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Several sets of Tai Chi practice can simultaneously do?

pashui152010-03-06 20:11:41 +0000 #1
I have learned a Chen Tai Chi, Wudang Tai Chi 13-style, Wudang Tai Chi 13-style text, as well as sit-power law, how can the same time exercise?
Yu-Soe2010-03-06 20:26:10 +0000 #2
be able to practice at the same time, the main purpose of practicing tai chi to see Lou Zhu.

If only general fitness, of course, can be practicing at the same time. A lot of fitness who practice tai chi every day as many as five to ten units.

However, if Louzhu the purpose of practicing Taijiquan is not only fitness, but something inherent in the pursuit of tai chi, I am afraid the same time, practicing tai chi is not necessarily appropriate in sets. No matter what kind of tai chi, its rationale is the same as boxing, not just the same external form, action choreography. Rich in content because of Taijiquan to practice tai chi have certain requirements, so if the same time, several sets of Tai Chi practice, you must strive to remember the difference between each set so as to avoid the wrong number. And if the energy separation of the limited part of the routine for the memories certainly can not dedicate themselves to the Taiji boxing grounds of understanding and understanding, therefore, the effect of practice would be greatly reduced. One elderly gentleman once told me with great regret, he is because of so many species of practicing tai chi, finally, was trained in which there is no good, so many years, and the level has remained more or less up.

However, for general fitness who train with several more tai chi at the same time not a bad idea, one can increase the fun, especially with a lot of people follow the music to play ball, very lively; 2 can use this to exercise memory, which is for the attention of not be easily focused on people, for the memory began to subside, the elderly alike.
Lonely accompany you to go2010-03-06 20:56:47 +0000 #3
If you can spread out, you can



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