often fail to seize the opportunity.

8, are printed to sit canopy, successful learning achievements, to be thoroughly officials, who may be administrators. The saying goes: every Indian Shou-hua, Zun-Han Yuan ranks.

9, eight characters with a canopy, and there are God of Cookery, wounds officer, partial and India may be medical Bu person, or a writer and so on.

10, canopy ride the tomb, such as Xu ting, as a day to the tomb, but also canopy; A and B as a tomb, yet do not, but also canopy; E. Yi Chen has been ugly for the tomb; also a canopy; Keng-hsin and ugliness as the tomb, but also is the canopy, enjoy leisure alike.

Poem reads:

Xu Xu Shigemi no no, the ugly ugly Tatsumi Shigemi e, when the stack closed canopy evil that men and women die lonely spring air.

Canopy leisurely art of people like Hugh prisoners on the two health-wang, articles, medical Bu Kanemoro surgery, an abysmal monk real time.

Canopy salt pool and with ghosts, not for the craftsman will be as a teacher, a small ghost both the five elements air, then the Buddhists do not top Huangguan.

Peach (in Japanese teams, the annual branch onwards)

Yin Xu afternoon from the Mao years rabbit out of chicken is called Shen Zi-chen chaotic human relations. Hai Mao did not rat the child take the lead to sit, had mounted the South West ugly walk.

1, peach a salty pool, the Five Elements bathing place for romantic star, the main frolicking in the bedroom, eight-character with a peach of people, helping them easy to attract the opposite sex, but also easy to heterosexual interest.

2, peach widely perceived as a good god of prostitution, easy and a number of heterosexual sexual relations with an eight-character peach two or more, or do they take bath, pre-marital must Shi Zhen, marriage is also an opportunity may come out of chaos.

3, and some men, waist-free semi-Man, looks are not Zeyang, eight-character peach with just because too heavy, as can be, and many different types of women struggling for, somehow, a lot of women are willing to go to bed with him. Some women looks normal on the result of eight characters peach weight, the same will tease, seduced and taste a lot of men do not speak.

4, peach sit still partial wealth, I have a peach, there are likely to be a wife was pretty, is also possible that a wife with human intrigue. Partial financial parent, or father is not correct.

5, peach par robbing sit for "Tao Huajie" to show a result of color or even bankruptcy, the subject of fraud extortion, or for sensual frequented places (Cantabile dance halls, nightclubs, etc.) consume a lot of money, or become "Heng Dao wins love," the protagonist. A woman, there may be deceived lose your virginity, or achieve a certain purpose for some men Yishenxiangxu (via cloud female life: rob big bad than peach).

7, peach sitting Qisha for "Peach Blossom kill", by the clouds: the height of his rampant, only to kill peach belt. Both men and women, both lust extremely heavy, and the incident provoke a result of peach impending massacre, or blackmail of people fiercely sum, or for sexual promiscuity big sores infected with bayberry. Some men ordered to kill eight characters with a peach that he admitted had color, good wine.

8, female officers are being ordered to sit Peach eight-character may be cool-looking husband, a good business to work out Jinwucangjiao more likely to be her husband.

8, peach falls on the hour for the "wall Peach Blossom", which committed a significant increase in the chances of peach.

9, eight characters with a peach, another son of d-phase punishment, Yixing Yuan special good, prostitution can not be made purely animal type, speak only happy moment, do not in any mood, and will come a lot of trouble because of lust.

10, eight characters with a peach, another triple, Luk Hop, Yixing Yuan special is good, prostitution can not be made. The saying goes: Peach band together, must be the son of wave travel.

11, eight characters with a peach, another shower evil, women and men handsome, Yixing Yuan special is good, prostitution can not be made. A poem: Peach Blossom bath bear Wen, uncles, aunts total of marriages, births, such as guilty of this when the sun and the moon, will know nonsense chaotic human relations.

12, eight characters with a peach has stimulated more than the water column, prostitution can not be made, female life into prostitution.

