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Seeking Jeet Kune Do philosophy

sheep qq11320154012010-03-06 10:10:55 +0000 #1
a novice, there is no strong will, good quality, always wanted to learn Jeet Kune Do these and trained in order to self-defense, hope you master the wing and the
cheapskate Group2010-03-06 10:16:20 +0000 #2
in the shortest possible speed down the enemy
Death Method2010-03-06 10:35:25 +0000 #3
Teacher's words: working effort is successful
qa4452010-03-06 11:12:50 +0000 #4
Jeet Kune Do system of promotion:
, according to Bruce Lee said that although the origin of China's martial arts are very long, sadly, unlikely given the conservative tradition of Chinese character , but not like his country judo, karate, taekwondo, boxing, Thai boxing and so widespread throughout the world. The major reason lies in its methodology of Jeet Kune Do and promotion system does not perfect. And now, our people still have the "can not be taught prior to his disciples under the age of division" and the concept. In fact, "apprenticeship" standard is extremely vague. Some professors lifetime martial arts, single words without a disciple learn all his skills Qi; some only taught his disciples in 2023, he said he had skills as you can teach a; sometimes, not only in the same Menpai, or even a door in the same division This also occurs in the commitment no standard, so "full of teacher" or not, often just by word master. Therefore, the Bruce Lee since 1970, it has developed a system of promotion after several years of repeated amendments, this system has already become a unified promotion system has been in many countries, and even "legal" status. According to Lee's plan calls for, Jeet Kune Do's promotion can be divided into the following steps.

First-level: from beginners start learning the basic skills and basic combat techniques, to lay a solid foundation. That is, those who sought to make learning at that stage of the exercise, it may not be able to truly achieve a thorough understanding of the school itself, but at least be able to master in the use of clear, and go on to teach themselves to learn techniques on others. It was as if a great part of the artisans in general, although they have to learn a skill to manufacture or repair, but only know themselves what they have learned, however, not why.

2nd Grade: All the basic skills learning Qi, and began to learn art of attack and tactical tips and theories of quality. To achieve this level do not care about learning the essence of who reaches the realm of perfect, but must be able to Learning how to practice standards, know how to use Jeet Kune Do fighting with people, that is. At the same time, because a long time, for the transmission of the proper know-how has not yet proficient in technology, it is only an "assistant coach" class.

Third level: At this stage, the boxer can begin to conduct a special quality of the training, such as psychological training, character training, and equipment can begin to practice catch strike law, or through training courses for some of the equipment to supplement the inadequacy of boxing power .

Fourth tier: to this stage all the martial art Jeet Kune Do are reaching a satisfactory way has been and can be applied into actual confrontation and fighting. Foot plate under the law and all there must be some degree of skill to master. In general, Jeet Kune Do in the whole curriculum has ended. This phase can be said that the most significant Jeet Kune Do martial arts training. A person to learn Jeet Kune Do martial attainments of its deep or not, and at this stage have a decisive relationship. In other words, the first three phases, Jeet Kune Do the technical even though all the familiar, but if not Yi right stroke of the law, it is like to be illusory, such as into the Baoshan back empty-handed. And the basic techniques like "tool" that is real, such as "the use of tools of the law," such as the use of the law does not know, there are tools for longitudinal what use? However, it is able to skillfully and, until the real fighting, when the use of Xpress. And account for fast, accurate, fresh, and vigorous four elements.

5th Grade: In this phase, the learning, not only to cut-off boxing's bare-handed martial art method and apparatus Fighting France all learn Qi, but also to repeatedly technology, skill and other hard plus grinding, in order to increase the possibility of fighting success. In addition, for the other faction should also began to study martial arts and to identify the various sects unique style and fighting characteristics in order to achieve know ourselves and our ever-victorious point, it can thus achieve his stones from other hills may serve to polish jade realm.

6th grade: At this stage, generally, has been more than a year of study and training, and now the Department of Curriculum Studies completely, but later can become a great master, depending on his own at this stage of self-cultivation only, which includes their own technologies to further improve and to participate in high level competitions.

7th grade: This is the "ideal of" one state. If such a practice to the extent reasonable in boxing for Jeet Kune Do has no doubt that the various problems. Because he has reached a foothold in the realm of martial. And according to Bruce Lee said, the goalkeeper at this level as a high-level qualifications, in addition to the highest responsible person, he has been coaching at all levels, training of the cut-off operation is Impossible "model." Promoted to this level of the boxer, in addition to high-level coaches through this door open elections, but also to have a certain martial%

B3 delete stopped by a member of a long gap Pai ǖ screen reads steal thumb ス ā? 8th Grade: This is the ideal stage, it should be a reason not only for the cultivation of cut-off is Impossible to reach the stage of Transformation themselves freely, and even martial arts in general can also well aware of the pros and cons. To this realm, Jeet Kune Do is already not a technology, but a philosophy. To achieve this level of fighter to lead the doors throughout the development of affairs, is eligible to create their own martial arts hall.

9th grade: In theory, the practitioners attained this state, is already great wisdom, and any martial arts to speak for him, is no longer mysterious. This can be said to have achieved "to force into the philosophy," "Zoran married" state. In fact, only Bruce Lee, a person attains this state.

10th grade: This is just an illusory ideal of the realm, as Bruce Lee, that people always have a problem, no one can achieve real perfection. At this stage focus on "law" of the practice, since this is a vision of the highest state, so no longer a time, can lead to, and the "law" of the mysterious virtual things matter to some people may be momentarily epiphany, it was possible I ignorant and therefore difficult to set a standard to this realm, such as this as the title of this door in place as a glorified high only.



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