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Wong Lo six money2010-03-06 18:10:41 +0000 #1
which can introduce a good tai chi teacher to teach boxing
bachelor money2010-03-06 18:18:01 +0000 #2
He He understands very little in Taiji, while true of practicing tai chi that so few people on it dozens of the world. I say received no confirmation here, may be subject to satire. Practicing tai chi is not only the right but also a religious dependents will not be able to understand some of the things the human body. But why exactly is anyone's guess, a lot of things can not be explained scientifically. I practiced for 8 years not excel at. On the contrary incorrect practice their moves will lead to many diseases such as hypertension, arthritis and so on. To practice Tai Chi Di Zhuan must consult his disciples, such as not so good practice or not. Taijiquan dealt with gently, to fast to fast. Some people has asked not to slow to fast? Making a serious mistake, tai chi I pay attention to your high-higher, you have a low I lower, you soon I am faster. Cut to the topic - Tai Chi will be used in combat it certainly can certainly only be beaten in

Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi masters of our national form of sports, is one of qigong practitioners of the major categories, is an important fitness and anti - Disease treatment means. However, the master-entry of personal self-cultivation.

1, the characteristics of tai chi, essentials, and various parts of the body posture requirements

(1) Features

Taijiquan characteristics, summarized in the following points:

1, easy soft: tai chi posture rather stable stretch , action, asked not to be stiff informality, there is no apparent change in Huqihuluo and intense jumps.

2, consistent and uniform: set of tai chi movements, from the "potential effect" to "potential income" regardless of changes in movement and posture and the reality of the transition to transformation, are closely co-ordinated, coherent stretch, and can not see clearly where it stopped.

3, with a round of live Nature: tai chi movements require upper belt moves at curved to avoid Zhilaizhiwang, through the arc training activities are conducive to the circular movements of living nature, reflect the gentle character.

4, the coordination of integrity: Taijiquan movements, whether it is the entire routine, or a single action position, require up and down hand in hand, internal (mind, breathing) outside (trunk, limbs movements) one, the body should be close coordination between the various parts of . Taiji, it must adopt waist axis, hands and feet from the trunk of a number of actions are driven, and that echo each other, do not touch or this moving up and down He does not move, looked sluggish out of line and fragmented.

(2) action essentials

1, consciousness and guide the entire process of movement

tai chi, asking that awareness to guide action. Every move have to be not our intention to push as hard, and then type the first conative action, so as to achieve the "perceived air to the" fresh air into that action can be calm, only after a long practice convergence Such is Life, to achieve "Qi" the most in-depth effort .

Practicing tai chi, when, as if putting on a "sense of gymnastics," we should always focus on the intention of limb movements is only intended to external performance. When practicing tai chi "to air transport the body." In the emotional context, tai chi and static power (power seat, power stations, and lying Gong) is the same, are intended to focus on training and chi-training. However, Tai Chi Chuan is a practice in action (in-motion seeking quiet), so Ming Zhiwei emotional movement; while static power had no outside animals and seek a separate static. Therefore, the two can not be confused.

2, loose and hard, without Zhuo Li

taijiquan in various parts of the body, when required to achieve maximum relaxation at the end, action to avoid the use of force and stiff Jin Zhuo, but do not relax too weak to relent in the body relax.

Taijiquan postures require upper body upright times of refreshing, do not bend forward backwards left or right skewed. Its use of force is to maintain the correct posture stability and natural force, some people call it the rule of force, but also called it a "powerful"

3, the upper and lower hand in hand, whole body coordination

tai chi movements both a dynamic full-motion , then the movement can not simply route around on the flat spin, nor specifically in the up and down, bending to do before and after the action, but must be Yaoji together to make the movement to form a line around both, but also from top to bottom, front and rear of the space curve in order to establish a dynamic full-motion base. Beginners tai chi people, it is best to first go through a single-type exercises (such as Dan Lian "from potential," "cloud hands", etc.) in order to achieve the coordination of trunk and limb movements, while also practicing footwork (for example, stand empty step lunge, as well as the transfer of center of gravity, changing footwork, etc.) to support lower extremity strength training and skill to master footwork essentials.

4, to distinguish between actual situation, the focus of a stable

a preliminary understanding of the Taijiquan posture movements essentials, the attention to the actual situation and physical movement of the core issues. In the exercise we should pay attention shenfa and practices in the use of, from virtual to the real, or from real to virtual, we must clearly, but also coherent and non-stop, so that potential break intended to keep at one go.

5, respiration requirements natural

practicing tai chi breathing naturally, and not because of shortness of breath caused by linked, so action should ease soft, the body must always maintain the ease coordination so as to maximize the depth of breathing.

(3) all parts of the body posture is different from the requirements of

Taijiquan Qigong dynamic exercise of the Discipline, its various parts of the body have special requirements.

1, the head

practicing tai chi should be "hanging head", "false lead top-Jin" or "put the top" "ceiling." These statements were to train those who want to head up top, to avoid shaking around MIGRAINEURS and freedom.

2, trunk

(1) Gx: Taijiquan practice were asked to "Hanxiong pull back" or "implicit in the chest, shoulders movement", that is required to practice in the back muscles during exercise with the arms stretched action, as far as possible to stretch the same time, the chest muscles to be a natural relaxant, can not be so nervous, so as to do chest with the back pull.

(2) Yao Ji: If the power interruption of the waist or in the body axis of rotation can not play a role, it is impossible to achieve whole body full stretch. Waist can not be forced before the pretty, so as not to affect the conversion flexibility.

(3) hip: when practicing tai chi request "hanging hip" (or grabbing buttocks), should pay attention to the natural sagging buttocks, do not twist around. In the loose waist, main ridge of the request, have a sense of hip muscles to converge in order to maintain the integrity of the trunk.

People aware of the terrible shadow boxing, but have to admit that, if used in combat Taijiquan flaw does exist proactive defects, if have to practice Tai Chi on the basis of martial arts Muay Thai Boxing, or train for it invincible in 2089 the world has. Is invincible! With any martial art expert can not beat you, what is included in Muay Thai boxing champion Wang. Because you are not playing each opponent boxing is not only deadly but also has the effect of both offensive and defensive really terrible. However, practicing tai chi there, "Tai Chi decades not to go out and form intended to kill people a year," saying that out of Kung Fu Tai Chi too slow. If you want to fast out of the kung fu tai chi can be practiced, Yangzhou University, Dr. Tian Jinlong three-shaking three pendulum which is a shortcut to take tai chi! Year, 5 years may have the effect of Tai Chi exercises, but there are still gaps! Hehe the first postings I respect like tai chi friends burst with emotion.
lee804823342010-03-06 18:55:23 +0000 #3
I ask Where are you from?



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