13, eight characters with a peach, columns official vilification and more obscene can not be made, I do not know ethical traditions are.

14, a woman eight characters with a peach and columns in the official system to kill more without marriage ruined, people Feel husband, into prostitution.

15, Dayun fleeting encounter peach for the "Tao Huayun," unmarried men and women may Kuaishua friend, or a case of people to pursue, or the official to go to bed; a married person may have peach, extramarital affairs, incest, betrayal, prostitution matter. However, some nothing had happened and not jump to the conclusion.

16, it was eight-character does not peach, like the promiscuous.

17, note that gives the fortune-telling when the person can not be casually nonsense of their private life.

Poem goes like this:

There lives within the zone salt pond, naturally Natural Sleeping Dogs Lie, every man as much as generosity, a woman from succeeding this style.

Salty pool 4 the five elements in peach bucket Nenhong everywhere, men and women of all satyric case of its tender and beautiful spring Lane.

Zaiwumaoyou accounted for transit, salty pool of sheep evil blade attached to a G Wang C were met, generous romantic orchestral drunk.

Any more salty pool of clever, but the main romantic appearance than the flowers, impatient again and Multi-industry arts, a non-Counter-married forests.

Salty pool of an evil number Lian-zhen, except water, enchanting main fornication, God can still see into your bath, will teach the dumping country and Allure.

Inverted insert peach color more fresh, Day on where the anti-North Korea, the suave romantic evil jealous people, sex is not Yin Yin Qiao clever.

Confused Xianchi Artists, Hugh ghost prisoners with the most true, the empty dead body wang mind by chance, Nengwennengwu curse spirits.

Sheep Blade salt pond in Japan, the spiritual nature of coincidence more than I know, quick-tempered defeat Wang Palace Palace slow, chronic disease of airflow both.

Salty pool for nature is adultery, Shen Zi-chen every 癸酉 gold, Ine person erotic water weight, fear of disease indulge Huajiu sad.

Time salty pool of a two-tier structure, called the move fiercely anti-evil-year-old, violent death dead fire and water away from home, curse their lives are not hospice.

Day Xianchi boost to God, Yincuoyangchai canopy and, his wife at home court disaster and loaded ugly, if not criminal outsiders away from the lure.

Life values Xianchi wash day stars, as the human Qiao more energy, men were more than met this, every woman's guilty Zhongseng.

On the palace avoid with Lian Zhen, had his wife will not kinky Come prostitution, both husband and wife Zhengda She Shi, Guan Shi for his wife and a woman.

Women's Day Add salt pool, smart Shou-yi is not treacherous, but worry over her husband reversed, gambling, call tour has also seen their homes destroyed.

An evil Xianchi most cynical, g I was born and I are unfavorable ratio and is also a cheap star names, lecherous mercenary difficult Zhigui.

Note: The inverted plug Peach: Kisaragi Day is a hai or d or not, the annual support for the child, the rest and so on.

Rat-rolling waves Peach Day Health, monthly column, or when the column as 辛卯; 辛卯 Risheng monthly column for the Rat, in order to roll wave peach, both men and women, naturally promiscuous, marriage ruined. Due to C together with the symplectic, Earthly Branches sub-d-phase punishment, and therefore have this to be. Poem goes like this: Four-Ganzhi together into sentences, more because of the height of his funeral his body, if the temporary edge, and Yang Qi Sha is scheduled to make their lives on the road people. Also: Rat 辛卯 phase punishment, dissolute rolling waves.

Jiazi Luo Xing Peach Day Health, monthly column, or when the column as Gengwu; Gengwu-time student, monthly column for the small extent of Luoxing peach, both men and women, naturally promiscuous, marriage ruined. A bath for the child, G bathed in afternoon, two were closed dry bath, bathing the main prostitution, Earthly Branches also compared the impact, so it is this should be.

Four-Earthly Branches everywhere peach full Ziwumaoyou four-character, for everywhere peach.

Robbing evil (in Japanese support, annual support, the year the main branch)

Shenzi Chen Xi snake openings, Hai Mao Xi monkey did not speed away, Yin Wu Xu Xi pig face black and had unitary ugly Come tiger croup.

