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Aikido issue

Do not call me Dad2010-03-06 15:11:04 +0000 #1
Last seen near a teaching Aikido, and would like to ask what the next Aikido all learn, I learned about the Chinese internal strength and have their own breathing, I have practiced for several years Sanda and Jeet Kune Do, and would like to study under the internal strength, can not find a good teacher, you think to learn the class under study, whether inside the home with our boxing is similar to the detailed description please, under
iozdii2010-03-06 15:21:23 +0000 #2
I was for several years that the penultimate stage of friends! ! Aikido is not a part of the beginning of the introduction of the concept of qi, or the first practice the basic techniques of the main. Studies of deep part of the gas is very high, there is no basis for early learning, it is difficult Jingqi Shen harmonization. I've listened to words, remember not clear, and mean, with gas body with sticks. Practicing tai chi is actually the case, first and practice their moves, and then set the shelf in the revised details to the introduction of gas to reach the realm of Heaven and Man, this time is very long. For example, I will play tai chi, but my gas is chaos, and although it can play a set of boxing, but the gas does not, moves physical weakness, or sudden breath choking lag, motion to stay the leaks, not even accustomed to. This is what I did not tie in to the action of gas. In fact, you practice Sanda also have access to gas, such as punching blow off steam, if you come to punching the opposition to the suction, you sure Touyunnaozhang. Word chi-long meditation to study not be so anxious.

In addition, I see you say you studied Jeet Kune Do, this very good ah. Aikido practiced in the temples inside some of the moves while on the outside of actual combat is not very appropriate, but the completion of Aikido is not for a fight and he created. Aikido does not pay attention to an undeniable struggle, aggressive heart were too strong faculty go on. Aikido is not true, but actual combat is not strong then?

Technical dignitaries used to live, Eno Santos Jeet Kune Do in explaining some of the video, I found that there are some moves, he began to take over the dismantling based on Jeet Kune Do, counterattack, and then aikido joint technical end, or make an enemy hors de combat, or crushed with solid technology. The same moves after he improved after the exercise than the gym inside the actual nature of improved a lot.
feihawk0072010-03-06 15:37:25 +0000 #3
aikido mainly some capturing technology advocates dealt with gently, watching practice when the trick is very mellow smooth, but later found that those who read the first combatants spar real trick is not very good when you can play, you might as well learn tai chi, he was more than Aikido technique is more comprehensive (of course, combat tai chi, tai chi is not a park, fitness simplified)



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