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Internal strength, or qigong, there are no effect ah?

float Long ゲ startled Xin2010-03-06 15:11:10 +0000 #1
Internal strength or qi gong, and there is no effect ah?

I want a high self-taught has failed to increase their intelligence ah.

I also want a fit and healthy, without more powerful, able to keep fit on the line
hhhwhywhy2010-03-06 15:24:38 +0000 #2
physical fitness and enhance the intelligence is in fact linked, you can do physically The robust nature of your mind to reflect better than others. Life is movement, there is movement of people and no movement of the person you can observe, there is the movement of people in his response to the flexibility involved in an accident than those who do not exercise faster, and doing things than they are also decisive. This is doing things in a market economy the flexibility and determination are often able to quickly seize the moment.

The body's movement can speed up blood circulation, thus increasing the blood with oxygen, oxygen, enough to clear the mind of people than they do not exercise good for your brain cells respond faster than others, and intelligence of course increased.

Internal strength is through the use of the human body to breathe and regulate its own to stimulate the movement of human internal organs and blood, so that the body to achieve a real campaign. Many people say can not, in fact, your body limb movements are directed by your head and your body's internal organs and blood vessels to expand, but also can rely on when you are practicing internal strength through breathing and is intended to go to achieve, Unable to think you can see the same movements can be easy for the limbs with the head command, a lot of people feel that qigong suspicious, in fact you are rich and powerful within the movement potential. (External factors can play a role through internal) so if you find a good method of breath practice, you can not only physical fitness, intelligence is the same time reinforcing.
493,881,3842010-03-06 15:33:40 +0000 #3
high school and you still such an idiot ... no one in China ... it? I am beginning 2



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