1, robbery evil as Xiong Shen, in general, the main right and wrong, and even bankruptcy, and the main there is disaster. Eight characters with two or more of the robbery evil, this person must be violence-prone, most scary, innate sense of a crime, and there is always predatory action, or a theft behavior.

2, robbery evil masters also brave, not afraid of death, if the Japanese dry strength-wang, but also with a robbery evil, you can engage in military service, such as a class of military and police sectors. The saying goes: Health wang death robbed the palace Tibet, won the three armed services.

3, robbing evil it as a disaster, mainly reflected in the duplication of efforts, upon the saying goes: robbery is not as evil as a disaster, running around in vain Vanity Fair.

4, robbed another evil Lord banditry, and sometimes things that often stolen.

5, ordered every robbery evil, ear, nose and throat often susceptible to diseases.

6, fleeting Dayun robbed every evil, the Five Elements with the case of Geely is also the main multi-miss, then the five elements with the disaster is not Kyrgyzstan's heavier.

Death of God (in Japanese support, annual support, the year the main branch)

Yin Wu Xu see had and hai d no yin, had unitary ugly, see Shen, Shenzi Tatsumi hai.

1, Xiong Shen dead God, but also the sovereignty of the patients seek. Eight characters with a dead God, my mind is smart, responsive, there is resourcefulness odd dollars, good deal machine change, but also good umbrella people.

2, the master treacherous death of God, multi-tricks and clever. If the eight characters with a dead God, but also with a robbery evil, then the main hypocrisy, after saying goes: death robbed exchanges, the Buddha mouth snake heart generation; poem goes like this: death of God into the lives of non-bad light, not a one exhausted bodies.

3, death of God has the primary right and wrong, and thrown into prison, there is the possibility of breaking the law, eight-character if three dead God is bound in prison. The Cloud: broken Army (ie, death god) triple, must it is just stream's bidding. Also: a re-breaking the military, such as mouth mouth, two born again believers wang main stream, triple Crackdown shall be deemed to twist, the set every four beheaded (The above theory of life vicious side).

To sing (in Japanese support, annual support, the year the main branch)

Yin Wu Xu, see Wu and hai d no d, had ugly see unitary unitary, Shenzi Tatsumi child.

1, most people believe that the star is Kat God, through the cloud: the star Wenwu tilapia, Paul re-Leg can see the right. Owner has leadership ability, it may perform household formal levers of power, civil and military Safe. Through practice, study, Zheng inspection is relatively small. If the eight characters with the five elements of the Kyrgyzstan, even with the star, and perhaps may have some ji.

2, I believe that the star is not made available Yigai Kyrgyzstan, but there will be an unexpected disaster, the nature of the disaster are mostly unpredictable. Every fleeting Dayun the star, must prevent any harm matter of failure and sadness.

3, hit the star at d, to the birthplace of the East to the fear of failure and sorrow of the thing; will star in the West, to the birthplace of the West, there is fear of failure and sorrow of the thing; will star in the son, to their birthplace in the north to the fear of failure and sorrow of the matter; will star in the afternoon, to the birthplace of the South go, fear of failure and sorrow of the matter. Ruoqiang star sat, the branch of the bogey, the more ill-omened.

4, the star with the bogey of the branch with the palace, can also be full by the arrogance of evil, such as the life bogey robbing, robbing bands will sing, every of the four pillars of its victims has doubled.

Days, Germany, on Germany (in months since teams are found in Day, who is)

days Germany: positive succinic Kun Temple, 3 Wang Xin with four or five dry Rokko, on 7 Kuei-8 Yin Tong, Ju B 9 C 10 , sub-G in the Sunda ugly.

On Germany: Yin Wu Xu month in C, Shen Zi-chen month in Wang, Hai Mao is not a month, had unitary ugly month in G.

