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19-year-old practicing how to lay the foundation somersault

zywsygtc2010-03-06 13:11:16 +0000 #1
how is their turn also turned in bed, but the reason for ah what basis Yao Da ah
only power2010-03-06 13:22:04 +0000 #2
Oh, how to train their own ah. I'll tell you the best way to find someone to practice with you.

I'll teach you back handspring, handspring. Side somersault practice methods. Are you sure do not understand! The best to find a teacher, or give me a message.

You are not under the waist can also excel at back handspring, but still it will come back and train back handspring was trained faster.

When you practice you have to find a teacher, the teacher will use a stick that time, pick your legs, when you turn from the teacher will pick up your leg you can turned on, but you need long-term practice to master! For children under 15, then one month to three months faster, aged 15 and above, fast, then have six months.

Back handspring essentials; turned when the first of all do not be afraid! When turning, and legs, from the time to turn upward, and knees (knees, back handspring is the most important link!), When the eyes turned to look at your hands, turn to the air force should not be afraid next rejection. On it.

Train back handspring need to practice shuttlecock, and then shuttlecock with a back handspring. I say you will not. You find a martial arts teacher, he would teach how you practiced.

Yes I wish you success!

You have time to do some warm-up training activities. Handspring several major turning the best martial arts school one.

You first find a mat, and then run-up steps, three steps can be, when spilled inside, hands raised high in good posture, hand, when a foot touch the ground vigorously, as in previous rejection. Could be the beginning of the practice even if the past is not down, they would have what to do.

Essentials; a need to vigorously foot of rejection, "off" got it? A knowledgeable. 1 days will be able to teach you. Really I do not lie to you. Trained OK as long as you dare. You refer to it? Just started to practice on a mat got it?

If you want to practice flip side, simple as long as you will be able to cartwheel. Run-up a few steps you may want to overturn handspring when leaving for another person, you can hop your hands side somersault right over you. For a month will be able to practice side somersault.
chujing222010-03-06 13:35:19 +0000 #3



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