1, day Germany is a branch on the Japanese Ganzhi, when Ganzhi to investigate, found in Japan who do the best, if found in dry years, not days or months Ganzhi Germany. Germany is based on the Japanese teams on dry or when dried to the investigation, found in Japan who do the best, found in dry years or months are not Ganzhi on Germany.

2, two-star also known as the days of Germany and elegant, month, Germany and elegant. Life one day Germany or months Germany and elegant, the "clear", "expensive" means that the inside of the master kind, clever, careful not to bad, often Fengxionghuaji can increase the chance of well-known, the main kind-hearted woman is more virtuous life . The saying goes: kind Hui-min, days on 2 de Ching.

3, days, months and Germany, according to the sun and the moon shining protective of themselves,Added some luck, but can not decide a person's wealth poor and lowly, on two days only to Germany from gilding the lily. Eight-character combination of the five elements poor, although Germany also played two days on not much effect.

3 days on Germany are masters of goodness and do not want to go the whole people, through the clouds: vegetarian compassion, India Shou Sui Fung Yu Tian-De; a woman is not killing zone 2 Germany, and for sealing between the two countries.

4 days on two German people can again master of its law-abiding, non-life, less can be virtually disaster. Life every day on Germany, carefree attitude of being indifferent to quiet, not for non-cent, think that a windfall is not greedy, if not riches, then hit, but also content with the poor.

5 days on two German person, soft-hearted, life always doing the right thing, it is know how to plot Yam Kung, eight-character if it is printed in season, this point becomes more apparent. The saying goes: two German-Indian-sheng, Zuoshi Mercy Budd.

6 days on 2 Germany again for the longevity of the stars, but also for the Fengxionghuaji god, is pressing evil star. The saying goes: days on two German support, with fewer health benefits officer; Also: Germany to save two days on solutions, 100 non-disaster damage.

Days Germany combined, month Germany together (in months support, the person is found in Day)

The Ganzhi coincide with the days of Germany for the days of Germany combined; and on the consistency of the Heavenly Stems Germany Germany together for months.

1, two-star and the day Germany, on Germany of a similar nature, bode well a little time.

Disaster evil (in years since support)

and will be telling the branch of disaster evil impulse.

1, for the tragedy brought disaster evil star, the main official Africa, mourning, or even bankruptcy and various Ominous signs.

2, hit every disaster evil, often stricken by bad luck, the most likely died when the luck of the street.

Red-luan, Tian-Xi (in years since support)

Hung Luen Maoshang child onwards, retrograde only a few to Lifetime on the palace that is days-hi star, limit orders shipped every side pregnant.

1, Ming Fung Hung Luen days happy and gentle personality side, focusing on the image appearance, giving a dignified and honest feeling. Two-star Lord looks Wen Gong, and attractive women beautiful and act has that kind of an indescribable charm.

2, M ordered eight characters with Hung Luen days happy and taller big, like to make friends, get a woman's life more help, and be able to get his wife the main wealth, married into our family background can be a good wife, the marriage will not be too late.

3, female life Eight Characters Hung Luen days with joy, beautiful, the only character that some urgent, for others a matter Xiao got the message, refreshing, a student will be a model girl. Meikichi may marry the husband's wealth. Life and tough as the jealous wife, jealous at every turn is necessary to more engaged in service-oriented jobs.

4, eight-character Hung Luen days with joy, outsiders seem happy that the couple is really great, if the fiscal officer hit no run-down, then husband and wife can be the first to decades of white.

5, fleeting Dayun case of Hung Luen days hi, the main has joyous occasion. Or start falling in love, or the pursuit by the end of the marathon, and lovers formal cohabitation, or marriage, or a child, or may point fiscal side, or on the cause of celebration, in short, that it would encounter pleasant things. Of course, sometimes there will be unexpected Taohua Yun said.

6, fleeting case of Hung Luen-day joy, without happy event, or if the five elements with the non-chi, it may have pus and blood of the disaster, or commit Xueguang, or surgery, there is a pleasant event can be washed disaster.

Solitary Chen, widowed places (in years since branch)

Yin-mao Chen Jen-an



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